The five-star hotel is refers to the use towel to wipe to Harbin who planning commission investigation, etc

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these two days, the hotel health once again become a hot topic. Kempinski hotel in Harbin, Harbin shangri-la hotel, Harbin yongtai sheraton hotel to be three five-star hotels, such as when cleaning the room health with yellow toilet brush the teacup, bath towel touchs a toilet brush to water & hellip; & hellip; Cause consumer worries about star hotel hygiene conditions. Involved hotel responded that because video clip, it is not sure whether video shooting content occurred in the hotel, particular case is still under investigation.

yesterday afternoon, Beijing youth daily reporter learned from relevant departments, local planning department, the tourism administration departments have been investigated.

& other; When there are guests don’t brush & throughout;

on December 26, a video website released a video called “five-star hotel full disclosure on the Internet. According to the subtitle, video shot in November, health problems because of questions about the hotel, take the guest as a trainee room putting undercover three five-star hotels, and candid hotel rooms clean.

in a picture of a labeled Harbin kempinski hotel work, housekeeping staff said at least 12 rooms cleaning every day, every beyond a an additional 12 yuan. In a video, a cleaning staff with yellow brush wash in the pool that wash a face with cups, next to the staff admitted & other; Formal that they have disinfection, we can brush here throughout the &; Since this brush is used in toilet.

cleaning personnel after use bath towel dry the cups, picked up a towel from the toilet brush touch water. In response to a video photographer & other; Cleaning of all such & throughout; , maintenance staff seems to be the default for this claim, saying & other; But can’t say & throughout; . In the annotation of Harbin shangri-la hotel clean screen, there are also the same rag wipe the teacup and rubbish bins, the phenomenon such as the toilet wash cloth.

use bath brush to brush the toilet, cleaning aunt side side told trainee room sister-in-law: & other; When there are guests don’t brush, this is belong to the illegal operation, I don’t want to separate, the trouble. Throughout the &; Similar problems have appeared in Harbin yongtai sheraton hotel, the staff said that have not been used towel doesn’t have to change, whether the guest used standard is folding towels have be opened.

involved hotel has started internal investigation

video once broke, soon spread on the Internet. Many netizens commented that oneself are willing to spend a few thousand yuan a night price choose five-star hotel occupancy, just think health environment will have security, has also been reported health problems of that now.

26 December afternoon, north green newspaper reporter called Harbin kempinski hotel. Hotel workers, according to net the video clip, unable to determine whether happened in your hotel, involving the content are checking on investigation. & other; Our hotel normal cleaning process is relatively strict, housekeeping personnel have competent review after cleaned up the room, in the video is the staff of our hotel has temporarily cannot confirm, the hotel also with the leadership of the staff gradually, the final result will be the official release. Throughout the &;

shangri-la hotel, Harbin and Harbin yongtai sheraton hotel staff also said that the content of the video is under investigation, the specific situation is not convenient revealed for the time being.

tourism and health development planning commission to investigate

north green news reporter understands from Harbin tourism administration, at a time when the tourist season, local tourism authorities to video exposure incident very seriously, is now investigating. In addition, Harbin who planning commission relevant departments have also been sent to the hotel to investigate.

according to the implementing rules for the “health management regulations in public places specified in article 14, the operator is provided to customers to use in public places supplies appliances shall guarantee the health security, can use repeatedly supplies equipment ought to be a guest in, in accordance with the relevant health, cleaning, disinfection, cleaning standards and requirements.

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