“The people’s choice awards” lit “return” value of medicine

& other; To cure sometimes, To help often, To comfort always (To cure sometimes, To relieve,, To comfort always) & throughout; . For a long time, trudeau doctor’s epitaph is considered to be the nature of medical classics interpretation. In the era of rapid development of medical science and technology, and other Cheung wei SCI & throughout; And & other Technology only worship & throughout; Popular for a time. With the new Internet age, initiated by the patient end feedback value more and more be taken seriously, gradually to the attention of the patients themselves over to the attention of the disease. With the most recognised before & other; Peer review & throughout; Different, feedback and evaluation from the C may be promote attaches great importance to the humanities, medicine return & other; Biology – psychology – social medical model & throughout; The main strength.

on January 20, 2018, organised by the good doctor online & other; Leading the conference & throughout; , more than 300 doctors get & other; The annual good doctor & throughout; The title. The doctor for and not from the administrative institutions, is not a source of peer review, but completely from them through the Internet service of every people. Let people to choose the idea of a good doctor, this is & other; The people’s choice awards & throughout; ; In the evaluation of the people as a standard, is to the medical & other Return & throughout; Value the greatest respect. Thanks to the Internet technology, with the rapid development of it that makes it possible to C client feedback collection; Thank you for this day and age, the development of the society make to & other People throughout the &; Respect to new heights.

at a ceremony

new era is not the future & other Has come & throughout;

& other; The construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics into the new era. Throughout the &; This is xi general secretary in 19 major important conclusion is put forward. Specific to the medical industry, the development of Internet technology is changing the ecological structure of traditional industries. In the past, the process as a starting point for queue to register and go home to take medicine or surgery for the finish line, is now gradually to the Internet as a tool of health care whole flow transition. New technology creates new tools, new tools to start a new era.

guest JingYiDan

famous host JingYiDan for & other; Leading the conference & throughout; Host. She said at the conference, the doctor is not only for patients to treat disease, but also bring warm patients. Talk about the Internet for the industry to subvert, cover, refresh, than talk about the new era of doctors how to use tools achieve pathogenic saves, health care services. In the future, only a doctor can make full use of the Internet tools is a modern doctor.

guest Zhang Quanling

leading the assembly also attracted many famous people from inside and outside the industry. The original host and now a famous investor Zhang Quanling is introduced, in the Internet era of rapid development of science and technology, technology is to change people’s lives, including health and medical care. Big data, artificial intelligence, chain blocks, emerging technologies emerge in endlessly, channels, traffic and brand has become the key successful factors of the new era, medical treatment of the rapid rise of the third party platform and traditional institutions for the use of new technology and new tools, will let the doctor individuals have more big play space, Internet technology and the integration of medical prospects is infinite.

the People’s Daily, a senior reporter jian-feng bai

the People’s Daily, a senior reporter jian-feng bai on medical industry more than ten years, his analysis from the perspective of an observer, the health care industry entered a new era is the necessity of social development. In the past, people is the pursuit of health & other; Is there any & throughout; ; Now, the pursuit of people has been raised to & other Good & throughout; . Party’s 19 big make major judgment, our country’s economy has been developed from high quality development stage of rapid growth stage, this is the new era of the basic characteristics of China’s economic development. The future direction of the reform of the medical industry from growth to quality, patient satisfaction, is the direction of reform.

Shanghai health care of the first penetration and dean Duan Tao

the original Shanghai health care of the first penetration and dean Duan Tao engaged in medical management work more than 20 years, leaving the public medical institutions after the position of director, he devoted himself to the non-public health is closely related to the Internet. Said he Shared, the current status of development of the medical institutions in our country is the number more and more, size is more and more big, the proportion is more and more big, the quality is getting better and better, also more and more fierce competition. Along with the commercial insurance, Internet, doctor free practice three factors of fermentation, body health forms of the gene with the Internet is gaining momentum.

by the end of 2017, with good doctor online platform statistics show that more than 170000 practitioners opened personal website, the doctor through the Internet platform, referral and remote medical consultation service provided by the number of more than 160 million times, nearly three years is growing at a speed of more than 50% a year, plus some online launch patients returned to online and offline service feedback, the good doctor online feedback received more than 4.5 million patients, the vast amounts of feedback is & other; The people’s choice awards & throughout; The selection of foundation, also illuminates the medical & other; Return & throughout; The value of the beacon.

