The immune system of pediatrics “medicine” god horse moder American has not been listed in the European Union

each by the reporter Zhou Cheng cheng

intern reporter Gu Jie

each by the editor Chen

recently, medical information and the information service platform & other; Ask the pharmacist & throughout; Founder, director of the Beijing united family hospital pharmacists outpatient service, China union medical university master of medicine even mei ji a question whether drugs more horse moder has curative effect, and let more people know this medicine.

ji mei thinks, at present there is no scientific data of a large sample size population-based study and clinical studies prove their effectiveness. The doctor expressed support for the claim. A region of hubei province 3 armour hospital doctors to the “daily economic news” reporter said, glad that his hospital no horse maud.

one side is to lower the number of samples can support the efficacy of discussion, on the other side is the focus of attention and focus on whether behind sales considerable drug abuse. This controversial drug in domestic and overseas medicine market what is a condition, in the capital markets and the companies involved, the daily economic news “reporter were investigated. DetailPic


phenomenon piece of sell like hot cakes drug indications as & other; Tiger balm & throughout;

a lot of people heard much horse moder the drug, is among the pediatric drug use. The doctor told the “daily economic news” reporter, from the clinic to see a lot of children in the use of this medicine.

a child of 3 armour hospital pharmacist told reporters that his hospital does more than in the use of horse maud. In general, without the use of acute infection, acute respiratory infections, such as disease progression itself is very short, with immune regulator to condition is not very big help. But if it is a chronic recurrent infections, horse will be used more maud in order to enhance children’s resistance.

what is the number of children in the use of the drug, at present there is no clear data. But from the Internet, and many parents in the hospital consultation, prevent cold, fever, cough, rhinitis disease such as tonsillitis are used.

and from the perspective of a horse moder more instruction, the indications for the drug is also very wide, is & other; God throughout medicine &; . In addition to the above conditions, urinary tract infection, infection of department of gynaecology can also be used.

ji mei said, from the point of clinical, horse moder along with more scope has reached almost & other; Tiger balm & throughout; Degree, such as eczema, urticaria were using, this is not scientific from clinical.

public medical institutions annual sales over 1.6 billion

horse more maud was first listed in Italy in 1993 and have been applied to clinical, in 1998 after entering our country, and since 2001 as a generic start production in the country.

for many maude sales, although no official data released, but separately from public hospitals, retail terminal, such as data also can see that, in recent years many horse moder of sales is very considerable.

the state food and drug supervision and administration bureau (CFDA), according to data from the institute of medicine economic south m network during 2013 to 2015, this three years, horse moder more public hospitals in the city, the public hospitals at the county level, the urban community center, and the total sales in the rise of towns and townships, 1.463 billion, 1.626 billion, 1.707 billion yuan respectively. Sales declined slightly in 2016, sales of 1.678 billion yuan.

and in retail, horse moder more also doing well. Kang CMH data show that in 2016, many horse moder become with 427 million yuan in 100 before the western medicine sales to the domestic retail terminal & other; New face & throughout; In 70, and after the drug in 2015. 130.

it seems that more than 2016 horse maude in the public hospitals and retail the total sales has more than 2 billion yuan, while reporters have not get the drug in the total sales of civilian battalion hospital, but if take into consideration of the more than 16000 civilian battalion hospital, sales will also increase.

medical consulting company ims health statistics data show that more than 2016 national horse moder sales could reach 3 billion ~ 5 billion yuan.

using one period of treatment often spend hundreds of yuan

in the back of a high sales, people pay more attention to the drug widely applicable scope.

as immune modulators, horse more maud, according to the instructions of the drug is suitable for the body’s immune function is low in patients with upper and lower respiratory tract infection repeatedly (pharyngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis, etc.); Otolaryngology repeated infection (rhinitis, tonsillitis, otitis media, sinusitis); Urinary tract infection; Gynecological infections; And can be used to prevent acute infection, shorten the course of the disease, reducing the severity of the disease; Can be used as an acute infection period of auxiliary drug use.

ji mei said, more horse on the scope of application, marked moder has almost reached & other; Tiger balm & throughout; Degree, this is not scientific in clinic.

and the usage of the drug in pediatrics, there has also been questioned & other; Abuse & throughout; . “Daily economic news” reporter in baidu search, weibo & other; Horse many maude & throughout; Keywords found in recent years, the parents for the children can use more horse moder consulting.

, for example, a parent consultation, three times a month child cold have a fever hospital opened many maude, whether can use; There are also parents asked, the doctor opened more than two months of horse maud, stays up but I don’t know whether there will be side effects and so on.

even mei ji told reporters that the parents is not to judge from the perspective of professional medicine curative effect. Get feedback from a lot of parents is because the doctor prescribed horse maud, parents bought the medicine. & other; And also between parents and their parents about their child’s situation mutual exchange experience, will say you see a doctor to let my child to eat the medicine to improve immunity, you (children) to eat, also can appear copycat buying situation, then the drug is easy to be fired up. Throughout the &;

in addition, many maude used treatment for a long time, but also for its sales growth plays a role.

a hunan province 3 armour hospital pharmacists to the “daily economic news” reporter said, relative more detailed instructions on in Italy, according to medicine for children in acute infection period of two weeks, while the prevention or treatment of chronic infection disease medication for at least two months. & other; More than domestic horses cabinet-office Italian imported drugs on the use of basic no difference, just the instruction will be slightly different. Throughout the &;

the hunan region 3 armour hospital doctors to the “daily economic news” reporter said, due to the provincial drug bid price is not consistent, so much horse moder prices will also be some differences. The hospital pharmacy has more than domestic horses maud and Italy imported drugs at the same time. Among them, the Italian imported drugs price a box is controlled in 230 yuan, while domestic different specifications, prices in 40 ~ 90 yuan, generally less than 100 yuan.

reporter the implied, general imported Italian horse moder oral liquid bottles a box specifications for 10 more, according to the use of a bottle of calculation, if need to use 2 months, the fee is in one thousand yuan of above; If the use of Chinese medicine, according to a box of six to eight bottles of calculation, the least cost 400 yuan.

according to ji may understand the situation, the feedback from some parents, in the horse on the use of moder, medication there was more than 3 months.

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