The FDA notified by the cloth of his cardiovascular events, how to scientific view?

notified FDA not cloth company his cardiovascular events

on November 15, 2017, the United States food and drug administration (FDA) has issued a about gout drop uric acid his cardiovascular events on the cloth, caused the attention of medical also rushed to the media reported. More from the media & other; Title party & throughout; A handful of & ndash; & ndash; The gout is big news, the United States food and drug administration issued the cloth he safety warning, don’t disorderly eat again later “. DetailPic


to be honest, at the sight of the title, the author heart is abandon. Grandstanding should not be the style of science workers of medicine.

medical science writer should scientific view hot issues

a bifurcation slanting floor, first for medical related hot issues, the author thinks that as a medical science should be more precise, the author should not want echo what other says. People see will think that truth, it should. But, as medical workers or medical science writer, you should understand that we see all the facts is not necessarily the truth, should be in as far as possible under the premise of fully grasp the information from.

an chestnuts (example), the author once joked in a public lecture & other Mention, back Kublai Khan later life is suffering from gout by drinking too much, make him unable to walk and ride a horse led the troops to battle. The emperor napoleon forever invincible, mention, the eve of the battle of Waterloo gout attacks, to wind pain, morale, did not have to wait and go to the wind, but defeat at Waterloo and heavily fortified green zone was exiled and died in st Helena. Throughout the &; Later in my public number “gout gaiden released,” also specially marked & other; Not proven authenticity & throughout; . Behind, however, you see, how many number of public copy this passage also put & other; Not proven authenticity & throughout; Cross out the words? Spluttered pa type face.

statement in advance, this is not for the cloth division him & other Cleaning & throughout; Unknown, just want to eat the melon masses to science. On the contrary, in the mainstream media reported the company he is the most safe and effective in lowering uric acid drugs, author wrote a “not cloth company is he really drop uric acid drugs & other ace & throughout;?” Science discuss the security problems of the cloth division him, think about yourself sometimes or a public nuisance.

to the FDA report highlighted

below is the full text of the FDA posted. Of a key word to say: there is a group of more than 6000 gout department him or don’t accept the cloth Piao alcohol for the treatment of patients with research, through analyzing the main adverse events no difference of the two. But further evaluation respectively, the cloth division him heart related deaths have increased.


science of several drug related nouns

when we are talking about a drug, will see a few nouns: side effects (side effect), adverse drug reactions (adverse drug reaction, ADR), adverse events, adverse event, AE). What do these nouns mean respectively?

adverse events, and easy to speak, is a patient in the process of use of the drugs, all occurrences of adverse outcome, can be calculated in it.

this adverse outcomes may be associated with the drug not, assuming a chestnut, such as in the use of antihypertensive drugs, patients with hypoglycemia death appeared in the process of follow-up, calculate the drug adverse events, but in fact we further analyze the reason, the patients with high blood pressure also have diabetes, hypoglycemia death for insulin injection of the day, with the use of high blood pressure medicine is not anything to do.

this adverse outcome may be associated with the drug, or blood pressure medication chestnuts, a type of blood pressure drugs, will cause part of patients with cough, the cough is caused by using the antihypertensive drug, has a clear correlation and causation.

in the management of drug firms and pharmacovigilance files, we often see AE and adrs of these two concepts, when AE judgment has relevance to drug may, judgement of ADR. Side effects are much more populist popular concept, can be roughly interpreted as side effects & asymp; ADR.

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