The family doctor the doctor, don’t misunderstand its “coverage”

Common mode

the family doctor system, doctor-patient relationship is essentially a kind of relatively stable medical condition, rather than we usually think of tall fine service. DetailPic

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general family doctor system model, essentially refers to the doctor-patient relationship is relatively stable of a state of health, rather than we usually think of tall fine service.

a few days ago, a reporter from the national health and family planning commission, as of the end of November, sign the family doctor service coverage of 500 million people, the whole crowd signing rate reached 35%.

once revealed, immediately attracted many attention. Because in terms of real feelings, many people don’t realize the family doctor.

for suffering from a doctor difficult public, the family doctor is a carrying heavy expectations: what had headaches brain fever or other discomfort, a telephone will family doctors call the door to be caring and attentive; If not in time to come, it is someone on the phone to give many useful guidance, let patients family not hurry-scurry & hellip; & hellip;

it can be a goal for the future development of health care, it is hard to achieve this. Because doctors that perhaps should be referred to as private doctors, doctors and family doctor, in the end is a kind of public.

in the UK, people need to choose a community medical institutions to register, and belongs to a family doctor signing with them. After signing, residents will be their own physical condition (especially the prevalence) registration according to the facts, if the doctor want to enjoy medical insurance reimbursement, can only make an appointment to sign the family doctor medical services (except for emergency). After family doctor first option, if you can’t solve the problem, by the family doctor according to the condition priorities, referral to a comprehensive or specialized subject hospital to carry on the diagnosis and treatment. Typically, a family doctor about contracts with 2000 residents.

it’s not hard to see from this, the family doctor system common mode, doctor-patient relationship is essentially a kind of relatively stable medical condition, rather than we usually think of tall fine service. The benefits of family doctors, mainly between doctor and patient is relatively familiar with more targeted aspects, diagnosis and treatment plan. It also need to make an appointment, to reach the point of on-call.

this time, some net friend’s response to the family doctor signing digital is fierce, naturally have to the family doctor there exist deviations in understanding the factors in it. Related to this, perhaps can also be more misgivings.

released according to the reform of the state council in 2016 for the signing of promoting family doctor service guidance “, by 2017, our country’s signing the family doctor service coverage to reach more than 30%. At the moment & other; 35% coverage & throughout; , should be from around the statistical summary.

to achieve the purpose of the coverage of more than 30%, is not easy, but apparently not because they are hard to give up this job.

should be admitted that the current patients with community medical institutions is still relatively insufficient, in addition to the family doctor service details are not perfect, many residents do not know what the contracted family doctors are the actual benefits, so lead to some parts of the contract rate is low. In addition, need to realize is that the family doctor service if a sign for a single, that would be a huge system engineering.

at present, many community hospitals do the dependency population survey, basic data collection, this is equivalent to an early is further promote the related work for the future, or is of positive significance. This as the base, early filling soil is virtual, but after accumulation and compaction, XuTu will be strong. So, the current some Numbers look empty, but as long as this first step, later work can keep pace with, the future can do it.

500 million signing digital now, to some extent, improved the people’s earnest attention to the family doctor. This is a good opportunity, or relevant system, let people can actively signing one family doctor, at the same time, further defined the family doctor service content and standard, make the family doctor culture in real reality widely planting in soil.

– good water (doctor)

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