The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine from Africa

the winter of 1984, 20 African boy Diarra Boubacar spent three days time, came to Beijing from Mali.

at the Beijing airport, he was wearing a light clothing, carrying a small cloth, trembling with cold. Embassy did not received the telegram, he only touched to meet Kenyan students teacher, poured a cup of hot water to each person. Because of the language, both looked at each other.

in the evening, Diarra Boubacar cry sparse inside hua and 11 other classmates. They will study in China a few years medicine.

the school sent staff led them to a office window queuing, sitting inside a person can speak French, after asked his name, write on the paper & other; Lassana diarra & throughout; Three words & ndash; & ndash; Later, he used the name all formalities in China.

at that time, he must not expect that, the next 34 years most of the time will be spent in China. If he chooses now, he will choose production & other DE & throughout; .

the people here call him doctor, adi, black doctor, Dr, Dr Di la or the teacher. & other; How to let it doesn’t matter, anyway, I am a traditional Chinese medicine & throughout; And he said, speak fluent Chinese.

diarra doctor is for the patient’s pulse. Those journalists Yuan Lu figure

& other; Black doctor & throughout;

about at half past seven in the morning, lassana diarra from 50 kilometers drove to appropriate good county of kunming city first people’s hospital. To the office, the first thing he was put on a white coat. In the hospital, his job is to give patients diagnosed, prescribe medicine and acupuncture needles.

early in the office waiting for some patients. Patients after everyone, lassana diarra doctor beckoned each other hand flat on MaiZhen, first the left hand, then the right hand. His forefinger, middle finger and ring finger gently on the patient’s pulse. The room is too cold, diarra rub hands hot, give a middle-aged man pulse.

& other; Ask you a few questions first oh, urine normal? Throughout the &;

& other; Normal. Throughout the &;

& other; In the evening a night? Throughout the &;

& other; Sometimes drinking up once or twice. Throughout the &;

& hellip; & hellip;

a inquiries, diarra doctors have found out the patient’s condition, began to give him a prescription, & other; Astragalus membranaceus, 15 g, Chinese angelica, 15 grams, 10 grams of platycodon & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

and then, a pair of mother and daughter sat to lassana diarra.

& other; Have a boyfriend? Throughout the &; Lassana diarra said to the girl.

& other; There is no? Throughout the &;

& other; What do you like, I introduce you to a, black or white skin? Throughout the &;

a shy girl and her mother laughed.

& other; Let me put you organise, charmingly become immediately find a boyfriend. Throughout the &;

the office line of patients followed laugh.

& other; I don’t want to patients with pain to my doctor, result in the same pain again face out. Treat every patient as oneself as far as possible, love the patient as he loved himself & throughout; . Diarra habits and patient Chinese joke, let them forget the pain.

but sometimes he is also very serious & ndash; & ndash;

the girl and her mother got up and left, a young man hurried sat down, he stressed that their time is limited, and puts forward requirements: not a view, only a little time to take medicine.

diarra looked at him with a solemn said: & other; Your liver problems is very serious, if you didn’t even have time to take medicine, how can heal? Throughout the &; The patient was speechless.

black skin often let him become the focus of the hospital. A 36-year-old woman sit to the front of lassana diarra, stared at him intently, diarra looked at her asked with a smile: & other; Are you afraid of me? Throughout the &;

& other; There is no & hellip; & hellip; There is no & hellip; & hellip; Is & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

& other; What is that? Throughout the &;

& other; Is too dark. Throughout the &;

diarra after laughing. & other; Actually I’m wa people. Throughout the &;

the laughter in the office, the patients will be said that the local dialect, diarra listened intently, nodded from time to time.

diarra doctor is for patients. Those journalists Yuan Lu figure

a patient’s face was covered with red rash, think oneself is caused by fire, diarra told him, stubborn rash is caused by the moisture. & other; The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is including internal and external. Including in liquid form; , is the plaster for external use, needle and moxibustion, cans and so on. Throughout the &; Patients begin to nod. & other; Run out of medicine, your mouth quit, defecate unobstructed, the rash will disappear. Throughout the &;

patients one by one. Ten hours on the day of the visit, diarra only got up three times, quickly ran into the toilet, the rest of the time sitting in a chair. As external doctor, he half a month of time in a hospital in chengdu visit, half the time in the hospital.

in the second half of last year, the first people’s hospital of traditional Chinese medicine should be good county Yang Yongying met diarra, deputy director of the studio, the latter’s putonghua level beyond her expectations.

diarra’s first patient was a old man. After the prescription, the old man to Yang Yongying ear said: & other; How is a black doctor? The skin is so dark, I thought it was a white. Throughout the &; Yang Yongying silent, fearing diarra to hear. & other; But then there are the patient say that he is only a joke. Throughout the &;

in the appropriate good, diarra’s social circle only colleagues and patients, he brought the county hospital fu Yang cans and moxibustion apparatus such as Chinese medicine technology.

the last month of the 2017, lassana diarra with 13 colleagues to outside the county a herb gathering at an altitude of 3000 meters mountain. That day he was carrying a parcel, riding a pair of shoes doesn’t fit me, start at 9 o ‘clock in the morning, climb up to 10 hours. They pick the wild chrysanthemum flower, purple salvia miltiorrhiza, golden dragon with five claws and so on dozens of sample herbs.

after down the mountain, Yang yong and his colleagues found that diarra bad pain in my knee and foot blister, shoes in half open. & other; He insisted that he take all tools, don’t want to trouble others & throughout; , Yang Yongying said. & other; Easygoing, respect-work, talkative and friendly & throughout; Are colleagues evaluation for lassana diarra.

