The middle-aged Beijing under the flu

the author: li ke

daughter: & other; Grandpa how still not come back for such a long time? Throughout the &;

mom: & other; My grandfather was ill in hospital an injection. Throughout the &;

daughter: & other; My grandfather is my best friend, my grandfather gave me to eat chocolate. Throughout the &;

& other; Why mother crying? Throughout the &;


this daily record father-in-law from flu and pneumonia, from outpatient to ICU, 29 days, Yin and Yang are two separate experience. In clinic, medication, overhead, o blood, intubation, artificial lung (ECMO), and other information, hope you don’t use!

the following topics, can search query keywords in the title or date:

1. Don’t isolate influenza family, you are against child: 31 December 28 –

2. Virus negative, high fever is not retreated, immediately go to large hospital: on January 3-4,

3. Don’t give high fever patients registered nurse, you should do: on January 4,

4. Why cold patient to oxygen: January 5,

5. Flap, flap, don’t let the severe cold patients walk: January 5,

6. Choose the standard hospital hospital, if you can choose: January 5,

7. From the flu to pneumonia, not sick, is the life battle: January 5,

8. How to buy tamiflu: January 5,

9. Ecg monitor, didn’t he really doesn’t work: on January 7,

10. The ambulance fees: on January 8,

11. ICU overhead: on January 8,

12. People in ICU, can you lend money to be returned, on January 8,

13. Before intubation, uttered words: on January 11,

14. Artificial lung (ECMO) cost: on January 11,

15. Artificial lung (ECMO) on the relatives, your decision is what’s missing? :

on January 11, on January 18,

16. The doctor won’t tell you the artificial lung (ECMO) information: after cure probability, the situation, the treatment time: on January 13,

17. Artificial lung (ECMO) and cerebral hemorrhage and thrombosis: on January 13,

18. The artificial lung (ECMO) and Zhan (zhan) error: on January 18,

19. Blood transfusion can have not to spend money, mutual operation process: blood donation on January 13,

20. The large hospital turn small hospital, why is this: on January 22,

21. Lung transplantation: on January 22,

22. The remote critically ill patients ambulance transport: on January 22,

23. The stretcher patient on civil aviation flight rules: on January 22,

24. The remote critically ill patients medical transport plane (implementation) after small target: on January 22,

25. Civil aviation regulations about carrying ashes: on January 23,

26. Loved ones died, and notify the funeral home, away from the morgue: on January 23,

27) issued a death certificate, you need the certificate: on January 24,

28 bodies for dressing, who will help you for the first time: January 24

29 cremation process: on January 24,

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