The flu this winter why so much? Medical science writer said

this winter, the advantage of the epidemic in many regions is influenza b virus Yamagata, at the right moment is beyond the scope of the flu vaccine this year, so don’t, there is no vaccine for this type of protection.

since winter, reports of flu appeared frequently on the media. Some schools even taken measures of local closed or cancelled large activities. Look, this year’s flu were a little ill.

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

the Chinese center for disease control and prevention report confirmed that this kind of feeling. The center’s official micro letter no. & other public China CDC dynamic & throughout; News released on January 9, & other; Overall, this winter influenza activity intensity is higher than in recent years popular season. At present, China’s north and south provinces in the popularity of seasonal flu peak, the overall level of influenza activity remained at a higher level, and still could remain popular for a period of time. Throughout the &;

we are most worried about is, will not be a serious influenza pandemic. This also need not panic. Whether flu pandemic, not only to look at will the emergence of a new influenza virus variation and also look at this kind of variation will not increase the spread of the virus, pathogenic ability, resistance ability. Fortunately, the current virus monitoring results show that this year’s flu virus also found no such change.

recently often listen to the people and asked the question: influenza vaccines have no? Do you want to eat the antiviral drug tamiflu to prevent flu?

just said the flu viruses mutate easily, so the world health organization (WHO) every year for the next popular season which predict flu strains, and according to the forecast results put forward the recommendations of the global influenza vaccine strains, global vaccine enterprise on the basis of the production of flu vaccine.

in most cases, according to the forecast to produce influenza vaccine can actually be better to match the season of flu strains, this vaccine protection is good. But now that is the forecast, will inevitably have deviation. This winter, the advantages of the epidemic in many regions is influenza b virus Yamagata, at the right moment is beyond the scope of the flu vaccine this year, so don’t, there is no vaccine for this type of protection. It is understood that vaccine production research and development institutions in China is also in the positive development tetravalent vaccine can prevent hepatitis b subtype influenza Yamagata.

as for your second question, tamiflu (oseltamivir) is a kind of antiviral drugs, which can be used to prevent the flu, but it is best used in the 48 hours. After 48 hours but not to say that is completely useless. For severe patients, more than 48 hours after the onset time, can still benefit from antiviral treatment. But it was used to prevent, can’t replace the vaccine, only as a temporary emergency prevention measures, for without vaccination, or have not yet acquired immunity after vaccination of severe influenza high-risk groups. Last week, because our country individual medical institutions to inadequate preparation, in the face of the sudden arrival of the flu outbreak, various inventory of the cold virus drugs oseltamivir inventory clear.

real flu prevention, should according to the different situation of the individual to choose the most appropriate measures.

for anyone, maintain good personal hygiene is an important means of prevention of influenza and other respiratory infectious diseases, the main measures include: to strengthen nutrition, exercise, enhanced physique and immunity; Wash your hands frequently. Keep the environment clean and ventilated; In the flu season, decrease as far as possible to crowded places, avoid contact with patients with respiratory tract infection; Keep good respiratory hygiene, cough or sneeze, cover your nose and mouth with a paper towel, towel, etc, to wash your hands after coughing or sneezing, try to avoid touching eyes, nose or mouth; A respiratory infection symptoms should rest at home, as soon as possible.

for influenza high-risk groups, the elderly, children, pregnant women, chronic patients and medical staff etc. Influenza high-risk groups, if there are no contraindications, should first influenza vaccination every year. For no vaccination or vaccination after severe influenza high-risk groups have not yet acquired immunity ability, can use an emergency temporary antiviral drugs such as tamiflu preventive measures.

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