The FDA approval of the world’s first digital medicine can send signals in the human body

FDA approval of the world’s first digital medicine

the article source: the Wall Street journal online

approved by the relevant departments of the United States the world’s first digital medicine, the treatment of mental illness pills after entering human body digestive tract to the smart phone signal, so that the doctor track whether the patients medication.

the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Food and Drug Administration, FDA) approval of the medicines on Tuesday means Japan Otsuka Pharmaceutical (Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co.) Can be in the set pp azole (Abilify) tablets implant containing silicon, magnesium and copper minerals such as a tiny chip; O make pp has been widely used in the treatment of schizophrenia, manic depression and other mental illnesses.

once served under, the chip with hydrochloric acid in gastric juice to mix and send a patch to the patients with the similar heart beat signal. And record the dose and duration of the patch to transmit the information to a smartphone applications, for patient monitoring, can also show the doctor and nurse. The chip eventually normal through the digestive tract.

otsuka pharmaceutical and silicon valley companies Proteus Digital Health Inc. Have tried the drug for several years, which provides chip technology.

the invention is for patients with mental illness, these patients are sometimes not medication, or may be forgetful, is not conducive to treatment success. Digital medicine may also solve pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies are facing some problems: the drug sales decline due to missing, and treatment of deterioration in the patient’s medical costs.

but otsuka pharmaceutical basic problems, whether the patients and doctors need to digital medicine, if needed, how much insurance companies prepared to pay.

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