The public medical institutions, 2017 China buys congress opened in Beijing

on Nov. 11, China association of the public medical institutions, the Chinese association of the public medical institutions of clinical engineering branch, clinical engineering professional committee of China research hospital association, the China medical equipment “magazine, Beijing network to the world of medical science and technology co., ltd. exclusive to undertake & other; 2017 international conference on medical released new product new technology and China the public medical institutions group meeting & throughout; Opens in Beijing. General assembly to & other; Market driven & throughout; As the concept, & other; Throughout the Internet coupon &; Model for methods, and strive to promote medical equipment consumables supply side to change, to promote the public medical health industry sustainable development.

conference site

the former state development planning commission department chief priests, the Chinese association of the public medical institutions consultant in ZongHe; The Chinese association of the public medical institutions, vice President and secretary general Hao Deming association secretary of the party committee, deputy head Zhao Shugui, wang shan, director of the association organization department; Chinese research-oriented hospital clinical engineering professional committee member and deputy director of the secretary-general of ya-jun liu; Clinical engineering branch of China association of the public medical institutions precision.our, executive vice President of Sun Guirui, vice President of jian-guo qian, vice President of Feng Zhong, vice President of the bill is necessary; Yu-ming shang, vice President of the original tumor hospital of hainan province and other leaders, experts, to attend the conference. Nearly 300 public medical institutions and more than 40 domestic and international famous medical equipment consumables enterprises in all aid, face-to-face communication.

the former state development planning commission department chief priests, the Chinese association of the public medical institutions consultant in ZongHe

in a speech, the original national health development planning commission said the department chief priests in ZongHe, in May this year the state council issued” on further encourage and guide the social capital to hold the opinion of the medical institution “, directly promote the rapid development of industry. But behind the prosperity of the public medical institutions are also facing very serious difficulties, so you must seize the opportunity for policy support and the age of the Internet to achieve & other Broken & throughout; . He further suggests that the Internet and development mode of thinking into the public medical industry, give play to the role of market driven, propel the development of the industry as a whole, is a kind of initiative innovation, it is very significant to explore significance.

Chinese clinical engineering branch of the public medical institutions precision.our

in the meeting, clinical engineering branch of China association of the public medical institutions but to all the representatives parsing of the public medical institutions equipment consumable purchase new ways & ndash; & ndash; & other; Bargain & throughout; Mode. But said, the public medical institutions generally face the shortage of medical equipment procurement difficulties, equipment maintenance, poor institutions financing ability and high cost of medical informatization, lack of clinical medical professionals team & other; Five spot & throughout; ; Take the Internet + medical & other; Group purchase & throughout; With & other; Bargain & throughout; Mode, establish the public medical institutions benign interaction with the manufacturer’s community, from the supply side to promote the development of public medical institutions, provide more possibilities for the development of the industry as a whole.

the Chinese association of the public medical institutions vice President and secretary general Hao Deming said in a statement, the public medical institutions in differentiation, meet the people diverse medical demand, playing an increasingly important role, the country launched a series of policy support social forces to provide diverse medical service, the China association of the public medical institutions since its inception, through the formulation standard, evaluation mechanism innovation industry, promote the industry self-discipline, to establish the credibility of the public medical institutions, optimization of system, greatly promote the social do medical process.

in recent years, countries to support the public medical institutions is more and more big, the civilian battalion hospital has gradually become fresh blood to safeguard people’s health, yu-ming shang, vice President of the original tumor hospital of hainan province to all the representatives to share the success of civilian battalion hospital management strategies, yu-ming shang think is the guarantee to the healthy development of the private hospitals to deal with the boss, dean, and the relations between and among professional. Later, but at the meeting presided over the titled & other The health care industry leaders, entrepreneurs, Suggestions to the development of private hospitals & throughout; Dialogue analysis, yu-ming shang, jian-guo qian, its financing lease co., LTD., President guo-liang wang, fujifilm medical (China) investment co., LTD. Headquarters Chen Weina non-public group project sales director to attend the dialogue with the civilian battalion hospital representatives, business guests, civilian battalion hospital how to achieve better and faster development has carried on the thorough analysis.

this conference, ge, philips, Fuji film, the Chinese academy of science and technology products sales network, and other famous manufacturers, for the public medical institutions held a medical new technology and new product launch. Fujifilm (China) investment co., LTD Chen Weina conference media interview said that China is a populous country, fujifilm very bullish on China’s medical market, the emergence of non-public medical institutions will be heavily make up the lack of medical resources; In fact, non-public medical institutions & other; Group purchase & throughout; Mode is a key initiative, to respond to the national policy, at the same time, direct purchase price effect, omit the intermediate links, reduce the medical cost of patients and hospital operating costs, the manufacturer also can understand more directly in contact with the customer demand, to provide more accurate products and services, in the end for patient’s health and contribute to the development of China’s non public medical institution.

11 afternoon, congress set up multiple group-buying symposium BBS. Clinical engineering branch of the Chinese association of the public medical institution staff as the medium of connection, the organization of medical institutions established a real-time interactive community representatives and manufacturers, the scene at the same time promote the face-to-face communication, agreed product group purchase price, achieve mutual benefit and win-win development. Ge, philips, di healthcare, roche diagnostics, fujifilm, its financing lease, donghua software, kingdee, roche diagnostics as well as the number of participant manufacturers such as the scene the public medical institutions on behalf of all have a decent harvest; The future one month, the conference organizers will get the bulk trading results of the conference.

the conference site, Shanghai wei tai President Liu Xiaojie hospital management co., LTD, shenzhen baoxing, general manager of the hospital WenXinDe media interview as a representative of the attending the public medical institutions. , said Liu Xiaojie Thai health investment of public medical institution very early, at present the company’s operation and management in the hospitals; Thai health found in the process of development, has a strong ability of equipment procurement and maintenance is a magic weapon that’s hospital rapidly emerge from peers; So wei tai medical always attaches great importance to the technological equipment procurement, and adherence to the one idea: high quality purchasing can improve the hospital brand and core competence; Liu Xiaojie share further, wei tai medical treatment has been at the scene of the group meeting with many famous manufacturers signed a letter of intent for purchasing of technological equipment.

in the just-concluded world-beating 19 big meeting, xi jinping, general secretary has clear health China strategy path; Social do medical is an important component of China’s strategic health, each promoting social do medical practice is closely related to the health. The group meeting as a public medical the coordinated development of whole industry chain in China collective exploration and practice together, will promote social do medical, China strategy for health contribute your own power.

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