The national health and family planning commission issued standard disease emergency rescue work

xinhua Beijing on December 21 (reporter Tian Xiaohang) national health and family planning commission recently issued notice, emergency rescue funds from disease accurately using range, we will increase publicity and training assistance system and other aspects further standardize disease emergency rescue work. DetailPic

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

to timely grasp the disease around the emergency rescue information, combined with the recent problems found in local research, national health development planning commission to draft issued by the general office of the national health and family planning commission on further notice for disease emergency rescue work.

notification requirements, in accordance with the policy object of salvage, salvage diseases and diagnostic standard, carry out rescue funds appropriated application verification work. Do not belong to the relief fund use range, cannot apply for relief funds.

notice also requires, strengthen publicity and training of emergency rescue system, disease of provinces, cities and two levels of the family planning administrative department of public health organizations at least once a year training activities, cover all borne diseases within their respective jurisdictions emergency rescue mission of medical institutions, improve the pre-hospital first aid, hospital emergency department and intensive medicine knowledge of medical staff.

notification requirements information bulletin rescue patients and file management, and provide data management.

in April, national health development planning commission issued the disease emergency rescue work guidelines (trial) “, to rescue object, fund application materials, fund application process, application for verification process and so on has made the detailed rules.

since 2013, the state established disease emergency rescue system, by setting up disease emergency rescue fund, to need emergency treatment but unknown or clear identity, the inability to afford health care costs of patients for treatment. According to the development of the China and the progress of human rights “, the white paper, as of June 2017, the system total rescue patients with about 640000 people.

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