The first (2017) China’s long-term care insurance development BBS held in Beijing

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on November 26th afternoon, by the People’s Daily online? For people’s health, China assisted & other preserve health; The first (2017) China’s long-term care insurance development BBS & throughout; In People’s Daily’s no. 1 ones. This BBS is designed to further promote the implementation of the party’s general secretary of 19 large and xi important speech spirit, boost health China construction, interpretation of the long-term care insurance industry policy, long-term care insurance system around the comb pilot experience, actively deal with an ageing population, promote the implementation & other; Some old men and disease protection & throughout; .

People’s Daily editor-in-chief Yu Qingchu, party secretary of China’s danger to health, President of Song Fuxing, national health TiGaiSi state family planning commission deputy director ZhuangNing, LeiHaiChao, director of the Beijing municipal health and family planning commission, China insurance association Yao Qinghai, China insurance industry association secretary-general, worship, dean of China’s labor and social security institution Jin Weigang, Chinese academy of social sciences, wang zhen, deputy director of the centre for the study of public policy and social department, the China insurance regulatory commission, the Beijing people club bureau, jiangxi club hall, Qingdao, head of the relevant government departments and experts and scholars to BBS site, dozens of media reporters attended the BBS.

Yu Qingchu on BBS address points out, to respect, filial piety the old, is always our bounden responsibility, is the soul of man. Xi jinping in the party’s general secretary 19 big clearly put forward in the report: & other; Coping with an aging population, pension, filial piety the old, to respect policy system and social environment, to promote the medical combination, accelerate the aging and industry development. Throughout the &; For China’s pension business and industry is the development of the broader picture.

& other; The people’s health is the important symbol of national prosperity and national rich and strong (powerful). Throughout the &; Yu Qingchu said, explore to establish long-term care insurance system is to deal with an ageing population and improve the social security system, a significant livelihood of the people share the achievements of development and reform project. At present, Qingdao and other regions in the process of pilot to promote long-term care insurance system, have figured out a beneficial experience mode, for the long-term care insurance system to the national promotion laid a good foundation, is worth learning and using for reference. Hope that through today’s BBS, to join hands in big health regulators, capital, technology and social organization, propaganda and fully display in advancing our long-term care insurance system in the process of pilot typical cases and the advanced experience, and the exploration and practice of long-term care insurance, the future and prospect on topics such as fully discussed in this paper.

ZhuangNing said in his speech, long-term care insurance in our country is still a new thing. China’s economic environment and population environment is special, can not simply follow the development experience of advanced countries. Therefore, how to make the top of the long-term care insurance system according to the situation of our country design, perfect the security system for a long time; How to further develop long-term care insurance system and ensure its sustainability is the key, these all need to constantly explore in practice.

ZhuangNing pointed out that the health of China construction emphasizes the co-construction and sharing, the health, the need to mobilize more industry, government, individual and so on various aspects of the resources. Hope to commercial insurance companies can play more role in advancing the long-term care insurance, to meet the needs of the elderly people a better life as the goal, woven together a solid pension & other; Safety nets & throughout; .

Song Fuxing said in the speech, the insufficient effective supply long-term care services in China. Mainly displays in nursing services and insufficient beds, nursing service personnel huge gap, etc. So urgently needed from commercial insurance payer functions, to provide care industry financing platform, vigorously promote the new technology application and other aspects of further strengthening the construction of service system, expand service supply, give full play to the market allocation of resources, sharing health care ecosystem.

& other; China is a large country, and great differences of the cultural differences between various regions and development, the promotion of long-term care insurance system, should pay attention to the differentiation. Throughout the &; Yao Qinghai pointed out, such as in the practice of different between urban and rural long-term care; Difference between different regions, the combination of allows for a variety of patterns to try: more developed in the eastern region can draw lessons from nantong mode, more basic medical balance in the region can draw lessons from Qingdao mode, or combine two modes to try; On implementing procedures can be implemented in stages, the Midwest must advance gradually, in less developed areas to establish security system to prepare for the future.

& other; China’s long-term care insurance & throughout; Column online launch ceremony

on the same day, BBS also held & other; China’s long-term care insurance & throughout; Column online launch ceremony. & other; China’s long-term care insurance & throughout; Advanced typical column will endeavour to promote national policy, mining, exchange experience, provide transmission services for China’s long-term care insurance and think tank support.

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