The Spring Festival travel, our relatives Look at this weather guide first

Spring Festival approaching, many people have begun to the lunar New Year holiday, but without ceasing the meaning of the cold air. So, how is the weather in the Spring Festival this year? Lunar New Year holiday where have snow and rain, how to dress a string? Where the weather is most suitable for travel?

holiday visit how to dress?

4-8 ℃ cold air strikes at the beginning of cooling

the first New Year’s eve a weak cold air strikes, north of jiangnan and the temperature will fluctuate. North China southern to northern jiangnan area, will generally have a cool appearance, anhui, jiangsu, hubei and other places a drop will reach 8 to 14 ℃, zhengzhou, hefei, nanjing highest temperature 8 ℃ or so New Year’s eve. Guangdong, guangxi, fujian, hainan and other places will have a warm New Year’s eve, like nanning, guangzhou, the highest temperature of 20 ℃ or more. DetailPic


the first to fifth, a moderate intensity of cold air will affect our country from west to east. Xinjiang, gansu, qinghai, hebei, shanxi, shandong, henan and other places will successively appeared 4-5 northerly winds, the temperature drop 4 to 8 ℃; Affected by cold air will be the third to the fifth, south zhejiang, hunan, guangdong, guangxi, south of huaihe river region will be 6-8 ℃ cooling.

the highest temperature, the lunar New Year holiday period, jilin, heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia and other places will also be under 0 ℃, thick feather welded; Hebei, shanxi, gansu and other places between 0 to 10 ℃, the highest temperature down jacket or a string of necessary clothing; Most of the south are the highest in 10-20 ℃, cotton-padded clothes to keep warm to continue; Yunnan, guangxi, guangdong, fujian and other places the highest temperature above 20 ℃, warm, wearing a thin coat can out muscle.

south rainy days more

& have spent

the lunar New Year holiday, southern rainy will gradually increase. Hunan, hubei, anhui, jiangsu, zhejiang, jiangxi and other places will spend New Year’s eve in the rain; Day, most of the snow and rain, will be good for travel.

2 up as cold air south, south of rainy days and will gradually increase. Second day to the fifth, anhui, jiangsu, hubei, hunan, jiangxi, zhejiang, eastern sichuan basin, a small to moderate rain, northern jiangxi province, southern anhui has the heavy rain, the rain days there will be 3 to 5 days, the rainfall intensity is not big. DetailPic


in addition, the new moon, 2, 4 in the morning in the sichuan basin, anhui, henan and other regions will have heavy fog, among them, sichuan, jiangsu, anhui, zhejiang and other local strong fog, minimum visibility of less than 200 meters.

the lunar New Year holiday for medium strength cold air, the temperature will now, the public need to pay attention to the weather forecast, pay attention to the temperature changes, timely add clothes. Increased at the same time, the southern rainy weather, jiangsu, anhui and other places have low visibility weather, travel need to pay attention to traffic safety.

where is the lunar New Year holiday is most suitable for travel?

according to the analysis of the data visualization, the Spring Festival for seven days, kunming, lijiang, shenzhen, Hong Kong and other high weather indices of travel four cities, hangzhou, nanchang, Shanghai, nanjing, zhangjiajie and other places of travel weather index on the low side, that is to say, is not suitable for travel. These places have a common characteristic is that 7 days holiday in 5 to 6 days spent in the rain patterns.

through data visualization analysis:

you can 8 ℃ below zero to minus 20 ℃ cold mode to enjoy ice and snow in Harbin.

the probability of Beijing snow still small, to 8 ℃ below zero in the steady state of 6 ℃.

although kunming in travel weather index at the top of the list, but day and night temperature difference is very big, an average of more than 15 ℃, you go out in the morning and evening or should pay attention to add clothing.

guilin is starting from 15 consecutive rainy, lijiang river in light rain in the hazy beauty may also be a unique scenery.

in the south to escape the cold popular sanya, throughout the holiday temperatures are between 20 and 30 ℃, it can be said to be pleasant.

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