The heartache of licensed pharmacists, low status, poor treatment, is often…

the original title: the heartache of licensed pharmacists, low status, poor treatment, often check…

source: the blue parker freelance writing: Yin in China

a few days ago, the state food and drug supervision and administration bureau issued notice, according to jilin, 12 provinces such as jiangsu, anhui, jiangxi food and drug regulatory test results, the existing & other; Hang card & throughout; Behavior of licensed pharmacists, 65 shall be the national exposure, and the rise of licensed pharmacists throughout the country to the phenomenon of flying with the bat.

used to pass the examination of licensed pharmacists, can hang card is becoming increasingly difficult to implement for the extra income. In recent years all over the country are heavily regulated hang card. But over the years of licensed pharmacists pass rate is very low, the difficulty of the licensed pharmacists in the exam is not who want to go to can get in.

to textual research, are homo habilis

according to data provided by the human resources and social security ministry personnel test center: 2016 to 884700 the number of national qualification exam for licensed pharmacists to enter oneself for an examination, the actual reference number of 728600 people, the reference rate of 82.35%. Number of examinations for 151093 people. Percent of pass is 20.74%. As of the end of 2016, by practicing pharmacist qualification examination of the nation’s total number of 800000 people.

application became more and more strict, the condition of many years of talk to cancel registration qualification examination record of formal schooling, estimated to close. And related application review, some provinces and cities by test to the test, to prevent the false and cancel the qualification of relevant professionals and the test after the CARDS.

and the examination of the examination room atmosphere is no less of help physicians take an examination of technical personnel. And for the use of technology for cheating behavior, once found, punch, crack down on and to deter cheating, embody fair examination for licensed pharmacists certificates.

does the card, also embarrassed

look at the calendar year of licensed pharmacists pass rate, bitterness and pay, then know that this exam calendar year at about 20%, and even in the low pass rate of 10%. But finally crossed the heavy mountain, to put the card to hold in your hands, and mixed.

according to the 2016 to participate in professional analysis of licensed pharmacists personnel, medical related professional registration number more than medicine more than doubled, and medical professionals itself in each unit has a decent job and with this medicine, the health system and will not be admitted, to apply for the treatment of retail pharmacies and feel unattractive.

social pharmacy exam in 2016, 210000 people, but the number of registered social pharmacy to 298000 people; Also in 2016 medical institutions exam, 270000 people, but just only 05000 people registered in medical institutions. can be seen from this set of data, social pharmacy registration number minus the number of social pharmacy exam out of 88000 people, cannot be ruled out there hang card behavior. And that 88000 people accounted for nearly a third of enrollment.

pharmacist status?

only the position of pharmacists, ascension can be reversed transmission license out of trouble. Everybody knows, a pharmacy employ pharmacists monthly salary and hang the economic spending is five to six times, then the pharmacy in as far as possible, do not affect drug safety inspection with daily business under the premise of drugstores can choose save hang card, and hang card for a person with a second job, but also is helpless choice.

is an urgent need to improve the licensed pharmacists compensation and benefits, let people with practicing pharmacist qualification to have dignity and pride, so who want hanging in the chest card, sitting on the lobby of pharmacy, accept for medicine, counseling and guidance, to perform the sacred duty of a medicine for the people, act as important pharmaceutical guards of the propaganda and education of pharmaceutical affairs at the grass-roots level.

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