The German scientists personalized cancer vaccine to “fix” melanoma

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melanoma is one of the skin malignant tumor, of a is talking about. According to foreign media reported recently, the United States and Germany two scientific research team at the same time in the nature papers, reported respectively according to different genetic mutations customized personalized vaccines for the treatment of melanoma patients of successful cases, marked the personalized cancer vaccines in the early human trials show optimism.

a Dana farber cancer institute, Boston, USA team published papers, is a kind of containing more than 20 mutations related proteins based on customization as a phase of clinical trial results of cancer vaccines. Six vaccine therapy in patients with four in 32 months there is no relapse, the other two patients received immunosuppressive molecules PD – 1 as targets for cancer immunotherapy method, condition and ease.

in another paper, from the university of mainz in Germany team reported the first applied in the human body a personalization of RNA based cancer vaccine therapy. Participate in the test of all 13 melanoma patients because of vaccination, enhances the immunity against specific tumor antigens in the body, including eight patients didn’t appear tumor in 23 months.

American scholar Robert & bull at the university of Washington; Till schreiber thinks, & other; Although the two test is small, but the results still exciting & throughout; . Now, a larger trial is in academia and pharmaceutical companies, its to vaccines, such as how to combine with PD – 1 inhibitor use is particularly interested in.

cancer vaccine adjuvant by tumor specific antigen and immune stimulation reaction mixture preparation, and its principle is by activating the patient’s own immune system, your body to cancer, preventing tumor growth, proliferation and recurrence, in order to achieve the goal of clear or control tumor.

it is understood that the domestic study of cancer vaccines for dozens of years of history. According to xinhua, the Chinese academy of medical sciences dean xue-tao cao research and development of treating colorectal cancer dendritic cells immunotherapy in the domestic first-class, international leading level, has entered a phase iii study.

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