The four year old girl write grandma encouraged to fight the disease lead net positive comments



the web comprehensive coverage 】 【 according to the British” daily mail “reported on February 10, recently, a 4-year-old girl wrote letter quickly on the Internet, full of love letters to numerous net friend. DetailPic


it is understood that this letter by clarissa & bull; Greenfield (Clarissa Greenfield) write, her grandmother denise & bull; Mansfield (Denise Mansfield) since December 2015 was 2 aneurysms, right half body has been completely paralyzed. After learned that grandma situation, clarissa wrote a letter full of love, to tell her love for her grandmother, and I hope you pass this love together. Clarissa’s mother felicity & bull; Greenfield (Felicity Greenfield) send the letter in the face of the book, not the number of netizens are involved. Less than a week, she received a response from all over the world.

clarissa said in an interview: & other; I really love my grandma, very happy with so many people around the world together to help me, to show how much I love her to my grandma. Throughout the &; Felicity said: & other; Net friend’s response is incredible, this is far beyond my expectation. My mother has been suffering from the past few years, a few months after her birthday is coming, clarissa and I hope in this novel, let a smile returned to her face. Throughout the &; DetailPic


felicity added: & other; We write this letter, and hope to have as many people as possible to participate, send us their photos. In the beginning we thought would only have a few local people give us a reply, but I didn’t think later sent their blessing friends extensively, these people throughout Australia, New Zealand, Russia, the seychelles and the entire United States. Throughout the &;

there’ll be pictures of people around the world back from the bathing beach in Florida, USA from the skyscrapers of Hong Kong, and even from magic castle in Disneyland Paris. All photos will be included in a scrapbook, finally appear in front of denise. Felicity to believe that the loving photos will be able to let her mother’s smile. (internship compilation: Wu Xuyao review: zhu library)

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