The old man forgot his wife’s death The hospital with his play for five months


hefei second people’s hospital nurses with Zheng Shouyun wife found

October 11, Zheng Shouyun went to the hospital

& other; Hello, could you tell me where his wife wanda China I? Throughout the &; 11 at 1 PM, rainy, an octogenarian walked with an umbrella in the second people’s hospital in hefei oxygen at the door. The old man called Zheng Shouyun, 84 – year – old’s doctors and nurses & other; Old acquaintance & throughout; . Since may of this year, Zheng Shouyun almost every day to look for a wife, came to the hospital sometimes search on three times a day. Zheng Shouyun suffering from alzheimer’s disease, he remembered and his wife get along with a variety of scenarios, but can’t remember his wife had died. The doctors and nurses are all don’t have the heart to tell him the truth, day in and day out, took him all over the whole hospital.

day after day & other; To find a wife to remember & throughout;

Zheng Shouyun braved the rain, went to the second people’s hospital in hefei, he remembered his wife who lived here in the 4th floor. A 4th floor is entered hospital hyperbaric oxygen chamber, this is also Zheng Shouyun inquire about the whereabouts of his whereabouts. Before leaving, he his coat with a one yuan coin, he thinks this is his wife to buy food at ordinary times with change.

in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber, the nurse road crane bankcard greeting Zheng Shouyun enthusiastically, she is familiar with the old man, but don’t remember her Zheng Shouyun, such as the first every time you met her. Alzheimer’s disease to Zheng Shouyun don’t recognize the day after day with his looking for his wife’s nurse in a hospital.

& other; You help me find my spouse, this money belongs to you. Throughout the &; Zheng Shouyun from her pocket that a handful of COINS, stuffed into a crane yun road.

& other; You put money away, I brought you out. Throughout the &; Crane yun road politely refused him & other; Fee & throughout; , make your co-workers to help look after her patients, with Zheng Shouyun looking for his wife. On the first floor & other; Looking for a ring & throughout; Blood oncology, then go to the second floor, the second floor of the nurse cooperate road crane yun to turn over the list of hospitalized patients, and then tell Zheng Shouyun, does have his wife this patient, but do not live in this room now. Then crane yun road with him at the gate of the each room & other; Look & throughout; , from first to last, it can persuade Zheng Shouyun & other; Home, such as news & throughout; .

this screen & other; To find a wife to remember & throughout; Starting in May this year, day after day, and sometimes even on three times a day. After a long time, the hospital doctors and nurses are mostly heard there was this old man.

Zheng Shouyun did his wife wanda China is the second people’s hospital in hefei. March and April this year, twice to wanda China blood oncology hospital treatment, doctors remember & other; The old lady condition serious & throughout; , she had been diagnosed with severe anemia, pneumonia and heart disease, accompanied by craniocerebral injury. Blood oncology department head nurse lan-lan zhou remember, at that time Zheng Shouyun two or three times a week, every time sitting in bed, wanda China sat is one afternoon, & other; They rarely speak, piping (Zheng Shouyun) sometimes give her yi yi, sometimes took her hand. Throughout the &;

on May 13, wanda China, died in the hospital from a heart attack but Zheng Shouyun doesn’t seem to remember it.

doctors and nurses play & other; Supporting & throughout;

this screen repeatedly staged & other Throughout a tracing r &; Zheng Shouyun is leading role, supporting role, it is possible that any a nurse or a doctor at the hospital. Now even in the absence of the crane yun road, other doctors and nurses will also take Zheng Shouyun find.

way when we first meet Zheng Shouyun crane is & other; Really carefully helped the old man looked for her & throughout; .

the first time in the blood of oncology department detected the wanda China name, but the record shows, wanda China in April 17, already was released from the hospital, she explained to Zheng Shouyun, but Zheng Shouyun don’t accept this explanation. Crane yun road initially think Zheng Shouyun is just a little bit & other; A crazy & throughout; Wanda, when she does not know China is no longer alive, and I don’t know Zheng Shouyun suffer from alzheimer’s disease.

until one day, way out bankcard with Zheng Shouyun finding a wife in the hospital, happened to run into Zheng Shouyun brother, younger brother when facing Zheng Shouyun says, & other; You are his wife had died in May! Stop to the hospital to find! Throughout the &; Road crane yun to remember, the old man after hearing the news, just dazed, and then repeating & other How can I? It’s not possible! Throughout the &;

the day Zheng Shouyun left the hospital alone. But the next day, he appeared at the gate of the oxygen, repeating the words: & other; Hello, could you tell me where his wife wanda China I? Throughout the &;

the hyperbaric oxygen in the nurse’s office on the 4th floor of the door, is Zheng Shouyun & other; Path & throughout; , the oxygen of the nurses had a & other; Unwritten conventions & throughout; : no matter who is on duty, to accompany the old man played out this & other; To find a wife to remember & throughout; . They have never thought, the play has been repeated release for five months.

