The hospital did not become extinct Some “to” electricity, the highest monthly sales nearly 7000 single, no dealer, why we play with?

Beijing on December 19 (xinhua) : the hospital around not extinct some & other; Travelled throughout the &; Electricity highest monthly sales of nearly 7000 single & ndash; & ndash; No dealer why we play with?

the xinhua news agency and other Xinhua viewpoint & throughout; Reporter Peng Yuan, Zhang Huaying

in the presence of individual hospital existing dealers, Beijing police organization special crackdown at the end of October for 5 hospitals in the dealer gangs and two gangs unified capture network rob, uncovered the traffickers gang of six, 37 detained by criminal of 17 people, administrative detention.

& other; Xinhua viewpoint & throughout; Reporter survey found recently, with the checkmark dealers around the crackdown continuously strengthen, gathered in hospitals around the dealer, although less, but has not vanished; No. A lot of dealers & other; Travelled throughout the &; Network, some even in electric business platform to open a shop order, number by rob software APP in the hospital, WeChat rob number, make an appointment platforms, according to the number sold, some online store monthly sales of nearly 7000. DetailPic

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

hospital nearby dealer activities more hidden visit selling between $2000 and $200

reporter recently visited several hospitals in Beijing, there are still some dealers around linger at the hospital, to sell the patient visit.

in order to heal troubled years of fundus macular, pan many times between shijiazhuang and Beijing. & other; Although can now & lsquo; Beijing medical tong & rsquo; Micro letter, self-help registered machine and telephone and other channels to make an appointment, but some tight visit don’t make an appointment, can only find the dealer. Throughout the &; In order to make an appointment to visit tongren hospital, she has three times this year from traffickers hand buying, charges will be in 300 yuan of above at a time.

according to pan, reporters found on the bridge at the gate of the tongren hospital several dealers. They see people approached, active sound by up and down ask: & other; To number? Throughout the &; Fastest and promised to be in the day to hang on the second day. On how many times after haggle, dealer, wang mou, said the original price 300 yuan fee can play 8. 8 fold, guaranteed to grab the chief physician.

as we have learned, for the convenience of patients, most hospitals will now reserve a certain number of visit the registration window. In order to grab the source of the semicolon, dealers spend money to hire more people in the window line up to rob. No. These dealers usually exist in the form of gangs, well-organized and clear division of responsibilities.

Beijing police seized at the end of October 2 entrenched in Peking University third hospital outpatient service building groups the number of dealers. According to the police, the two groups by the vendor number record personnel organization command for many years, and a few years ago compared to the queuing, your vendor number, gang internal division of labor is more clear, more subtle. The ring around someone in charge of in the hospital to attract customers, and feedback the information to the site & other; Commander & throughout; , & other; Commander & throughout; Employ many people lined up overnight. Registered a success, the line may obtain 100 yuan to 100 yuan service fee, number is & other; Commander & throughout; For the price of 200 yuan to 2000 yuan to resell to patients.

reporter met at the gate of the Beijing union medical college hospital, dealer, ma, he said, no matter how tight can hang up the visit. As a reporter for its credibility has been questioned, he said: & other; Rest assured, I was out of the hospital internal directly, I have a relationship. Throughout the &;

, dealers set up shop online sentiment store monthly sales volume of nearly 7000 single

2016, the national health development planning commission, fully implementing the booking in the third-level hospital diagnosis and treatment of 22 in Beijing municipal hospitals all non-emergency full booking, hospitals by telephone, website, APP or micro letter public Numbers provide booking service.

reporter survey found that part of the dealer, then to the network. In a large electric business platform, the reporter keyword & other; Beijing hospital registered & throughout; Retrieve found, make an appointment service shop 200, one of the most popular stores nearly 7000 single month sales. Some stores in the eye-catching place of the mark can provide & other Peking union medical college hospital appointment register & throughout; & other; Beijing jishuitan hospital visit & throughout; & other; Beijing children’s hospital visit reservation & throughout; And other services.

thought children do visual acuity, reporter randomly selected from a store for consultation, businessmen recommend pediatric ophthalmology’s visit, the first hospital, Beijing university, said that as long as the children and accompanying person’s id card information, the registration fee payment, $300 to $400 service charge. Business assurance: & other; We registered a safe and reliable, cost can walk third-party payment platform, not on, can apply for a refund at any time. Throughout the &;

reporter survey found that many dealers use rob, software preemption, source. Near the Beijing tongren hospital, according to the order number of dealers Tian Mou line for a long time to do this, she has been through Beijing number allocation time and law of hospitals, number allocation to time, with its own identity card number by rob tickets first source software hoarding, linked to the buyer, at the same time of a cancellation, with the identity of the buyer information to rob.

the personage inside course of study introduces, although register online booking are implemented the system, but registered patients or the dealer is unable to distinguish, the dealer can be preempted by the software quality source.

intensify punishment register the optimize allocation of medical resources to resolve problems

the traffickers problem had a lot to do with the illegal cost is low. According to reporter understanding, at present, most of the dealer number can only be carried out in accordance with the “public security management punishment law punishment, punishment ceiling is administrative detention 15 days and fined 1000 yuan. Only for a small number of dealers have a criminal record, if the circumstances are especially serious, only in accordance with the “criminal law”, such as disrupting public order crime, stir-up-trouble crime of criminal detention. At the end of 2016 in the year to march, Beijing police for catching the illegal crime personnel 377 people, of which 328 people were in administrative detention, only 49 people were criminal detention.

projects of Beijing law firm lawyers, said Yang sheng number many dealers after being released. He suggested that law enforcement patrol action against traffickers number should be normalized and institutionalized, want to monitor key areas and network platform, and further increase the intensity of punishment, joint strike & other; Online & throughout; The number of dealers gangs.

& other; Hit dealers, in the short term real-name reservation mechanism should be perfected. Throughout the &; Medicine and health care, Beijing university of Chinese medicine school of law, an associate professor of law Deng Yong advice, to perfect the hospital electronic registration system as soon as possible, the real-name registration, implement stricter credit blacklist system, from a technical and institutional effect a radical cure computer automatic brush, etc.

many experts believe that the dealer problem also reflects the current domestic high-quality medical resources shortage problem. Beijing union medical college, dean of the school of public health yuanli liu believes that in the long term development of signing the family doctor service system and family doctor team first appointment system, improve the system of grading diagnosis and treatment at the same time, different levels of medical institutions to undertake the treatment of diseases, guide the high quality medical and health resources flow to the grassroots, that resources talent sinking, sinking, make high quality medical resources better service for the people.

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