Internet big data reduction effect of service

365 days, 24 hours, 27 specialist areas, 170000 doctors, 35 million line service data, all through the Internet to carry out medical and health related data have been settle. Graphic consultation reply, answering the telephone consultation (including free clinics) number, booking number, patients with word of mouth referral number, patient satisfaction online services timely, online services, six dimensions of comprehensive evaluation of online service quality and quantity.

according to introducing, the authenticity of the reduction for the real online scene, health mobile health research institute and the good doctor online collaboration, authenticity of all the data for the calibration, guarantee of medical workers a year of hard work to give evaluation and convincing real returns. In order to enrich the service quality evaluation dimensions, and make the evaluation results more close to the real experience of patients, compared with 2016, 2017, analysis of data in the special joined & other; Online services throughout patient satisfaction and timely online services &; Two new dimensions. Online services timely reflect the response speed of appealing to the doctor for the patient, given the doctors usually work hard during the day, so in 24 hours and aging, encourage the doctor in the fragmented time can answer simple questions for patients consulting; Online service is entirely in c terminal patient satisfaction feedback evaluation for statistical objects, encourage doctors to break & other; Worship of technology & throughout; Error, return to with communication, together against the nature of medical disease on the road.

in addition & other; 2017 good doctor & throughout; , the meeting also lifted the & other; Model 2017 youth & throughout; And & other; Model 2017 grassroots & throughout; Two list. Through the list can be found that forces are driving from the patients medical regression nature of medical doctors began to attach importance to medical care, a group of outstanding doctor is gradually from the disease itself into attention ill, then harvest the good brand reputation.

technology sunlight into & other; Health throughout China dream &;

good doctor online, founder and CEO Wang Hang

new era is the era of national rise of a new era of healthy Chinese dream is the dream of science and technology under the sun.

xi general secretary stressed that the social principal contradictions of our country has been converted to the good life is people’s increasing needs and the contradiction between the inadequate development of unbalance. People in the pursuit of health is not halt with & other; To see a doctor & throughout; The pursuit of, but for a healthy life. , director of the center for public policy research at the Chinese academy of social sciences, a famous health care experts Zhu Hengpeng introduction, for the reform of the medical industry, the people’s feeling is not strong. Among them is the excessive concentration of medical resources, although the financial input in successive years increases, but the problem is very serious resource waste. At the same time, on the one hand, people lack as health gatekeeper family doctor system, on the other hand, public hospitals and doctors generally lack of service consciousness. Change the current medical environment and doctor-patient relationship, the mobile Internet tools or the key to solving problems.

good doctor online, founder and CEO Wang Hang introduces, in China, pay for the service time has come. Era, China has passed the material shortage in the aspect of hardware has been solved with and without question, the consumer demand now is to better service, education, entertainment, health is predictable three areas of change. And in the medical field, pay for the service of the era is coming. In 2017, a good doctor online platform’s 170000 registered doctors a total of 10.12 million patients were services. In the aspect of improve the medical service quantity, remarkable achievements in Internet tools. On the one hand, the rapid development of social economy, people are increasingly willing to pay for the service, especially the high quality service; Good, on the other hand, the doctor also through online services received generous sunshine economic income. To improve the medical service, return to nature of medical doctor groups have become the consensus. Notable is, both doctors with identification of the service concept, online services also gained more good doctor-patient relationship. In January 2018, the good doctor online complaints processing center patients received every day, number of complaints from its peak of 1800 to 300. Pay for the service time, the biggest challenge comes from the quality of medical services, and improving the quality of service, is a long-term continuous process, who first learn better service skills, gets the development advantage.

change the future of science and technology, has come in the future.

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