The escort of couplet of rehabilitation medicine for health

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on November 8, undetakes by life, financial investment group, Beijing hangzhou Luke hospital management company assisted 2017 life of couplet of rehabilitation medicine international BBS held in People’s Daily new media building, invited the couplet of rehabilitation medical related department policy experts, medical rehabilitation specialists, international scholars, part of the cooperation on behalf of the hospital, the financial insurance units, such as media attended the BBS, discuss & other; The rehabilitation medical body & throughout; The era characteristic and era significance topic.

xi general secretary mentioned many times to build & other; Human destiny community & throughout; . Medical couplet body recover from opening, is expected to become the medical system reform of & other; Ice paradigm & throughout; . & other; Throughout life of couplet of medical &; Has a more general category, is the collection tourism, image center, rehabilitation hospital, cloud diagnosis, health and the media, financial payment, insurance, member management as a complete industrial chain, will eventually achieve the south north, north south cure cure, was in the west, west cure disease cure of strategic objectives. The Times of life, one of China’s most authoritative and good public health media, always stick to health communication credibility, promote the development of health industry big, will actively participate in, dedication, hard and cooperation partners, and seek common development, to meet the increasing needs of rehabilitation services in society.

hangzhou financial investment group chairman Zhang Jinming referred to in the speech, hangzhou financial investment group as the city directly under the wholly state-owned enterprise, always follow & other; Gather the financial strength, transformation and upgrading of booster & throughout; The glorious mission, vigorously carry forward the & other; Throughout, this is real &; Corporate culture, adhere to & other; Strategic guidance, maintaining stability & throughout; Work always tone. In the future, will be with life of couplet of rehabilitation medicine in the medical fund, wisdom, financial depth cooperation, payment center, etc.

Luke medical through more than 20 years of practice, finally confirmed with rehabilitation hospital pattern in collaboration with local medical institutions to support each other and influence each other, each other to change. Hangzhou gold for medical technology co., LTD., Beijing Luke hospital management company chief executive Cao Jiang understanding of China’s medical, also from the beginning of the surface of the lack of money, lack of talent, lack of funds phenomenon, go deep into the hospital management system problem. At present, Luke medical customer has more than 500 hospitals, more than 100 hospital depth of services; Become a member of medical devices and rehabilitation, rehabilitation hospital management system development as one of the important partners of couplet of rehabilitation medicine.

BBS site, vice chairman of the charity foundation, Michael Chami shows how the United States and high-end rehabilitation members sinking to the hospital, he found that through practice is feasible for medical rehabilitation, confidence will be the new model to the world, also hope to provide better health service for sub-health population.

in the round table in the BBS, experts and scholars talk about benchmarking hospital rehabilitation medicine of couplet couplet of construction and outside experts see rehabilitation medical establishment two issues launched a heated discussion, ferment of ideas, touch a spark. Conference in the end, the organizers, co-organizer expert with outstanding contribution, member of the hospital respectively presented life of couplet of rehabilitation medical experts job offers and member of couplet of rehabilitation medical hospital certificate, make unremitting efforts and try to encourage them.

life of couplet of rehabilitation medical BBS peak points from rehabilitation hospital management new ideas, rehabilitation medical funds to support the new wealth, the Internet information technology three aspects of couplet of rehabilitation medicine are discussed in detail the three elements required. Points on the BBS, delighted to see many good example: guangxi guilin pingle county hospital income of only 3 million, now has become a local service standard; Fujian jinjiang hospital depends on culture management create medicine accounted for 20%, income index miracle beyond 30% of the local people’s hospital. Many financial institutions expressed support for rehabilitation of couplet of medical mode, the future will cooperate with local large public hospital, help to set up the image center hospitals, rehabilitation hospital. In full swing of couplet of medical service mode, solve the shortage of medical resources, patient information sharing and circulation, break through the human resource integration, promote collaboration, reasonable use of resources, such practical problems as convenient masses go to a doctor. Bring (our correspondent Zhang Mian)

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