The media said China’s infant milk powder market developing rapidly this year Or because of monkey

reference news network on October 25, us media reported selling baby food is supposed to be a stable industry, however, in China is an exception. The world’s largest infant formula milk powder market booming again.

data figure: tourists in hainan sanya haitang bay duty-free shopping center buy duty-free milk powder. New SheFa LuoYunFei taken

according to the United States, the Wall Street journal website reported on October 23, last week, the world’s largest dairy giant danone announced in the third quarter of 2017 earnings, earnings, according to the third quarter of 2017 early life nutrition sales growth of more than 20% & ndash; & ndash; More than 50% growth in the Chinese market, danone brand accounted for two 5 of global sales. Rival brand mead Johnson & ndash; & ndash; Since mid-june, the brand belongs to the British consumer goods company reckitt & ndash; & ndash; And nestle sales in China have increased.

according to the report, the birth rate rise makes the excellent prospects. Last year, China’s birth rate has increased by 8% to 17.9 million people, is the most since 2000. The surge might more relationship with the Chinese zodiac monkey, monkey people feel lucky.

according to the report, in the third quarter growth of marked another important reason is temporary: wholesalers no longer inventory reduction.

China announced last year, to 2018 formula products & ndash; & ndash; More than 2000 kinds of & ndash; & ndash; In China’s state food and drug supervision and management of the administration of registration. Because I don’t know which brands are approved, wholesalers no longer replenish onr’s stock.

reported that danone has become a significant profit from the crisis two years ago, when the mainstream brand dumex are big suppliers of New Zealand’s fonterra into health crisis. Danone’s reaction is under the frame of dumex powdered milk, betting on cross-border e-commerce channels. Is expected, the administrative department will also be strong growth in the fourth quarter, but stressed & other; Is still likely to fluctuate throughout the &; .

according to the report, if the regulatory situation, will eventually form a stable sales trend. Big global suppliers should be in a more concentrated and self-discipline of booming in the market. Their brand on food safety will more reputation than local this product. However, investors should not prematurely very hopeful. In the foreseeable future, baby food industry in China is still very complicated. (compile/Xu Yangong)

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