The international working women’s day special attention: working moms “double anxiety” how broken?

Beijing, Beijing, March 8 (reporter Zhang Ni) lack of sleep, physical strength overdraft, the toes & hellip; & hellip; This is a lot of career women upgrade for the touch of the largest after mother. Unable to devote career, nor round-the-clock care for children, such contradiction makes them feel anxiety. How to resolve the working moms & other Double anxiety & throughout; ? This problem not only affects each home, but also to the whole society attention.

overwhelmed: working moms difficult to balance work and children

in 2014, a culture company in Beijing from celebrated the birth of their son. The child is born from the day she opened & other; Superman mode & throughout; .

& other; What child is a year ago almost no sleep whole night, nurse, diapers & hellip; & hellip; Sometimes need to get up several times a night, and again want to get up at six in the morning go to work, can sleep five or six hours a day are fortunate. Throughout the &; From said.

in from memory, I often over the years with black rim of the eye to work, sometimes against the door in home on the subway is fast asleep, the fast pace of life to make her a bit overwhelmed.

overwhelmed is not only from a person, time is from so many working moms are faced with the problem. They should not only face the heavy work, more to spend a lot of time to take care of and education of the children.

in May 2017, a recruitment website released the pressure of career women report in 2017. This covers more than 5000 women in the workplace survey, more than 50% of women questioned spend 2-3 hours a day for children of tutorial lessons, if it is the second child family, this time will be longer.

it is important to note that many Chinese families, father absence makes working mothers have to bear more & other; Load & throughout; .

in 2015, Shanghai academy of social sciences institute of sociology and the Shanghai women’s federation jointly launched Shanghai family education according to the survey, is responsible for the proportion of children education is mainly composed of father, fell to 23.7% from 30.2% in 2005. On the contrary, the proportion of main shall be the responsibility of the mother was increased from 20.3% to 47.2%.

tianjin municipal women’s federation in 2016 released by the situation of domestic construction in tianjin and demand survey report also showed that in the specific to the task of education children, 36.34% of households is mainly borne by the mother, only 11.6% of the family by his father.

data figure: on March 8, 2017, henan talent market (casc) held the 15th woman. Korea ZhangYunShe

career blocked: workplace & other; Hidden rules & throughout; Restriction of child-bearing age women

a recruitment website released “2016 working mothers living conditions survey showed that 95% of women think birth after impact on career development.

to unit of choose and employ persons & other; Hidden rules & throughout; And from that. She tells a reporter, & other; Once pregnant, female employees in the company for a long period of time is largely denied a promotion and pay increase, performance good or not, this is an unwritten rule. Throughout the &;

she recalled, her own but also for this reason have not been able to have further promotion in the position, the opportunity to other colleagues, it is also directly contributing to her in recent years, the difficulty of facing a pay rise.

as children grow up, facing economic pressure increase, from planning to move things since last year, but after some resume, she found herself in the job market competitive advantage is not obvious.

she tells a reporter, with comprehensive two child policy to the ground, some enterprises in the recruitment for married women with children when there is not a favor, will concern the women had a second child will, or can’t threw herself into her work.

for this phenomenon, in a financial enterprise human resources work Zhao Xi admits when accepting a reporter to interview, enterprises in the process of recruiting, for a woman’s age and examination conditions can really consider seriously.

& other; In some basic jobs, usually tend to fresh graduates or young unmarried childless women, mainly considering they can have more energy on the work, it involves the cost of choose and employ persons. Throughout the &; Zhao Xi said. DetailPic

 data figure: in May 2017, nearly 200 fuzhou hot mama street lactation flash activities, activities one husband helped her umbrella. Lv Mingshe

data figure: in May 2017, nearly 200 fuzhou hot mama street lactation flash activities, activities one husband helped her umbrella. Lv Mingshe

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