The hot mama 6 months pregnant still slim shape to a bristle


, according to the daily mail reported Saturday that the United States, south Carolina, 18, the mother of Anna & middot; Stephens (Reanna Stephens) on social media is showing a group of unusual pregnancy photo. Already 6 months pregnant, her due date in April this year, but now she is still very slim body, that the stranger questioned her that the pregnancy.

or student Anna rejected her critics, and is a healthy diet and moderate exercise habits in helping her to stay slim.


she is sharing her story, now to show others, expectant mothers can also keep the belly in, keep healthy.

she said & other; My baby in healthy growth, every month, like everyone else, so keep slim and baby does not conflict with me. Throughout the &;

& other; I like my long but is it a flat stomach, I think it is very perfect, it is my body and abdomen, and no right refers to the three said four others. Throughout the &;


in Anna explained that in some stranger figure made some cruel remarks to her, she was forced to say out loud what they think.

she said & other; Their comments really make people angry to me, I try to stay calm, because I know me and my children are healthy. Throughout the &;

& other; Someone stopped me on the street, give my ugly face. Throughout the &; Also asked me, & other; You are not pretending to be pregnant? Throughout the &; & other; Are you sure your baby is healthy? Throughout the &; & other; Others tell me, I need to eat something, see a doctor, in case I die my children. Throughout the &; Such behavior is very rude and sad.

& other; I have also been told that if I cannot feed myself, I should not have children, but people do not know anything about my diet and lifestyle. Throughout the &;


in Anna said, & other; I also eat vegetarian food, not touch any animal food, also don’t eat unhealthy food, such as soft drinks, sweets and junk food. Throughout the &;

in addition to adhere to a healthy vegetarian diet, she has done 6 years of comprehensive combat, including boxing, tae kwon do, jujitsu, weight training, and yoga and aerobics.

do yoga and aerobics, and now she thinks this is her even part of pregnancy also to keep fit.

in Anna’s behavior to get the support of family, because her mother was pregnant athletes have a similar situation. Her mother after 7 months pregnant, belly began to swell.

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