The People’s Daily commentary: child abuse, “in” the bottom line is not breakdown

a teacher pills and feed unknown white pills & hellip; & hellip; Red, yellow, blue, kindergarten reproduce these two days, Beijing suspected & other; Child abuse & throughout; , at present the description of the child, some exposure picture, parents complained constantly refresh, at present, the chaoyang district education commission and the police are investigating. In the bright light in the light of social public opinion attention, it is because of what happened? How many kids get hurt? The children how much damage? Problems, believe that will soon have authority and clear answer, relevant staff will be in accordance with the law in accordance with the rules seriously. & have spent

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it should be said that the vast majority of the childcare facilities, kindergartens, has a standard, scientific management, to be able to let the children healthy growth, parents rest assured entrusted. However, ctrip qinzi field teachers from Shanghai feed children to eat mustard, in hepu county of guangxi state town, little red riding hood kindergarten, yulin city yuzhou district flourishing little swan fly kindergarten, Lou village to Beijing golden cradle kindergarten, red yellow blue kindergarten, these recent events, though an extreme case, but hit the child the parents of tense nerves. The children’s physical and mental damage, events caused by the negative public opinion, even a chance of one thousand percent is not only need to cause enough attention, more should be corrected in the source.

to let the legal & other Teeth & throughout; . Treat children, any harm behavior are immoral, more suspected of violating the criminal law. Never protection of adults to the criminal law amendment (9) for expanding the scope of the abuse of main body, is not on the legislation absence in our country. To perfect law, however, if the sentence there is not enough, the punishment, enforcement is lax, also hard to achieve legislative intent. In this sense, it is necessary to comb through and summarizes the case, to verify in the proof, quick feedback, etc, to explore feasible measures and widely, with greater authority on legal interpretation, more effective law enforcement model. The law to protect children, only real & other; With teeth & throughout; And punish illegal ACTS, to conviction and punishment more targeted, more powerfully.

to let the classroom & other; Sunshine & throughout; . Child abuse public opinion short bursts of focused, top priority should be organized, to prevent the children such as abuse, sexual abuse prevention into childcare facilities, for their children, parents, teachers are a lesson, clear how to say no to abuse of sexual abuse, how to find and deal with the problem, and the consequences of touch the red line. In addition, also should strengthen the investment, through the dimension control, to ensure complete coverage of surveillance cameras, no dead Angle implementation grounds. It is reported, Beijing has action, is rapidly screening related hazards. Running into the right track, safe and no dead Angle, can also the children a stretch of clear sky, the top design, it needs both without all the wisdom of the whole society, raise the raise.

let supervision & other; Power & throughout; . Compared with the experience of developed countries, our country’s nursery and pre-school education school or regulation has many & other; Short & throughout; . Because of the obvious contradiction between supply and demand, rapid increase in private kindergarten and private training institutions, business or education institutions, is not clear. Was relatively private primary and secondary schools, & other; Illegal & throughout; Start threshold is not high, can be registered in education at the same time, can also be registered in the bureau of industry and commerce, not only the existence of multiple management situation, and there are several hundreds of civil servants should public kindergarten and hundreds of childcare institutions by the reality. Running and management, supervision and safeguard the huge gap between, can’t give managers a bonzi YaDanZi alone, also send should add strength, improve the level of governance, from the source to solve the problem.

to let the staff & other Quality & throughout; . These show that child abuse all staff and if the quality is poor, children will suffer. Improve staff quality, raising barriers to entry, improve the staff training, is to solve such problem cannot bypass. Punish abuse staff, and concerned about the staff treatment and training, are two sides of the same coin. Starting from the problem, in view of the & other Preschool teacher is really poor, preschool education it is hard to be really bitter, nursery & throughout; The reality of the situation, it is necessary to set up staff income compensation system, it is necessary to make up for the preschool teacher psychological gap to enhance professional identity, it is necessary through the title assess methods such as teachers should be brought into the unified management, it is necessary to carry out preschool teacher post qualification review, regular check, not out on a regular basis & hellip; & hellip; Perhaps so that he can make true love children engaged in cultivating & other; The motherland flowers & throughout; Work, can let the child in healthy sweet pre-school education from unnecessary damage, form a complete personality.

19 report making clear: to teach in child in education, learning, work pay, sickness, old be raised and live in somewhat, weak on continuously made new progress. & other; Many things need we can wait/but the children can’t wait & throughout; , children is belongs to the future, to tomorrow, but to protect the child need to start from today, blow abuse, hold & other; In education & throughout; Bottom line, to make & other; All the people sharing development & throughout; The warmth of the target.

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