& other; I was in the hospital group in forwarding the old man’s matter, afterwards just know that he has been in the us more than one department. Throughout the &; Oxygen TongChunXiang head nurse told reporters, the Beijing youth daily Zheng Shouyun other department also went to the hospital, but in the end is always to the 4th floor, it seems that he remember his wife lived in the 4th floor.

TongChunXiang told other department colleagues: & other; If saw the old man, you can tell him his wife transfer, can also with him in the hospital, but don’t tell him that his wife died. Throughout the &;

& other; But don’t remember his wife had died & throughout;

& other; Before a lot of things, we all forget, he remembered, but if only remember the old woman had died. Throughout the &; Zheng Shouyun daughter tell north green press, Zheng Shouyun began in 2015 mild forgetfulness, the performance was & other; Always forget eyes & throughout; , but since his wife died, his state of forgetfulness is increasingly serious.

with this process, Zheng Shouyun began to seek a wife. Was originally in the family, he met former colleagues, wanda China always ran to drag people ask: & other; You see the dahua? Throughout the &; Soon after, he began to go to a hospital looking. Zheng Shouyun daughter said, once children tell him the truth, of the old woman is gone & other; He put the chopsticks one pile, buried his head crying & throughout; .

Zheng Shouyun four children, of every morning, noon and night take turns cooking for him, sons and daughters all hope he can sleep at home in the afternoon sleep, and as a result, he almost ran to the hospital every day. Children went to the hospital to take Zheng Shouyun at first, but after a long time & other; So he went to the & throughout; .

Zheng Shouyun than wanda bgi, 7 years old, married, two people Zheng Shouyun in motor transport company van, year in and year out not a few home, wanda China to work in the handkerchief factory, mainly wanda China brought up four children.

when Zheng Shouyun appear forgetful, wanda China & other; Is a disease & throughout; . Children remember no wanda China no matter how uncomfortable with Zheng Shouyun complained. She do a Zheng Shouyun life every day, remind him to take medicine three times a day. Always wash Zheng Shouyun shirt neatly, clothes and fold up neatly, & other; She said don’t want her to go after, leaving a scruffy old man in this world. Throughout the &;

hospital decision & other; Throughout the song people do not come loose &;

& other; Sometimes, love is also a kind of disease. Throughout the &; The second people’s hospital in hefei neurology chief physician heptyl tell north green press, zhu Zheng Shouyun & other; Throughout the lovesickness &; Due to alzheimer’s disease. Heptyl is introduced according to zhu, the clinical manifestations of alzheimer’s disease is divided into three categories: disorientation, memory disorders, cognitive dysfunction. Among them, the memory impairment is the most common performance & other; Selective memory & throughout; . Zheng Shouyun & other; Can’t remember widowed & throughout; This matter, both & other; Almost forgotten throughout &; Reason, it may also be because his heart can’t accept this fact, selective forget.

but this & other; Acacia song & throughout; The day has ended.

& other; Song, we do not come loose. Throughout the &; Hospital related department head told north green press, no matter the old man will come after the hospital & other; To find a wife & throughout; , all want to follow treatment to the old. Hospitals have been preliminary decision, next, and the children of Zheng Shouyun further communication, looking for a chance, with experts to come and have a look.

& other; If the hospital let me when the old man attending doctor, we will conduct a comprehensive inspection to him, also need to please his family cooperate with treatment. Throughout the &; Zhu heptyl said, at present about alzheimer’s drug therapy is limited, this & other; Geriatrics & throughout; Although not completely cured, but through hospitals and family psychological counseling and daily care, can delay the development of the patient’s condition.

on October 11, it was raining, Zheng Shouyun need to go out to find a wife again. He put on that & other; Dahua said young white shirt & throughout; , feeling a little cool, and set a sweater. Who said to Zheng Shouyun wanda China & other; The white-collar shirt to pay out only good-looking & throughout; , he turns to the left of the collar, on the other side of the collar also nest in a sweater, and then put on a suit coat, picked up his umbrella, out of the door.

road crane yun received Zheng Shouyun as usual, looked at only one side of the collar, and she suddenly thought of, Zheng Shouyun said to her, before all is arranging the collar of his wife to help him.

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for figure/second people’s hospital in hefei

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