The product price increases year after year The company a new story

as expected, the company announced price increases again before the winter season. On November 20, the company announced that the company of the company’s key products, compound glue mucilage ex-factory price increases 10%, 5% respectively. Beijing commercial daily reporter discovery, and rise in the price of raw material supply tension for different reasons, the company will raise prices to a research and development of science and technology innovation investment. Relevant analysis, the continuous increase more than a decade, is difficult to cover the current situation of the company sales decline. The company needs new story not only, still need to new ideas, to get out of the price increases year after year cycle.

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on November 20, the company issued the statement on adjustment of price, said from the date of the announcement, the company focus on product company, compound glue mucilage ex-factory price increases 10%, 5% respectively, the retail price also make a corresponding adjustment.

Beijing commercial daily reporter double Wells from the company Beijing stores the place staff to understand, on November 19, the company stores in Beijing have announced the purchase price rose 10%, but haven’t received the in-store sales price unified arrangement. In addition, the Beijing several pharmacy sales staff said that have heard the news of the price, there is no received formal notice to rise in price. HuGuLou near thing hall (29.910, & have spent 0.00, & have spent 0.00%) pharmacy sales staff said that the company of the gelatin piece price increases every year, or about 10%. & other; We’ve already heard the news of the price, but no price increase notice. According to usual practice, usually at the end of the year or adjust prices start at the beginning of unity. Throughout the &; Another people conde large pharmacy assistant also said that have heard the news of the increase in the price of the company, at present has not officially informed price.

in fact, the product price is almost the norm of the company each year. Public data show that in 15 years from 2001 to 2016, the company retail price from 130 yuan rose to about 5400 yuan per kilogram, or 40 times. In 2011, the company owned by gelatin piece one-time prices by 60%; In 2012, up 50%; Gelatin piece 2013 ex-factory price increases by 15%; In January 2014, the company raised its gelatin factory price 15%, the retail price also made corresponding adjustments. In the same year in September, raising gelatin factory price 53%. In April 2015, the company adjust its product ex-factory price again, increase of 15%. In November 2016, the company will be the company, the compound glue mucilage and peach blossom kyi gelatin cake ex-factory price increases 14%, 28% and 14% respectively.

it is important to note that in 2015, 2016, the peach blossom kyi gelatin cakes are in price product, but only the latest round of price increases product gelatin piece and compound glue mucilage, made no mention of the peach blossom gelatin cake. On why the peach blossom kyi gelatin cake is beyond the scope of the price and other issues, Beijing business newspaper reporters call the relevant person in charge of the company, said the head of all the notice shall prevail, other problems will not be reply.

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with previous take raw donkey skin tight supply and value regression strategy as the prices for different reasons, the company will be the price to a scientific and technological innovation. , said the company to promote the gelatin industry sustainable development, to ensure that the gelatin product application value in the field of high quality and health research, continue to increase r&d investment, promote the innovation in science and technology research and development, improve technical standard, the company decided to adjust the products factory price.

it is understood that the company will be confirmed by modern scientific research in science and technology innovation of gelatin blood tonic, anti-aging, beauty, and prepare pregnant spuc traditional efficacy, and found that lung function damage prevention and treatment of fine particulate matter, such as treatment of Mediterranean anemia new effect; In & other; Qi maintenance & throughout; By large sample, on the basis of the research, explore the compound glue mucilage in menstrual health care, treatment of dengue fever, athletes body function recovery of new functions.

the company President Mr. Qin had an interview with the media, said & other; The second child & throughout; Open policy, more and more the idea of a couple had two children, but as a result of age and physical quality problems appear pregnant difficult situation, the company cooperated with Shanghai family planning institute of science research gelatin in case of pregnancy, spuc process function, ultimately proved gelatin helps to prepare pregnant spuc.

a declined to be named to Beijing business newspaper reporters, analysts now tech products caught the attention of the market, the company with science and technology also in order to comply with the current market demand for products. & other; The company had been will raise prices to a donkey skin tight supply raw materials, the idea that in the short term will be consumer and market recognition, but if have long been talking it’s hard to recognized by the market, the company needs to find a new story let consumer and market recognition product prices. The company of the so-called scientific and technological innovation could be confirmed to consumers through cooperation with institutions research and pass gelatin for pregnant and in order to let consumers to buy. Throughout the &;

well-known economist, financial commentator Guo Fan li said in an interview with Beijing commercial daily reporter, donkey-hide gelatin although belongs to the prescribed preparations, the threshold is low, but it can be from all aspects of manufacturing precision using the scientific method to research and development to improve. Therefore, play them in the company of science and technology to a certain extent, reflects the actual needs of consumers, but this does not rule out is the company of a price increase stunt.

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from the raw material shortage to the scientific and technological innovation, the company can always raise product to find the right reason. In a number of analysts, however, frequent product price is still to cover the company sales decline of the status quo. In October 2017, the company released third quarter, according to the company in the first three quarters of net profit of 1.25 billion yuan, increased 1.7% year-on-year. Among them, the net income of 345 million yuan, in the third quarter fell 13.06%.

Guo Fan ceremony, said the company’s price is in order to guarantee profits. Seen from the data of recent years, the company continuously rise in price, but it remains the same profit margin, market share continues to shrink. From years ago in the third quarter net profit, the company’s sales growth is slowing, the market is difficult to expand. To ensure that this year net profit do as growth above 10%, and the first two years in sales growth, the company can do is to rise in price. & other; From 2005, the company continued advances the strategy of focusing on its main business and value regression, the company sales revenue rose by 5 times, while net profit from 114 million yuan in 2005 increased by 14 times. At present the company each 30% price increase will be lost only 30% of customers, as a result, prices will bring more profit for the company. Throughout the &; Guo Fan li said.

medical strategy consulting company Zhao Heng LatitudeHealth partners, said the company in the first three quarters of net profit growth of only 1.7%, means that the company net profit growth has been weak. In the case of a decline in sales, the company to maintain company’s overall revenue and profit growth by means of price only. & other; Now, thanks to the diet change consumer constitution is different from before, gelatin is a very difficult market have higher growth space. In this case, the company continued to raise price will be the future market may have an impact on the company. Throughout the &;

the Chinese food industry commentators by peng said that at present the company is a bit on the feeling. In the little room for innovation, new product promotion of unsuccessful cases, the price is to maintain revenue the company net profit growth in the way. However, frequent price will let consumers antipathy, alternative products in the market now is more, continue to raise prices will give up part of consumers to buy the company products. During the visit, several pharmacy sales personnel recommended to Beijing commercial daily reporter tongrentang (34.670, & have spent 0.00, 0.00%), gelatin piece.

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