The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine science is urgently needed

at present, our country entered the stage of build a well-off society in an all-round way run-off, people’s demand for services of traditional Chinese medicine is more and more strong. Quickening construction of health of China, is an urgent need to inherit and development, and make good use of traditional Chinese medicine.

under the state council concerning the development strategy of traditional Chinese medicine outline (2016-2030) in the notice, explicitly pointed out that, & other; Integrated use of radio and television, newspapers and other traditional media and digital intelligent terminals, mobile terminals, such as the new carrier, vigorously carry forward the culture of traditional Chinese medicine knowledge, promote medicine of traditional Chinese medicine in an important position and role in economic and social development, the formation of the whole society & lsquo; Letter of traditional Chinese medicine, love traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine & rsquo; The thick atmosphere of good pattern of traditional Chinese medicine and common development. Throughout the &;

however, according to reporter understanding, today’s society there are still a lot of one-sided understanding of traditional Chinese medicine culture, and the phenomenon of biased. For this, the reporter interviews to China academy of traditional Chinese medicine, professor, doctoral tutor, national non-material cultural heritage protection work of the expert committee LiuChangHua professor; Shanghai university of traditional Chinese medicine graduate student tutor Chinese society of toxicology and traditional Chinese medicine and natural medicine branch of standing director, director of proprietary Chinese medicine branch of China association of Chinese medicine, the world federation of Chinese medicine pharmaceutical committee standing committee, professor XuanZhenYu listen to two experts point of view.

reporter: nowadays there are a lot of proprietary Chinese medicine, some medicine prescription in only a few herbs, there are dozens of some prescription drugs, such as hong MAO wine is very popular on the market, there are 67 kinds of medicinal herbs, medicine some question medicinal material too much, this has scientific basis?

professor xuan: in traditional Chinese medicine, herbal & other; Seven party & throughout; Say, that is easy, small fang, slow party, party, odd, even, compound. Among them, & other; Compound & throughout; Is composed of multiple remedies, ingredients, naturally more for treatment of chronic diseases is more complex. History down there are a lot of generous, “money”, “army” in that there are a lot of 30-40 flavour even 50 prescription medicine. Clinical today still use natural medicine also has a lot of, such as 56 ginseng pills for reconstruction, 50 large adjustable, Tibetan medicine seventy flavour pearl pill, and so on. These big have a characteristic, the formulas is that they are aimed at complex chronic diseases. Hong MAO 67 herbs medicinal liquor of this prescription is a typical large compound, not only has a long history, is also a very rigorous drug combinations. Chronic diseases are more viscera of Yin and Yang of diseases characterized by recession, a prescription needs to treat various diseases. Hong MAO medicated wine 67 herbs, there are four combinations, tonifying qi is a combination of blood is a combination, are a combination for activating blood circulation and WenTong meridians is a combination of different combinations, together to form a large compound, can regulate the body, full consideration a variety of disorders.

reporter: hong MAO medicinal liquor claims can it cure rheumatism arthritis pain, and can fill kidney qi and blood, still can regulate spleen and stomach, this is the case?

professor xuan: in-depth study 67 hong MAO wine flavor characteristics, will find that it is an evil spirits centralizer and enlarge the prescriptions. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine treat people as a whole is based on the five internal organs as the core, supplement each other, based on between five zang-organs. One of the five internal organs such as liver, spleen, kidney deficiency, will cause invaded by the invasion, cause meridian bizu, qi. To remove all invaded, must the centralizer thrift, I consider nourishing spleen and kidney, the foundation of the so-called innate & ndash; & ndash; The postnatal kidney and & ndash; & ndash; The spleen. In hong MAO wine formula, so a lot of medicine centralizer five zang-organs, nourishing the kidney Yang of medicinal materials have more than 10; A total of 23 flavour of the kidney and spleen; Solve the invaded by invading, functions of dehumidification of 28 Chinese medicine; Relaxing tendons have 19 taste, has the comprehensive integrated toning effect.

reporter: according to the understanding of fleece-flower root is poisonous, the drugstore some well-known proprietary Chinese medicine contain fleece-flower root elements, such as nerves for brain fluid, hong MAO medicated wine, kidney treasure grain, hepatitis b, etc., so has the proprietary Chinese medicine security hidden danger?

professor xuan: shouwu is divided into two kinds of system of raw radix polygoni multiflori and radix polygoni multiflori, medicinal properties. The raw radix polygoni multiflori in, have a certain toxicity; Fleece-flower root toxicity is mainly embodied in the liver toxicity, the specific mechanism is not fully clear, may be related to the anthraquinones constituents contained; And fleece-flower root after processing, anthraquinones constituents content significantly decreased, so the toxicity are reduced accordingly. System shouwu is the main benefit, hong MAO is the processing for the medicated wine & other; System of radix polygoni multiflori & throughout; . In addition, we talk about toxicity, must have the dosage, the concept of shouwu are frequently used as a cholesterol-lowering drug applications, a large amount for a long time to lose weight so will appear the liver damage. In hong MAO medicated wine, fleece-flower root system reduced the dosage is less than 0.01 grams per day, far below the dosage of the pharmacopoeia and the national system shouwu is limited in the health food (3 g/day), toxicology efficacy of tuber fleeceflower root in combination with related literature reports, not enough to cause liver toxicity, is safe.

reporter: alcohol is harm to human body, every day drink hong MAO medicated wine will cause harm to human body?

professor xuan: drinking injury body, moderate drinking is good for your health. 2015 edition of the residents of the U.S. dietary guidelines summarize the healthy eating habits, have a is & other; Adults drink sensibly & throughout; . Drinking a moderate amount of & other; Right amount & throughout; Refers to how much? The Chinese residents’ dietary guidelines recommended in adult male amount of alcoholic drinks a day not more than 25 g, equivalent to 38 & deg; 75 ml of liquor (one or two and a half), or 50 & deg; Liquor 50 ml (a) two, a woman’s daily amount of alcohol drinking wine, no more than 15 g of 38 & deg; The liquor 50 ml (1), or 50 & deg; Liquor 30 ml (0.6). Hong MAO medicated wine degree is not high, only 38 degrees, according to the instructions on the dose is two times a day, a 15 ml, add up to 30 ml, according to their own physical condition, as long as not too much, can be often drink a bit.

reporter: the country is to propel the development of the revitalization of traditional Chinese medicine, but why the society will often appear some misunderstandings and even questioned the voice of the Chinese medicine?

LiuJiaoShou: science is not only a form, science is not the same as the western science in China, not the western science as the only measure of science. Extensive and profound culture of Chinese medicine, have their own unique life view, disease, drug, treatment, and thousands of years of experience in medical practice, is a system of systems of traditional medicine, in preventing curing effect is exact, has irreplaceable function, can’t use western medicine point of view to understand and judge it.

so, we must strengthen the culture of traditional Chinese medicine scientific propaganda, only more and more people are willing to understand and promote the traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine will not easily be misunderstood, will not be easily defined as & other; No science & throughout; To make the Chinese medicine play a better role in the national health.

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