The health development planning commission: the construction of the good people home hospital let common people through work

on February 12th, the scio deepen reform and improve medical service situation conference. National health and family planning commission said Wang Hesheng, director of the health office, deputy director of the state council, the clearly put forward the party’s 19, to build the basic medical and health care system, medical security system with Chinese characteristics and quality and efficient medical and health service system. In recent years, countries in order to ensure people’s health and life security as the starting point and the foothold, adhere to the basic medical and health care system as a public product to provide the basic concept, adhere to the basic, strong base, building mechanism, the basic principles of short board, adhere to the overall design, highlight the key, the basic path of gradual. At the same time, pay attention to the combination of management system and improve the medical service reform will improve the service as an important target, reform and improve the people’s feeling.


it is to improve the grass-roots service ability and level, convenient to the masses to go to a doctor. build & other; People throughout the hospital & door; , arrange the central investment 47.48 billion yuan to support 110000 county-level hospitals and grassroots medical institutions infrastructure construction, improve the basic medical and health service system. Promote the medical resources, up and down all tertiary public hospital and more than 1000 social construction of couplet of medical institutions involved in the medical, 2017 patients with 2017 turn, up 91.2% from a year earlier. The long-distant medical services of growth to 10000 medical institutions. Focusing on the general practitioner training, strengthen the construction of talent team. Family doctor team signing service, additional categories of drugs at the grass-roots level, promote strength and extension of prescription, grassroots health institutions ZhenLiaoLiang and JiuZhenLv further ascension within the county. In 2015 with the department and other departments, start the medical talent & other; Gr oup & throughout; Support work, increase the intensity of counterpart aid, partial group outstanding medical talents teams composed of more than 1300 people in xinjiang, with all the staff work side by side, the local medical level significantly increased.

2 it is to focus on woven tightly woven health care network, efforts to reduce the financial burden on the masses go to a doctor. contributors in basic health insurance more than 1.35 billion, rates steady at more than 95%. 2017 urban and rural residents basic health care per capita fiscal subsidy standard raised to 450 yuan, the medical insurance directory 375 new medicines, safeguard scope expands unceasingly, improve reimbursement ratio. On the basis of the basic medical insurance pratt &whitney, establish the system of urban and rural residents a serious illness insurance, covering 1.05 billion people, a serious illness patient compliance medical expenses rate increase by about 12% on average. Launched in 2013, a disease emergency rescue system, has nearly 700000 person-time. Basic medical insurance, serious illness insurance, medical treatment, disease, emergency relief and charity relief, supplementary medical insurance and commercial health insurance to connect, form a diversified multi-level universal health care system. To carry out the settlement is directly across the province long-distance medical expenses, let people see the doctor running errands, and less less mat endowment. Promote the reform of medical insurance payment, more than 200 cities shall follow the diseases were macro-reforms number reached more than 100. Vigorously implement the health poverty alleviation projects, rural cross tent card poor individual out-of-pocket medical expense ratio decreased from 43% in 2016 to 19% in 2017. Start the rural poor work special treatment of a serious illness, at present has treatment for serious illness such as esophageal cancer, end-stage renal disease, children leukemia patients 476000 person-time, cure rate is 85.6%.

three is focus on the reform of systems and mechanisms, and promote public hospitals to return to public welfare. open public hospital comprehensive reform, abolition of all public hospital drug addition. Promote the establishment of a modern hospital management system, perfecting public hospital governance mechanism and the internal scientific management system, further strengthen the leadership of the party. In 30 provinces in 68 cities started the reform of public hospital compensation system work, and constantly expand the scope of the pilot. Gradually improve the system of performance appraisal, do work more, superior blue-chip reward. Prohibit the incomes of medical personnel with medicines and chemical reagents, consumables, inspection and other business income, scientific control unreasonable medical expenses increased, government-run medical institutions of medical treatment cost increase from 21% in 2010 to 10% by 2017. Gradually establish maintenance public welfare, mobilize enthusiasm, ensuring the sustainable operation mechanism, public hospital public welfare significantly improved.

four is conducted by drug whole process reform, efforts to reduce prices artificially high. in the production process, to encourage innovation, to develop generic consistency evaluation of curative effect. Strengthen the shortage of drugs, cheap drugs supply security and children’s drugs, the integrated use of market targeting precise measures, such as matching and fixed-point production is a good way to solve the urgent clinical needs by more than 130 drug shortages. In circulation, the comprehensive reform pilot provinces and four batch of pilot cities to implement drug distribution reform of public hospitals & other; Two votes & throughout; The conduct of parties, further standardize circulation field. In the use of link, through the centralized bid procurement, drug prices state talks, control unreasonable drug use a variety of measures, such as lower drug prices. The latest round of units in the provinces drug centralized purchasing prices dropped more than 15% on average.

five, we will focus on strengthening supervision and management, ensure the security of the medical service quality. to speed up the construction of government supervision, the third party dominated widely participation, self management of medical institutions and the diversity of social supervision for added comprehensive regulatory system. Strengthen medical service quality control, the establishment of more than 1200 national and provincial quality control center, clinical quality control system covered all the major. Standard medical behavior, develop and promote more than 1200 clinical pathway. Across the country to carry out special supervision and inspection in accordance with the practice of a medical institution, check of various medical institutions at all levels about 22 m. Strengthen things afterwards oversight, & other; Double random, a public throughout the &; System, gradually establish a blacklist system. According to the masses reflected prominent side problem, together with the relevant departments to carry out the special action to crack down on illegal medical hairdressing and specification used drugs and consumables, antimicrobial usage fell by nearly 50%, to safeguard the health rights and interests of the people.

6, we will focus on improving medical services, enhance the masses get feeling. since 2015, further improve the medical service in China should be a plan of action, promoting the development of the medical service quality. By optimizing the service process, by means of information technology, implementation of ambulatory surgery and other measures to reduce queuing times, shorten payment and waiting time, more than 4100 hospitals can provide information query and push service for patients, 4 times that of three years ago, effectively reduced the repetition of patients in the hospital queue to expend and hospital visits back and forth. Implement & other; A reservation two shorten & throughout; : all tertiary public hospital in booking diagnosis; Outpatient service in recent three years, the average waiting time more than 10 minutes, some hospitals to shorten more than 1 hour. The average shorten within 10 days of such confinement.

Wang Hesheng said, medicine and health care field relevance, landmark reform, pratt & Whitney, out of the people’s livelihood construction successively opened, a number of key health indicators in China has better than average level of high-income countries, implementation & other; A liter of two drop & throughout; , the life expectancy increased from 74.83 years in 2010 to 76.5 in 2016 years old; Maternal mortality from 30/10 in 2010 to 2017 per 19.6/10, infant mortality from 13.1 in 2010 & permil; Dropped to 6.8 in 2017 & permil; And achieved higher health performance with less investment. Who believe in a report, the world bank and other institutions that quickly to achieve universal health coverage in China, basic medical and health services accessibility is more balanced. In May 2017, the world famous medical journal the lancet published & other 195 countries and regions; Medical accessibility and quality & throughout; List, think that China’s medical cause has developed rapidly, improve medical quality, is one of the most progressive of five countries in the world.

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