The study found that eating fish more intelligent Scientists are recommending that children two years old began to eat the fish

the study found that eating more fish are more intelligent scientists suggest that children two years old start eating fish

Russian media said that American scientists at the university of Pennsylvania, eat more fish to improve IQ and improve sleep quality. Their children in the relevant investigation, conclusion, published in & other; Eureka alarm & throughout; News site.

according to ria novosti news agency reported on December 21, the authors of this article thinks that previous studies revealed that fish contains Omega 3 fatty acids have an influence on intelligence, IQ but to improve and improve analysis of the relationship between sleep enough.

the investigation object of this study for China’s 541 children aged 9 to 11 years old, 54% of whom are boys, 46% is a girl. The children to answer questions on average how long eat a fish, and then to participate in an IQ test. By answering questions at the same time, the children’s parents, to assess children’s sleep quality.

test results show that with the number of fish less or don’t eat fish compared to peers, children eat fish not less than once a week, a relatively small number of sleep disorders, in IQ tests and they scored an average of 4.8 points higher.

at Pennsylvania state university scientists believe that the research results show that should let the children to eat more fish. Young children can begin from the age of 2 contact this kind of food. The earlier age began eating fish, the easier it is to adapt to the taste of the fish and love to eat fish. One of the study participants Jennifer? Pinto – Martin explained: & other; Children’s perceptions of the smell is very acute. If they are not used to fish, they might not want to eat fish. Throughout the &;

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