in the 10-year-old daughter, eyes, diarra is a short temper father. At 6 o ‘clock in the morning of the plane, he would be at 3 points now waiting at the airport. But in the face of the patient, diarra is not urgent not slow, craigslist, give each patient’s appointment time in 20 to 30 minutes.

in the twenty or thirty minutes, he explain aches to each patient, teach the patient back to do moxibustion.

diarra option

study of traditional Chinese medicine is not diarra’s first choice. At that time, he’s just arrived in Beijing, in Beijing to learn Chinese language institute, not surprisingly, he studied western medicine will be like his father.

once, he because the virus infection had severe cold, in a Beijing hospital, the doctor gave him the liquid form of the Chinese medicine prescription. It was his first time to drink Chinese traditional medicine, the feeling is very bitter, have a ginseng in liquid form, he drink soup, throw in the ginseng. The nurse saw that, tell him, ginseng is a good thing, want to eat it. Diarra is a face of rather inquisitively chewed chewing ginseng.

& other; Since coming to China, I should learn from China’s traditional Chinese medicine. Throughout the &; Diarra later find Mali’s ambassador to China said, if you can’t learn Chinese medicine, he would return home. Ambassador told him after China’s opinion, can learn the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, but on one condition, to study in the southern city of guangzhou. Lassana diarra agreed without hesitation.

when he decided to transfer from the western medicine of traditional Chinese medicine, he knew little about the subject. A batch of from Mali to China with him to the classmate armagh degrees was his best friend, he persuaded lassana diarra, & other; Western medicine is such a good thing, why do you want to run to learn those & lsquo; Witchcraft & rsquo; ? Throughout the &; Mahamadou diarra and ignored his words.

home relatives, friends, classmates, in addition to lassana diarra’s father. He is western medicine, in the local omar Carla hospital when dean. He said to question, it’s lassana diarra.

diarra has five brothers and sisters, my father gave them the freedom of choice. Once, my father called the children to nearby asked: & other; What do you think about this house? Throughout the &; Everyone expressed their ideas.

the father then said: & other; This home is I and your mother’s home, not your home. After you will have their own home, that is your real home. Good good, you choose your spouse, your home may be better than my home now. Throughout the &;

due to learn traditional Chinese medicine, diarra’s Chinese learning time extension for half a year. Learned ordinary Chinese, intermediate Chinese, advanced Chinese, after 1986, lassana diarra cheerfully to guangzhou to study traditional Chinese medicine.

contacts with his former medical education system of traditional Chinese medicine is totally different. Soon, he met the problem. The first semester of the final exam, archaeology and ancient medical Chinese, Chinese failed the half of the Chinese students in the class, diarra didn’t pass.

it pained him to hurry and students looking for information, to buy books, on the market “xinhua dictionary”, “ancient Chinese dictionary”, “the kangxi dictionary” is full of a whole bag. Then, he took a dictionary, all day to follow when learning the best boy in the class, bubble endorsement in the classroom.

in order to understand the human body meridian and acupoints, diarra go to laboratory practice human anatomy class every day. Chinese medicine acupuncture is tested in the doctor’s medical skill, if not knead tight will sell, pinched instability will tilt. Lassana diarra practice acupuncture needles all day and took a towel, where he went. A towel after a soap and sponge, from hard to soft, diarra’s goal is fast and steady, fall is not crooked.

diarra doctor is a view for the patient. Surging journalists Yuan Lu figure

in the past 5 years, diarra at eight foreign students in the class and only two, he is one of them. Another student took a year later to western medicine, lassana diarra will go on studying traditional Chinese medicine.

after obtaining a master’s degree in guangzhou university of Chinese medicine, diarra feeling & other; Only learned a fur & throughout; , haven’t learned enough. Dr. He wants to continue to read, but Mali, hope he returns home, interrupted him to pay costs. He did not tell his parents, earn money to pay tuition of $370 per semester.

in 1994, lassana diarra from chengdu university of traditional Chinese medicine students graduate, become China’s first foreign Chinese medicine doctor.

give up of the Soviet union China

diarra’s hometown in Mali, the first big city GuWang 30 km to the south, sparsely populated, there is a man-made canal, pleasant climate. In 1984, diarra university graduate, achievement is the province first, he was my father’s DangYuan long hospital do gp, insipid life.

when Africa there are a number of medical students through aid to go to the United States, Western Europe or the Soviet union, China continues to pursue advanced studies, diarra is to get the first chance to study the Soviet union. But the day before he left, he decided to give up the Soviet union to choose China.

in 1960, after the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Mali, built by a series of textile factory, sugar refinery, leather plant, pharmaceutical factory, hospital. Diarra remember, Chinese ambassador to Mali medical treatment with acupuncture method of polio, he stood gaping at a distance, China poses the doctor, put a needle into the patient’s steady legs, skilled, extremely fast, and no lying in the bed is too big mood swings. It is about his first impressions of China and Chinese medicine.

learn first teacher is the father of western medicine lassana diarra. Home to the patient at ordinary times, my father would let him take pliers, cabinet, told him all sorts of medicine. On one occasion, his father came home after forensic, ask lassana diarra. & other; Dead is dead? Throughout the &;

& other; Of course. Throughout the &;

& other; When the man die shaven head, but I see today, his hair has grown a little bit. Throughout the &;

lassana diarra not understand. His father told him that people died a few days, but some of the cells in a body didn’t stop.

high school, he was sure he wanted to become a doctor. null

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