The nurse relay 10 minutes to rescue choking patients out of danger

the nurse relay rescue choking patients

restaurant found an accident after 10 minutes out of danger to patients

several nurses rescue in patients with asphyxia. Peking University international hospital for figure

a few days ago, Peking University international hospital cafeteria choked on choke feed a female patients. Several nurses from the worker canteen, see immediately after the rescue, and make it back to normal signs. Yesterday, the Beijing morning paper reporter saw several parties in the hospital, relatives said it had received surgical operation, thanks to the nurses to help. And the nurses felt that both inside and outside the consulting room, save is part.

patients eat choke food suffocation

on October 11, at noon, at Peking University international hospital rehabilitation training of ms zhou for love to accompanied by outpatient restaurant. As the meal too nasty, ms zhou’s throat had been food stuck suffocation, face suppress bilge lost consciousness collapsing in a wheelchair.

it can turn around her family is broken, cried as he pushed the wheelchair & other; Help & throughout; . When family members want to collapse, finished eating three nurses rushed to the front of the wheelchair, see Mrs Weeks asphyxia, severe cases promptly pushed her to the nearest nuclear medicine clinic implementation of the rescue, and shouted to the patients in the department, emergency department nurses.

hospital, according to the monitoring of 12 noon 38 points, three nurses, and ms zhou family pushed the wheelchair to nuclear medicine clinic, two minutes later and unconscious of ms zhou onto the emergency treatment bed. Then, leading to ms zhou suffocation of food is to dig out, rescue equipment in place, patients in about 10 minutes out of danger.

just underwent craniotomy surgery patients

yesterday, reporters in Peking University international hospital rehabilitation of the hall to see ms zhou and family members, recalling the day’s case, ms zhou’s family said: & other; I don’t understand the rescue, but frightened. Throughout the &; Ms

week 26 years old this year, the end of last month with abnormal brain bottom done successfully in neurosurgery craniotomy surgery, is now in the rehabilitation phase. & other; We see the money is a patchwork of looking for relatives, difficulty for such a big operation, have survived their thought can be at ease, unexpectedly encountered this kind of accident, thanks to the help of the nurses & throughout; .

he recalls, the day for Ms. Zhou rescue several nurses can not afford time to change clothes, also don’t abandon patients vomit, skilled juggle emergency rescue edge contact equipment, & other; I love slow to come over, I haven’t had time to say thank you, they will go back to work throughout the &; .

nurse said just wills

in save three nurses repeatedly delay and declined yesterday the pictures of the reporters for their request, & other; There’s nothing to it, we do medical work, at that time to not take for granted? Throughout the &;

when the incident, the hospital god surgical ward 7 d head nurse Qiu Chunyan, 7 c ward Shi Jinggang used lunch down jobs, head nurse heard someone call for help, they had initially thought someone kidding, but a turn just had an accident. Qiu Chunyan said, & other; Black in the face when patients, family members said after later, we realized the situation is very serious, hurriedly to dig her mouth out plugs. Throughout the &;

familiar with hospital departments Qiu Chunyan know, need to take the elevator to the emergency department, through the outpatient service hall, save time will delay. So they decided to act decisively to push patients to nuclear medicine implementation of the rescue. A head nurse in the oncology Ren Li said she installed by a broken ankle just down soon, with a walk still limping, but saw two colleagues pushed the wheelchair, know it’s urgent, & other; Throughout her so much, join &; .

Shi Jing said, because it is lunch break, nuclear medicine, the door closed. & other; But hear our voice, the nurses it ran out in their work clothes haven’t had time to change into rescue & throughout; . The whole process but 10 minutes, but Ren Li feel very long.

save completed, three nurses get back to work, they told the reporters, & other; This nothing to praise, is part of business. Throughout the &; (reporter jing-shu zhang)

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