The National People’s Congress column zhu yu: suggest adopted a policy of open up three children

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China’s & other; Two child policy & throughout; More than two years, but according to the national bureau of statistics data show that total population was born in 2017 and not rise but lower birth rate. The two sessions this year, the upcoming interface journalists from the National People’s Congress, the guangdong GuoDing law firm, director zhu yu was told, he will submit the full liberalisation of three child policy this year.

& other; Below replacement fertility in China has reached more than 20 years, if not as soon as possible, adjust the population policy, increasing population, China will enter the low fertility countries, therefore, suggest that open up three child policy as soon as possible. Throughout the &; Zhu said jade column in the bill.

& other; Two child policy & throughout; Implementation of the second year of birth rate does not rise but lower

, according to the national bureau of statistics data released in 2017, is China & other; Comprehensive two children & throughout; Policy in the second year, the year birth population of 17.23 million people, 2016 fewer than 2016 people, the birth rate fell by 0.52 & permil; , only 12.43 & permil; .

column zhu yu said in the bill, starting in January 2014, all provinces have liberalised single child policy. In 2015, according to the forecast in advance, the effect of the policy of separate two children will be evident, born in population will continue to increase to 17 million, or 18 million.

but the reality is, born in 2015 population rise but not fall. According to the national bureau of statistics, in 2014 China’s birth rate of 12.37 & permil; In 2015, 12.07 & permil; .

in 2016, China & other; Fully open two children & throughout; Policy implementation, statistics show that in 2016 China’s birth population is 17.86 million, 1.91 million more than in 2015 was born, born since 2000 year with the largest population.

& other; But authorities ignored another reason cause birth population increase in 2016, is in the lunar calendar is 2015, according to the custom in parts of our country, people don’t want to have children in the local. Throughout the &; Column zhu yu said that the birth rate in 2017 than in 2016 dropped 0.52 & permil; , a variety of data show that the adjustment of population policy and can’t decide the population was born.

& other; Two child policy implementation effect and expected there’s a big gap, not only cause the blowout of population, the birth rate is falling. Throughout the &; Zhu, jade on interface journalists said births are affected by family income level, raising cost pressures, family values, social and economic development level, and many other factors.

column zhu yu pointed out that the world is generally believed that the total fertility rate of 2.1 can keep the population change. Below replacement fertility in China has reached more than 20 years, if not as soon as possible, adjust the population policy, increasing population, China will enter the low fertility countries.

moderate population growth to development

population growth to drop, the first is the impact on the economic environment. In January of this year, the People’s Daily, a paper entitled “take what to & other wake up & throughout; reproductive expectations (outside listening to the wind)” foreign ageing analysis pointed out that the young people is the main force of employment, human resources reserve is not enough, bring the ageing of the population structure, but also reduces the business forecast for the sustainable development of enterprises.

zhu, jade said a modest increase in the population, can expand domestic demand, promoting economic sustainable development, to gain time for China’s economic transformation and upgrading, also is advantageous to the optimization of the population structure and social normal, conducive to solve & other; Throughout the shortage &; Problems, effectively solve the problem of population aging and social endowment, realize social sustainable development.

& other; For many years in our country to introduce & lsquo; A tire & rsquo; The family planning policy, which leads to the demographic problems gradually highlights, grim situation of population aging, social security problems become increasingly serious. Throughout the &; Column zhu yu, according to a modest increase in the population can ease the population aging has the social burden, promote labor structure optimization, reduce the ageing of population structure imbalance, and the need to support the population increase, reduce labor population, young and middle-aged burden of the crisis, and many other problems.

column zhu yu believes that under the globalization of knowledge technology and material resources used today without borders, to keep the population is to keep their power and wealth. Have enough large population reproduction, reproduction material to the long-term development, in order to create more wealth.

& other; The most fundamental competition between ethnic population is the future. Who is the carrier of national strength. In the long run, competition between national essence is the competition of science and technology, economic competition, and population competition, & throughout; Column jade, said zhu all competition in the final analysis is competition. National fertility is crucial to maintain and promote the development of population reproduction ability strong will is the most fundamental competition in the future national competition.

open & other; Three child policy & throughout; Could you turn it around?

zhu, jade on interface news said low birth rate has a variety of reasons, one of which is formed by long-term family planning policy inertia, in addition, with the improvement of urbanization, many farmers into the city, after contact with the view of urban population, is not willing to have more children.

& other; Chinese people rely on support before, but with the improvement of social welfare, now don’t want to rely on old son, Chinese society to a modern social progress of civilization and transformation process, a lot of ideas are changing, too. Throughout the &; Column zhu yu believes that low birth rate will lead to labor shortages, the society entered the aging can also cause many problems.

& other; At present, China’s GDP growth is faster in countries around the world, population growth and GDP growth needs synchronized growth, but for now, the decline in the total population in our country was born, & throughout; Column zhu yu believes that need through certain population policies are not down. Zhu columns to this advice, jade out three child policy as soon as possible.

if China adopted a policy of open three children in the future, how to improve the level of fertility do? Zhu columns of news analysis interface, jade may play a role, although there are some people even don’t want to have two children, but there are still a few people are willing to have three children, but because of policy restrictions have three children.

& other; Adopted a policy of open three children, can release part of fertility, make the situation of the population decline to increase our flat or slightly, & throughout; Zhu, jade said if adopted a policy of open three children in the future, better progressly phenomenon in a population, can be stable for many years, if let go after three child policy, the population is still down or flat, can consider to let go of the family planning policy in an all-round way.

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