The nurse on duty was too careless five months old babies are wrong to play next to the bed infusion bag or bottle

due to the nurse on duty error, and a half years old baby play wrong clinical infusion bag or bottle. Urban hotline figure

Mr. Weng five months old son because of pneumonia on January 24 in xi ‘an qujiang northwest of women and children’s hospital as a nurse’s mistake, unexpectedly the wrong dozen clinical infusion bag or bottle, this lets Mr. Weng surprised out in a cold sweat.

Mr Wong: & other; Not in garter st children cry, asked the nurse, the nurse said you she is too sensitive. Throughout the &;

five months old child fluids intravenously when excessive crying, which makes the whole family is very love dearly, a nurse comfort temporary peace. But after a few minutes, the child still crying, helpless father Mr. Weng find nurse again.

Mr Wong: & other; Said the nurse, 53 bed just hit ok. Once I think yes, I am 52 bed. Throughout the &;

thought is the baby can’t stand the pain, but with the nurse this casual conversation that Mr. Weng jing in a cold sweat, and that is really the wrong needle to the child, when he back ward verify everything in sight came like a bolt from the blue.

Mr Wong: & other; Wrong number, hit my 52 of 53 bed bed, beat her next to the age of three to five months of my son. Throughout the &;

Mr. Weng in five months old son for pneumonia is located in the northwest of the xi ‘an qujiang, women and children hospital beds was arranged to 52, 53 next door. The bed is a three and a half years old girl. Nurse is the wrong infusion bag or bottle each of the three year old girl call mr.weng less than a half year old son, found the whole room was stunned.

children of parents with ward: & other; We also saw it, gave people have the wrong number. Throughout the &;

on January 25th morning in ward reporters saw last night to the wrong dozen of the infusion bag or bottle only, at this point has been the hospital nurse wrapped the words carrying d yun always Tan Na on duty. Mr Wong said last night after the doctors and nurses in addition to apologize and did not give specific processing opinion, today is the most let him worry about the wrong medicine will affect children’s health. In the morning of 25 is designed.the reporter saw a doctor wang director.

director wang: & other; Nurses mistakes, but luckily dozen of medicine. Throughout the &;

this director admits is indeed wrong medicine, but coincidentally at that time last night, two children will be playing infusion bag or bottle and dose drugs, including the same inside, so in his opinion will not be any impact on the child. Finally reporters also said to the doctor this two bottles of medicine for the view, showing the name of the indeed is the same, but even so, Mr. Weng or have their own worry.

Mr Wong: & other; Worry will add other drugs before they play. Throughout the &;

director wang: & other; This not, you should worry about can do identification. Throughout the &;

repeatedly, director of the king of the drug, according to survey the way is not to join the other drugs, such as have other questions suggested medical identification. Then the error whether nurses have professional qualifications, the hospital will be how to deal with again, the hospital on the operation of the infusion process and whether there is a regulatory hole?

reporter: & other; Did the nurse certificate? Throughout the &;

director wang: & other; There is. Throughout the &;

reporter: & other; Let me see. Throughout the &;

director wang: & other; This must have. Throughout the &;

although claimed that the error of surname nurse nurse certificate, but as of press time, families are still not see the nurse certificate issued by the hospital of we also will continue to focus on for this matter.

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