The holidays such as catalyst for marriage? Newly married couples to celebrate the young noisy to depression

recently, a young girl found mental health department of zhejiang province people’s hospital doctor QiuYaJu. & other; Recently sometimes feel chest tightness, boring, insomnia, and I can’t sleep well, to other department to check, said the body no problem, finally suggested that see psychological doctor. Throughout the &; The girl trouble to tell.

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QiuYaJu patience chat later found that girl does the body have no disease, is a heart disease, suffering from mild depression. & other; This reason, also can saying is the Chinese Spring Festival is the most commonly encountered a pile of problem, that is the girl married, the first year after marriage, for which the Chinese Spring Festival and her husband as a bee. Throughout the &;

and zhejiang province people’s hospital emergency department, mental health is also on the analysis of the case data of recent years that specific environment atmosphere, easy to induce the emotional upheaval, such as the Spring Festival holiday.

newly-married couple a year

to celebrate the young noisy to depression

the beginning said that the young girl, called Liu Jing (not his real name), and her husband, Mr. Zhao is after 90, she is in zhejiang province, the husband is in heilongjiang province.

two are university classmates, after graduating from the two goals, choose to stay in hangzhou for life. In may last year, two people get married.

click Liu Jing, husband or boyfriend to say, but the marriage has changed a lot. Oneself also follow her husband come back home, & other; Is not used to! There it’s cold outside, but there is indoor heat, the temperature can have 2, 30 degrees, nosebleeds stayed for two days; I have not used and some & lsquo; Heavy taste & rsquo; . Throughout the &;

all in all, Chinese New Year this year, Liu Jing just want to back to his home for the holiday with her husband.

but hear his wife’s proposal, Mr Zhao how also not willing to, also strongly placed words, had better go to heilongjiang, otherwise their new home, there is no negotiable.

zhao himself also have grievance to say: & other; Last year Spring Festival, also not married, I just accompany a wife back to her home, the fourth to hurry back to heilongjiang together. I’m only child in the home, married want to back to their parents for the holiday, retreated to the old couple no longer sad. Throughout the &; Mr. Zhao said, uncle recently specially called to remind, don’t marry the daughter-in-law forget niang ah! & other; Didn’t think his wife insisted that the cold, don’t want to go to. Throughout the &;

after days of quarrel, two people are unable to persuade each other, and eventually decided to their home for the holiday. & other; In fact, we also want to meet both parents came to hangzhou, but our hangzhou home is a two, let the hotel which side old man will not happy, can forget it. Throughout the &;

holiday such as catalyst

many emotional upheaval

in zhejiang province people’s hospital of mental health department professor he thought and traditional festival, such as the Spring Festival, the Mid-Autumn festival atmosphere like a dose of the special environment of & other; Catalyst & throughout; Easy to make people excited, excited, whereas not equal to idea enhanced sad, depressed, depression and other undesirable mood.

bowel particularly the mood, the environmental atmosphere & other; Stimulation & throughout; Is more sensitive and more general mood have poor self-control, like earlier, emotional upheaval, even go to extremes. & have spent

in zhejiang province people’s hospital emergency department for the emotional, psychological clinic (emotional entanglements, missing loved ones, etc.) and alcohol cause alcohol poisoning patients were analyzed, and found that before, during and after the emotional upheaval easily occurs in some day and like the Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn festival and & other; Valentine’s day & throughout; Sex ratio for 2:8, such as; Has features: in the age distribution & other; Valentine’s day & throughout; In the majority with young people under the age of 30 patients; The Mid-Autumn festival, Spring Festival for the elderly in the majority of patients.

some time ago, hangzhou Wang Dama is also because of this and other Heart & throughout; Has been sent to the hospital: never drink her fierce drink alcohol to deserve a row of silence, the alcohol too much, thanks to the neighbors just to find a string.

Wang Dama this year more than 70 years old, alone in hangzhou, looking forward to New Year’s day, kids can come back, excitedly in the mall to the supermarket, just after New Year’s day in the busy busy outside for necessities and did not think of the children working abroad and Beijing successively calls, said a few days ago for New Year’s day back to hangzhou. Although the children even table apologies and mail the phone to a lot of gifts, but aunt sad ai hatred still difficult to send & hellip; & hellip; The doctor advised the old lady had better have friends or relatives at New Year accompanied or away.

in order to prevent the bad feelings in some sensitive days, in addition to remind people to adjust good mood emotion & other; Valve & throughout; Outside, should pay more attention of bowel of people, such as relative colleagues and the community care and psychological counseling, etc., to let them through psychological & other; Crisis & throughout; . & have spent Source:

qianjiang evening news reporter Jin Jiejun The correspondent Song Lisheng

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