The reform of salary system helps the basic-level hospitals to keep talents

to the CPPCC member lee tide. The Beijing news reporter gui-bin wang taken

JingZhiCheng CPPCC members of the committee. The Beijing news reporter gui-bin wang taken

Li Honghong CPPCC members of the committee. The Beijing news reporter gui-bin wang taken

common diseases, large hospitals and community hospitals, and which one is your choice? With Beijing health reform, many people choose to base, but this winter flu in basic-level hospitals & other; Miss & throughout; And out of the subject of the basic general weak. Recently, the general office of the state council issued by the file, promote the reform of general practitioner training and the use of incentive mechanism. On the two sessions in Beijing this year, many members and representatives from clinical front line how & other; Strong base & throughout; Suggestions were put forward.

future 5 per million residents will have a qualified gp

in Beijing, 3 armour hospital is always crowded, in order to make medical resources reasonable allocation, relevant government authorities hope that through hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, for some patients to community clinic, make valuable expert resources to more in need of patients, and the bottom of the net at the grass-roots level can & other; Tolkien lived & throughout; That is the key to implement of the hierarchical diagnosis and treatment.

recently, issued by the general office of the state council on the reform to perfect the gp’s opinions on cultivation and use of incentive mechanism (hereinafter referred to as “opinions”), points out that to speed up the training of qualified general practitioners, to strengthen the construction of basic medical and health service system, is of great significance to establish the classification system.

“opinions” put forward, to establish and perfect the system of general practitioner training to adapt to the industry characteristics. For the medical students in colleges and universities to carry out the education in general medicine, strengthen the general clinical trainee practice. Enlarge the scale of general professional recruiting resident standardization training. Support as a base for the culture of comprehensive hospital independent setting jinpenling district, with the practice of the grass-roots base joint training general practitioners.

in 2020, adapt to the characteristics of the industry general practitioner training system basic establishment, thousands of residents between urban and rural areas have two or three qualified general practitioner; By 2030, thousands of residents between urban and rural areas have five qualified general practitioners, gp team basically meet the demand of health of China construction.

experts recommend breakthrough grassroots doctors treatment system bottleneck

advance hierarchical diagnosis is an important component of China’s strategic health, however, the performance of the basic-level hospitals remains to be improved.

this winter, as Beijing flu pandemic, each big hospital of pediatrics, the emergency department, respiratory then full. A flu in this & other; War & throughout; , in a line of the large hospital, to carry out a large number of diagnosis and treatment work, however, the first task of grassroots & seems to other Miss & throughout; . Reporter found in the visit, part of the community hospital accepts patients with fever, accepts children patients, there are many residents to reflect, try to go to a doctor at home, only to be told that no relevant department and inspection ability, finally can only be returned to the big hospital.

in this year’s Beijing & other; The two sessions & throughout; On a number of member representatives from clinical front line & other; Strong base & throughout; Issue opinions. Said doctors xiao-yan zhang, director of the municipal people’s representatives, china-japan friendship hospital, medical level is not balanced problem still exist at the grass-roots level, doctors at the grass-roots level salary system and the two to break through the bottleneck of career development.


lee tide the CPPCC members, hospital of Peking University, vice director of respiratory medicine, vice President of the

by means of information support community doctors work

the CPPCC member lee tide is vice President of the hospital of Peking University, vice director of respiratory medicine. Attention to the development of general medicine, hospital of Peking University, in 2008 began to train general practitioners, in 2012 to recruit the first professional degree graduate student in general medicine. As the hospital is responsible for teaching, vice dean of lee tide to the general medicine has its own understanding.

he is introduced, compared with the deepening of a specific field of specialized subject doctor, gp more emphasis on & other; Comprehensive quality & throughout; , can pass the history collection, physical examination and some simple auxiliary examination to effective diagnosis and treatment of common disease, frequently-occurring disease and so on, which requires the gp during the training, by inside and outside & other children, and other specialized subject; Rotary & throughout; Study, obtain the corresponding knowledge and basic skills. There are, however, the community of the hospital said, community recognition is not easy, is not directly after general practice training of medical graduates in the community practice, standardized training of general practitioners are still to be strengthened.

