The ministry of education, kindergarten behavior of kindergarten established special supervision inspection group, start work next week

in view of the recent more children in the kindergarten are violated incident, on November 24, in the afternoon, the education steering committee office of the state council issued an urgent notice, immediately deployed across the country to carry out special supervision inspection, standardize the behavior of kindergarten kindergarten requirements effectively reduce similar incident, to ensure that the children’s physical and mental health. DetailPic

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on Tuesday night, surging news ( understands from the ministry of education, kindergarten behavior of kindergarten special supervision inspection group currently has been set up, by the national educational inspector and education experts. The special supervision inspection has been carried out across the country next week.

according to the official xinhua news agency reported on November 23, in view of the recent individual kindergarten is existence & other; Child abuse & throughout; Response, said late on Monday, the ministry of education has ordered local authorities to immediately start the investigation, find out the truth as soon as possible. The ministry of education has been deployed to carry out specific inspection kindergarten kindergarten behavior.

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the education steering committee of the state council office of emergency notice, according to the recent bad influence, serious damage to vulnerable children and families, consequence is very serious. The occurrence of these events, reflects some places still exists and the kindergarten management, system implementation, execution does not reach the designated position phenomenon.

notification requirements, all in accordance with “the protection of minors” teacher “the kindergarten management ordinance” kindergarten work regulations “and the” guidelines for kindergarten behavior supervision measures for the assessment of kindergarten on request, immediately organize a province-wide kindergarten behavior of kindergarten special supervision inspection, focusing on the teacher’s ethics strengthen construction situation.

& other; On child protection in China’s relevant laws have more perfect. Throughout the &; Beijing jingshi lawyer zhang New Year 24 late surging news interview, said the number of law protection of the rights and interests of minors, including children, made specific provision, and “criminal law amendment (9),” the kindergarten child abuse should be brought into the scope of criminal law, but there are still a part of the viewpoint of the rule of law is weak, impotence, law enforcement is lax, all in a certain extent promote the prohibition of child abuse.

on March 1, 2016, the ministry of education announced a new revision of the kindergarten work procedures, including regulation, kindergarten teachers shall respect and care for infants, it is forbidden to abuse, discrimination, corporal punishment or corporal punishment in disguised forms, insult toddler personality, damage the behavior of the children’s physical and mental health.

on April 18, 2017, the ministry of education issued by the kindergarten behavior supervision measures for the assessment of kindergarten, to strengthen the guidance and supervision of weak kindergarten management, guide the kindergarten children’s physical and mental development characteristics and rules, strengthen self-construction, improve the quality of care and education.

& other; Supervision assessment shall be made in the kindergarten work discipline basic basis, content focuses on conditions, health and safety, conservation of kindergarten education, faculty, internal management and so on five aspects. Throughout the &; , according to the documents in terms of staff, mainly inspects the kindergarten, teacher, nurse, health care workers, the cook, and other staff and the qualification certificate, the number of teachers professional development, teacher’s ethics strengthen construction and protection, and so on and so forth.

in the kindergarten behavior supervision measures for the assessment of kindergarten in the attachment, the ministry of education of kindergarten kindergarten behavior supervision evaluation index and point to specific requirements, including & other; Teacher and nurse attitude toward children’s kind, gentle & hellip; & hellip; Staff without abuse, discrimination, corporal punishment and corporal punishment in disguised forms, insult the behavior of the children’s personality. Throughout the &;

a think in the New Year, hope in the near future of child abuse can give full play to the warning role, from institutions, teachers, family and even the whole society attaches great importance to. & other; In terms of private kindergarten management, suggested that the department in charge of education and ministry of commerce and industry upgrade industry access, and strengthen the standard management. Throughout the &; Zhang said that in the New Year for teachers, whether public or private, and shall adhere to the related certificates, attaches great importance to the preschool teacher vocational training and the comprehensive evaluation on a regular basis. Throughout the &;

in addition, the law enforcement authorities found that after the child abuse, should handle all the quick heavier, not tolerance not indulgence; Parents of young children a little more care, at the same time improve the consciousness in accordance with the law, does not make the silent majority.

can execute & other The kindergarten classroom transparency & throughout;

& other; Around the education administrative department and the kindergarten kindergarten to strengthen risk control, strengthening the management of access, strengthen technology oversight, form a normalized supervision mechanism. Throughout the &; Urgent notice requirements, the education steering committee office of the state council to build around the behavior norm of kindergarten kindergarten monitoring mechanism, timely understanding of the behavior and the basic operation of kindergarten kindergarten, submit the relevant data and information as required.

a New Year is also called on relevant departments as soon as possible will contain more institutional arrangements for such illegal and criminal behavior. & other; For example, a simple and easy operability, is nationally, implement omni-directional no dead Angle, for kindergarten and monitoring coverage for parents view at any time. Throughout the &;

& other; Children are difficult to fully express their will and bullied and hurt a lot when unable to express to the world. Throughout the &; Think in the New Year, in this case, the kindergarten space transparency, parents can view when necessary, to prevent & other; Child abuse & throughout; Behavior, it is a simple and feasible method. & other; Beijing now has achieved many to nurseries and parents mobile networking, everyone can see children in the kindergarten at any time by mobile client dynamically. Throughout the &;

hear law firm lawyers in an interview with China youth network Jiang Xianliang 24 agrees that establish the kindergarten classroom transparent engineering, by means of information technology, the school education parents open all the way, strengthen the supervision of parents to the school education, form a strong constraint.

at the same time, Jiang Xianliang said that in addition to the already showed the phenomenon of child abuse, and it is worth noting that some phenomena, such as teachers for children’s & other; Cold violence & throughout; The physical and mental health, it will also be children. & other; Like yelling children or ignore the child, and don’t let the children go to the toilet often appear, their children in a small room. Throughout the &;

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