The international diabetes diagnosis and treatment of Chinese medicine guide

shenzhen nov 14 (xinhua) China academy of traditional Chinese medicine (reporter Yin friends) chief researcher at 8, xiao Lin and his team officially released 14 presided over the establishment of the international diabetes clinic guide of Chinese medicine. This is one of the world federation of Chinese medicine societies first international TCM ZhuanBing guidelines.

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

8 xiaolin is shenzhen health & other; Three engineering & throughout; One of the team leader, from guangzhou university of Chinese medicine hospital in shenzhen introduction, chief expert at the hospital. The international diabetes diagnosis and treatment of Chinese medicine guide by TCM academic groups from 13 countries and regions, diabetes experts participate in together, and in October this year by the world federation of Chinese medicine societies deliberated and adopted at the fourth member representative assembly.

& other; Hope that the international diabetes diagnosis and treatment of Chinese medicine guide for the world’s many countries and regions in overseas TCM doctor advice, better quality of diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for domestic to the international standard upgrade transformation example, provide support for overseas healthy and rapid development of Chinese medicine, make great contribution to the diabetes treatment and prevention of the people of the whole world. Throughout the &; Both xiao Lin said.

the regulations and policies of the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine and deputy director general of Beijing Yang Rongchen said, & other; International standards of traditional Chinese medicine, we’re going to a head. We should not only will the standardization of Chinese medicine, but also become the standard of traditional Chinese medicine, to firmly grasp the initiative of the development of Chinese medicine. The guide, is a forerunner of ZhuanBing international standardization construction of traditional Chinese medicine, for our country in the field of TCM ZhuanBing master international voice and out of a solid step to occupy the commanding heights. Throughout the &;

it was reported that in recent years, remarkable achievements in the overseas promotion of Chinese medicine development. Chinese medicine is trying to carry on construction of standardization of Chinese medicine is now set seven international standards. “International diabetes of TCM diagnosis and treatment guidelines” become one of the new international standard of traditional Chinese medicine.

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