The Spring Festival eve survey in 2018: spend how many money? Where to eat? What to eat?

Beijing February 16 (xinhua) : spend how many money? Where to eat? What to eat? & ndash; & ndash; The Spring Festival eve survey in 2018

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for the Chinese, family reunion dinner is the Spring Festival is the most shining & other; Peak & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; Throughout the year all the toil, miss, are sitting together to enjoy the delicious at this moment, into a thick affection and happiness.

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2018, the eve of the how much money did you spend? Where to eat? What to eat? On New Year’s eve, & other; Xinhua viewpoint & throughout; The reporter investigated different communities across the country are family reunion dinner.

spend how many money: more than 3 per capita 100 yuan to 150 yuan

New Year’s eve at 7 PM, a Beijing restaurant full of people, filled the table a last-borns are cups. Vestibular part of the individual is in the queue number, busy feet without ever touching the ground attendant said eight in front of the table in the queue.

according to the survey, with the China cuisine association (cca) are the eve of the whole booking rate this year than last year the Spring Festival golden week catering market is expected to achieve double-digit growth. China cuisine association deputy secretary-general Wu Ying said: & other The eve of the overall price and flat, slightly increase last year. Throughout the &;

reporter survey found that in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and other first-tier cities, 10 people a table of the eve of the basic 2000 yuan, per capita & other; Fare & throughout; $100 to $150, to 300 yuan.

& other; Price not risen this year, spending on average in 150 yuan to 200 yuan. Throughout the &; With spring park, deputy general manager of Beijing old Wang Hongqing said, reserve more 1888 yuan and 2388 yuan.

second-tier cities of the eve of the price is not low. In changchun, 10 to 12 people comes the price of 800 yuan in 800 yuan more, spending on average 80 yuan to 180 yuan.

in some big cities, a few high consumer meal chef to do the booking. According to the number of dishes, the different degree of difficulty, cost between five centuries yuan to 1000 yuan per capita.

in addition, the eve of the emergence of a new feature this year. & other; Semi finished dinner reservation is growing rapidly. Throughout the &; Wu Ying said, some people buy semi-finished products, it is not easy to process a little bit about the at home can enjoy cooking. Comes this year is expected to grow by more than ten percent, the per capita consumption more than 50 yuan to 100 yuan.

it is reported that Beijing with spring park prepared 400 semi-finished products, there are six of meat and wet skin of tofu, Huang Qiao baked wheat cake and other staple food, the price is in 288 yuan to 498 yuan. TongHeJu has booked semi-finished products from more than 800, more than doubled last year.

& other; Impression from the mid – 1990 – s began to rise up to the hotel to eat dinner. On February 17th since 1995, I never go home before 9 o ‘clock in the evening. Throughout the &; Wang Hongqing said, in the 1990 s, the family reunion dinner table for each meal hundred yuan, working-class was about half a month’s salary.

hua jia yi yuan production department technical director square zhong said, in the 1990 s, go out for dinner is good economic conditions. 2000 years later, ordinary consumers are starting to eat dinner outside. Then a good restaurant there is 688 yuan, 888 of a table. Main dish is elbow, whole fish, a whole chicken, lion these & other; Big & throughout; . About 2005 years later, many ordinary families have also begun to star hotel to eat dinner.

, in contrast, eating at home more affordable. Changchun resident liu yan, bought high-grade ingredients such as elbow, shrimp, fish and wine, count down and yuan per capita.

hunan hengyang hengnan poor Zhou Duchun family reunion dinner on the table, even the raw materials come from his home. Useful in the fields of beans do stuffed tofu and Fried fish, braised pork, Fried chicken, a total of more than 30 yuan. The old man’s daughter and son-in-law working outside, can’t go home this year, the local government in the years before the grain and oil, flour to the old man home.

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