The price increase and reduction restaurant take-away food fishy

some take-out restaurant prices higher than sit-down, component shrinkage problems; The Beijing news delivery experience satisfaction according to the survey of less than 50%

recently many consumers reflect, encountered in some restaurants order take-out food & other; Component shrink & throughout; , & other Quietly prices & throughout; , & other Poor quality & throughout; Wait for a problem.

since January 23, the Beijing news reporter selected seven Beijing restaurant chain & ndash; & ndash; Mr Li, green tea restaurant, nanjing booth, eyebrow states snacks, full down sweetmeats field teacher braise in soy sauce meat, grain, green part of sushi outlets for meals to be delivered to the outside experience, price of 13 items, such as weight, quality, delivery and eat-in lateral comparison.

it was found that the eyebrow states snacks chongwen store hotan teacher to braise in soy sauce meat jinding street shop price higher than sit-down takeout, grass green sushi like rondo shop take-away food isn’t fresh salmon sushi, including green tea restaurant chongwen store wine vinegar chicken, October delivery weight are eat-in & other; Short in weight & throughout; .

the questionnaire survey result shows at the same time, over half of respondents take-out experience satisfaction only stay in & other; General throughout the &; And the following, and in poor taste, too little weight, food does not accord with merchants description has become the three most common problems affecting delivery experience. DetailPic

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two restaurants take-out prices higher than sit-down

Beijing news reporters found that experience eyebrow states snacks chongwen store hotan teacher to braise in soy sauce meat jinding street shops sold a total of six food take-away food prices higher than sit-down.

in eyebrow states snack chongwen store, a store of food cold noodle price for 16 yuan, and the delivery price is turned into 18 yuan. The garlic, beans and steamed chicken feet with taucu sauce, food prices also 1 – $2 higher than store prices.

in the field teacher to braise in soy sauce meat jinding street shops, mushroom and green vegetables package price is 2.5 yuan/a store, and the delivery price to 3.5 yuan/a; Twisted dough-strips stores price of 2 yuan/root, and the price is 3 yuan/root; Egg cake store price is 2.5 yuan/a, delivery price for 3 yuan/a. In addition, the store also cost less than breakfast delivery platform 0.5 1 yuan price. As a combination of breakfast & other; Soya-bean milk + + eggs Fried dough sticks, side dishes & throughout; , the price of 6.5 yuan, and on delivery platform became & other; The original price 10 yuan, present price 7 yuan & throughout; .

if you count 3-9 yuan shipping fee and 1-2 yuan/packing, the consumer is buying when the above a few meals, in fact, additional spending at least $4.

on January 30, the reporter contact with consumer identity both stores. Eyebrow states snacks chongwen store clerk explained that due to delivery platform need to be paid commission, so the price is higher than take-out food prices. Tian teacher to braise in soy sauce meat jinding street store clerk explained, its price is determined by the headquarters, store just execution, delivery price is higher.

in fact, the price is higher than the same restaurant takeout eat-in is not alone. According to a report in the December 2017 CCTV, Beijing restaurant to raise the price of delivery. Businesses generally give reason is take-out platform need to charge a commission of store water 20%, stores in order to balance can only increase the price. For the price first, then full reduction approach, a restaurant owners, rivals are & other; Full cut & throughout; , do not store orders will decline.

to eat-in and delivery price is not unified, guangdong bao Liao Jianxun Canon law firm partners think it can be understood as a normal market behavior. But if through the first price discount again, about the alleged price fraud, violation of consumer rights and interests.

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grass green sushi takeout isn’t fresh refused to exchange

in the Beijing news reporter compared with the experience of the 13 items, grass green sushi like rondo shop take-away shop sold fresh salmon sushi, and merchants refused to exchange.

on Jan. 25, the Beijing news reporter in the grass green sushi like rondo shop take-away shop ordered a made up by a variety of sushi & other Autumn fairy tale sushi platter & throughout; . Served, one of the platter salmon sushi fish from fat layer is obvious, at the same time, rice balls with raw rice. Experts point out that fresh salmon should be a bright color, fleshy, not scattered, and full of elasticity. Grass green sushi like rondo store clerk explained that takeout sushi for food packaging products of the shop door, & other; Hard to avoid appear some bad situation & throughout; , advice on how to store food. Exchange demands for journalists, the shop assistant is no clear answer, saying only that to store can enjoy preferential.

in addition, the reporter on January 30, ordered a field teacher to braise in soy sauce meat jinding street shops combination also reduces the dining experience. Served as the egg cake has been cool, Fried dough sticks to harden. Then at the store, a salesperson says, store all products by the headquarters unified distribution in the morning in the day, the egg cake is prepared by heating stores, it gets cold possible placed slightly long time plus sent his way.

Beijing news reporter noticed that the delivery platform, a lot of net friend message said grass green sushi like rondo shop take-away meals & other No eat-in food quality & throughout; , & other; Why is the delivery? Really taste the general & throughout; . Tian teacher to braise in soy sauce meat jinding street shops also encountered many netizen, such as & other Soup has a strange smell & throughout; , & other; Fried dough sticks too throughout time &; .

Liao Jianxun advice, if consumers encounter take-out rot, even appear food safety problems, can complain to disappear assist drug safety, food and other departments, and demand compensation, etc.


a sit-down has decreased in all 7 take weight

to compare the hall food and take-away on component if there is a gap, the Beijing news reporter through the hall of food packaging and delivery room weighing comparison, the results showed that under the condition of the packaging is consistent, there are 7 take compared to its eat-in weight decreased, the biggest gap is 107 grams.

a wine vinegar chicken restaurant chongwen store green tea, eat-in weight of 539 grams, and take-away weight only 432 grams, 107 grams. The age of the republic of China nanjing big gear chongwen stores sell porridge, eat-in weight of 585 grams, take-away weight of 527 grams, 58 grams. Mango, white and black glutinous rice, sweet and full of remember dessert, eyebrow states of garlic, beans, food cold noodle take-away snacks and eat-in component gap within 50 grams.

to takeaway too little weight, netizen is not in the minority. In view of the green tea restaurant chongwen store, some netizens on delivery platform message & other; Throughout thousands of pages of tofu less than half &; , & other; Cantonese broccoli throughout this amount less good & less; . Nanjing booth chongwen store has a similar message, such as & other; A small amount of food and soup are not much more than rice & throughout; , & other; Beauty of age porridge component is relatively small, less than about 1/3-1/2 & eat-in throughout; .

delivery component is less, the Beijing news reporter called green tea restaurant with consumer identity KaiDeJing goods store, the clerk explained that for specific after hutch produced no knowledge. And nanjing booth, chongwen store a clerk said the delivery before packaging will be in accordance with the standards of eat-in weighing, won’t have too much gap.

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