The flu under Beijing’s middle-aged brush screen sino-japanese hospital respiratory experts to teach you more understand the flu!

today, an article entitled, “flu Beijing middle-aged” under article brush screen in the circle of friends. In the article the author reported the father-in-law from flu and pneumonia, from outpatient service to the intensive care unit, the courtyard, in artificial lung, selling help the whole experience, caused a large number of Internet users. So why are a & other; Small & throughout; Flu can let a person killed, in view of the flu, we still have many don’t know? Phoenix TV invited sino-japanese hospital respiratory health and critically ill medicine of doctor of vice director of Wan Jun ruled out for everybody to the flu panic, coping with the flu.

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phoenix net health: how to difference between the common cold and flu? Stream flow b early screening for negative, can eliminate party b flu?

Wan Jun: influenza is influenza, has the characteristics of epidemiology; The common cold is a common virus infection. Ordinary people cannot distinguish the difference between the common cold and flu, ourselves on the individual’s point of view, they all belong to a cold, but you are caused by the flu is caused by a common virus, must according to the epidemiology, according to the identification to distinguish of the virus. You can only do a rough judgment, respiratory secretions, such as medical staff need to use swabs such indicators to identify whether it is caused by respiratory secretions.

a/h1n1 flu b flow of early screening test only antigen detection, not detect the gold standard, the sensitivity is poorer, the negative result cannot completely rule out the possibility of flu. The most common and relatively simple method is to nucleic acid detection, take throat secretions or endotracheal discharge test, if test negative results, the flu less likely, except the basic or the flu.

phoenix net health: in patients with severe medical choices, doctors generally how to communicate with the patient? If there is a “flu under Beijing’s middle-aged” mentioned in article disease information is too little, the problem such as decision time is too short?

Wan Jun: families of patients with severe need superb skills, to communicate effectively is often very difficult. First, the human body is a complex, medicine itself has too much unpredictability, this case more requirements to the doctor is strain capacity, patients’ families are usually not easy to accept; Second, the family in the event of an emergency is more difficult to clearly and objectively, fully understand the doctor’s, after all, the progress of the disease is happened in a very short period of time, the so-called & other; Is concerned with random & throughout; To medical decision making for relatives quickly, accurately and objectively make a critical decision, is very not easy, unavoidably doubt, confusion again; Third, when the doctor in the treatment of the patients, due to the relatively rich professional background knowledge, usually will be decisive, and the family member the cognition which for basic ignorance or a little knowledge is a dangerous thing that should be the objective existence of contradictions.

as a medical staff should possess professional quality. Doctors need to prior to the illness related operations, need to undertake the relevant operation, the risk in the operation and bring the benefit of all informed patient family members, in addition to verbal elaboration, the key to implement on the medical documents. Account is the key to see whether medical documents writing clear, whether patients with confirmed signature.

phoenix net health: the points mentioned in the article details will affect the progress of the disease, the such as infusion should have three hours to complete, & other; The father-in-law & throughout; Adjust themselves to infusion, 1 hour quick infusion finish, whether this will aggravate the? During the period of treatment for colds is to suggest that patients reduce mobile? (afraid of not enough oxygen, respiratory disturbance factors such as the lungs)

Wan Jun: we do not claim to speed up the infusion speed, it is not allowed. Each drug infusion speed is required, instead of some drugs to speed up the infusion can have side effect. As mentioned during the cold reduce the problem of mobile, actually has little to do with a cold itself, but rather are closely associated with respiratory failure caused by cold, any causes of respiratory failure, physical activity can increase the oxygen consumption demand, aggravate the deterioration.

phoenix net health: oseltamivir is against influenza virus drugs this year, but why not all hospitals are equipped with the drug?

Wan Jun: virus variation and mutation is very frequent, there will always be a new subtype, if does not carry on antiviral drugs, drug resistant strains could soon appear. If a doctor in the absence of confirmed cases, is open to abuse the drug at random, is likely to accelerate drug resistance, virus probably soon is not sensitive to the drug. Therefore, drug classification management is necessary.

phoenix net health: in daily life, we how to do a good job in isolation, to avoid the spread of the virus?

Wan Jun: in this paper, we suggest that family of cold, isolation, to do well in time this is very good. I often in outpatient service also recommend wearing a mask, who has a cold can not only keep their respiratory warm and moist, also can prevent the spread of the virus at the same time, benefit. At home is the best way to prevent a window ventilated, cold they choose to wear face mask is good for the patient.

interview experts:

Wan Jun

Wan Jun, sino-japanese breathing and hospital medicine, deputy director of the physician, the Chinese medical doctor association respiratory physicians branch pulmonary embolism and pulmonary vascular disease working committee, top young doctors in the capital in 2017. Good at the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as pulmonary hypertension, pulmonary embolism.

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