The Spring Festival, too much fat is not happy? American university diet fall blood pressure and prevent depression

Spring Festival fat too much not happy? The DASH diet, fall blood pressure and prevent depression

& other; Diet way to prevent high blood pressure & throughout; (DASH) diet to reduce high blood pressure. Rush university, according to a study in the United States it may also help reduce the risk of depression.

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

the DASH diet from the department of national institutes of health, national heart, lung, and blood institute, advocated to eat more vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy products, etc., also advise people to limit saturated fat and sugar intake. Previous studies have shown that this diet helps lower high blood pressure, and commonly known as & other Bad cholesterol & throughout; Low density lipoprotein levels and help to lose weight.

at rush university study, the researchers recruited 964 volunteers, average age 81 were followed up for 6 and a half years on average, observe the depression symptoms, assessment once a year on diet, roughly divided into the DASH diet, the Mediterranean diet and three groups of traditional western diet.

ABC & other; Good morning America & throughout; Show 26 reported, citing the results of the study, as time goes by, using the DASH diet volunteers depression risk volunteers was 11% lower than the traditional western diet. Traditional western diet and the DASH diet can say almost opposite, give priority to with food high in saturated fat and red meat, less consumption of vegetables and fruits.

the researchers stressed that the study does not prove that the DASH diet with low risk of depression is a causal relationship, can only display the link. The researchers will take place in April at the 70th annual meeting of the American academy of neurology, publish the result. (huang) 【 xinhua micro features 】

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