The doctor want to create a “perfect” person? 8.7 this 20 years ago it worth a look

the original title: the doctor do you want to create a “perfect” person? 8.7 science fiction is worth a look of this 20 years ago

everyone has quibbling about his body. High enough, insufficient strong, beautiful, not smart enough…

if science and technology, the law allows, you will want through the way of screening the fertilized egg in advance, let oneself have more perfect children?

today, we have the topic to talk about this, called Gattaca (English translation: close call) film, see the characters in the film, how the science and technology more than anything else, genes determine the fate of the world “victory”.

the movie, based on 20 years ago, in the current douban score is still as high as 8.7.

gene on behalf of all the world

the story took place in an era of the pursuit of “perfect person”, here, has excellent genes means you can have it all.

all babies born at the same time, will immediately accept genetic testing, predict the risk and life of all kinds of diseases. Test results will determine his life, become this person’s business card.

job recruitment, the company will be genetically card whether you qualified; Fall in love, the other party will also check your genes in advance, and then make a decision is to form a partner or pretend never know…

and as a result, people here are not promoting natural fertility, because it is easy to produce some of the “defect”. But, unfortunately, actor Vincent, it is a “born from love,” “no perfect human beings”.

Vincent was born, the family could feel his arrival brought excitement, genetic test results gave a blow at the beginning of the couple for the parents:


insane is a 60% chance of

depression is a 42% chance of

inattention is a 89% chance of

your chances of a heart attack… Is 99%

higher risk of premature aging

life forecast is 30.2 years,

look, Vincent was destined to is a loser in life. With such a “weak”, “ability”, “premature” judgment, he grew up in filled with all kinds of refusal.

mother always worrying about his body, even if he is just a fall will be considered by the trauma of lives at stake. No insurance company is willing to insure Vincent, “who knows what brought him the consequences of a fall?”

insurers refused to

Vincent’s parents also feel very sorry, this child is really too many defects. Think, they are ready to have a second child, a through screening the optimal genes, genetic parents children, a naturally conceived 1000 times also can’t give birth to children.

so, Vincent’s younger brother was born. Although 2 years younger than Vincent, perfect gene in all aspects than Vincent let brother, parents always give younger brother more recognition and expectations.

face too much neglected and rejected, Vincent is more and more hate this gene is the highest place. In order to get rid of the current situation, he dreams can roam the interstellar, beyond the earth, to the place without discrimination.

Vincent began to study hard interstellar knowledge, but the effort is still not recognized.

my mother said, “you must be realistic, your heart is too weak.”

father said: “if you want to try, others also don’t want to give you the opportunity.”

father nod to Vincent not

Vincent still insist on a try.

but sure enough, even if Vincent in resume fraud, write their own good, airlines are not willing to hire him. Because the real resume, in his genes. With his saliva or dander do a genetic test, the company will refuse him completely.

company is through the urine to test the gene

under genetic weaknesses, Vincent can only work in the toilet cleaners such as. He was classified as a no longer to social status and skin color to distinguish between new underclass


genes to Vincent cannot cross the gap. In order to close to his dream, he found in the black market intermediaries, to have elite genes, but because of the traffic accident paralyzed Jerome bought a fake identity, let oneself become a person who “owns” the perfect genes.

with new identity Vincent

with black market to buy high intelligence, high physical false identities, Vincent all started to well up.

he easily using the Jerome urine through the interview, officially became the airline employees of Gattaca.

urine genetic testing results show that the interview qualified

every morning, he store equipped with Jerome urine bag attached to its legs, will inject Jerome of fake blood fingerprints on the hand, used to deal with after entering the company to meet all kinds of inspection.

chip in order to avoid the body skin, nails and hair exposed his true identity, he must be a day into a special device clean themselves, and burning these tracks.

against such a well prepared, Vincent eyes all the way, with Jerome excellent genes and their own efforts, the company has been reused, and finally got a chance to fly.


all seems well, but there is no windtight wall.

fuse is a task to supervise death within the company. In gene everything as to the identity of the world, the investigation of the technique can also collect and gene – police took place all items on the residual genetic information, than to search the suspect.

unfortunately, always careful to Vincent, at this point is out of the faults. When watching the scene of the murder, one of his eyelashes fell in the not far away, the dead by the police to collect evidence, and in subsequent genetic tests, “exposed” the true identity.

however, this kind of exposure is relative – due to the true identity is not in the staff list, Vincent was designated as the prime suspect. But when people see this man, who would know he is a real Vincent?

Jerome bellowed to panicked Vincent

face Jerome “they don’t see you!” Persuasion, Vincent was silent.


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