lee tide also suggested that informatization technology to provide professional support to general practitioners in the community diagnosis and treatment. Now requires 3 armour hospital expert, supply consultation significance is limited, if we can under the organization of local government to establish connectivity information system, community doctors can see patients in big hospitals in system of diagnosis and treatment, and, when necessary, to obtain the relevant specialist guidance, is more effective and feasible & other information age; High quality resources throughout the &; .

he introduces, in the past to a common chronic disease of 3 armour hospital, many in the plateau, the hospital many times is to prescribe medicine. After reform, under the function of economic lever, a large number of patients back to the community, make room for big hospital expert resources.

reflects the basic drugs for many patients is not complete, he thinks, should strengthen community pharmacy, to the big hospital & other; Look & throughout; . & other; This will involve some investment and cost, but compared with the effects is worth it. Community should prepare commonly used drugs and the common chronic diseases treatment of a variety of drugs, no longer make the patient is less than in the community need drugs and was forced to go to large hospital. Throughout the &; Lee tide said.

fuwai hospital thrombosis JingZhiCheng the CPPCC committee member, Chinese academy of medical sciences, director of the center for

big hospitals for the grassroots referral & other; Priority & throughout;

the CPPCC committee member, Chinese academy of medical sciences fuwai hospital, director of the center for 11 JingZhiCheng thinks, after Beijing health reform, classification of diagnosis and treatment have resulted in findings that but still faces a grassroots medical institutions comprehensive service ability is weak, & other 3 d & throughout; Linkage as a whole is weaker, the basic medical and public opinion has not been formed GPS service agreement, etc.

JingZhiCheng Suggestions, you can explore grassroots as affiliated medical colleges, and so formed both support the linkage. To establish independent regional image, clinical examination, ecg diagnosis center, to provide high quality medical resources sinking grass-roots work support and matching. Superior dock with the grass-roots hospital set up a special department, implements priority for referrals at the grass-roots level, such as specialty open source number, preference accepts, priority check and priority in the hospital, a variety of measures to encourage active & other patients; Sinking & throughout; At the grass-roots level.

Li Honghong the CPPCC members, the shijingshan district anise, director of the center for community health services

& other; Virtual pharmacy & throughout; Help the grassroots drug & other; Expansion & throughout;

on hardware expansion and community space is limited, do not have a lot of conditions, the CPPCC members, the shijingshan district anise Li Honghong think director of community health service centers, can cooperate with social power, by & other; Virtual pharmacy & throughout; The way to solve the problem.

according to introducing, the shijingshan district has to carry out the drug supply mode, reform the current cooperation with three big drug firms, borne by the drug companies, pharmaceutical reserve and distribution function, to live without drugs, drug companies would get medicine from warehouse and delivery to your door, has served a large number of residents. He suggested that the model can be popularized to the city, and other Medicines & lsquo; Expansion & rsquo; To 2500 is feasible. Throughout the &; Residents use range increased, the volume of distribution, drug companies are also willing to further cooperation.

citizens pay attention to community hospitals can provide many services, and in the industry more widely discussed is how community hospitals can attract talents, retain the doctor.

& other; Patients and doctors is & lsquo; The two sides of supply and demand & rsquo; , want to have good docking, both needs to be taken seriously. Throughout the &; Li Honghong tells a reporter, at present, the community doctors work intensity, low salary, promotion problem such as space is limited, retain talent has affected community hospital and community doctors work enthusiasm. In bajiao community health service center, a total of 10 family doctor service teams, each team to serve thousands of residents, but also bear a lot of care, publicity, document, and fill in the report is not used for direct medical work. High pressure of work and far less than a specialist treatment and career growth environment, make general and grassroots & other Unpopular throughout the &; .

& other; The existing compensation system is a balance of two lines, not conducive to excite the work enthusiasms of community health workers. While the existing title evaluation system, and give priority to in order to research papers, more specialized subject doctor, is not in conformity with the characteristics of general medicine. Some gp retirement is a review of the subtropical high, very helpless. Throughout the &; He advises a reform to the compensation system, establish different from a specialist qualification evaluation system, through the workload and work efficiency of the overall index to reflect the value of the gp.

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