The super-ministries reform movement: a drug high environmental protection field calls for new institutions unified regulation

the national two meetings held on the eve of a topic again sparked concern: the government the super-ministries reform in the New Year whether there will be a new trend?

according to the 19 big deployment, a new round of institution and the reform of administrative system, not only to overall consideration of various kinds of institutions, should also be comprehensive use of various kinds of resources, and give more autonomy and the government at the provincial level; Not only to strengthen the overall design of the ecological civilization construction, will also set up a state-owned asset management, natural resources and the natural ecological regulators.

scholars said that the central ministries and commissions have further advance the super-ministries reform of space. For now, the drug safety system and the super-ministries reform calls for higher in the field of environmental protection.

& other; Try to consider health, big market regulation the new mode of parallel. Medicines, medical apparatus and instruments, special food in high-risk breeds on big health category, general food safety work to large areas of market regulation. Throughout the &; Long-term study drug regulatory system of China national school of administration associate professor of social and cultural actuarial-oriented Hu Yinglian has told the first finance and economics.

environmental protection, in accordance with & other; Mountain, water, forest, farm, lake & throughout; Unified management idea, have made it clear in the report to 19th, to set up the state-owned asset management natural resources and the natural ecological regulators. In addition, some reform proposals have also been & other; MaoJian & throughout; .

a drug regulatory face change

& other; The super-ministries & throughout; Characteristic is linked to a variety of content to a jurisdiction, to maximize the avoid of government functions and conflicting policies from different departments, bull management, improve the administrative efficiency. The experts, China’s drug regulatory system rise 20 years later, there is still room for further reform and improve, such as thinking about health, big market new regulatory model in parallel.

state food and drug administration was established in 1998 is the starting point of China’s drug regulatory system reform, after 20 years, a drug regulatory system after several changes, has experienced from & other; Vertical segments & throughout; To & other; Territorial integration & throughout; Change, in 2013 and the drug regulatory reform great integration. By the governments at all levels formed by the integration of feed quality supervision, industry and commerce, the agency’s food safety regulators and team, through relatively concentrated regulation, solved & other; Kowloon water conservancy & throughout; This fundamental problem. After market comprehensive law enforcement regulation reform in 2014, some places was carried out in the cities and counties in two-stage market regulators & other; All-in-one & throughout; In the reform.

however, comprehensive law enforcement of drug regulatory professional controversial, the influence of the individual place in the system reform not highlight the food and drug safety supervision level and ability, pure pursuit of mergers, alienation the reform.

& other; Law enforcement inspection group of the NPC standing committee said in the report of comprehensive law enforcement reform weakening in some places even marginalize the food safety regulatory functions, comprehensive law enforcement reform makes drug regulatory power have weakened, regulators much by other departments transfer, aging, lack of professional knowledge, professional erosion is more serious. Throughout the &; Hu Yinglian said.

in addition, in accordance with the general rules, farming and animal husbandry production and the food and drug production and processing large area should be single drug regulators, matching with the industry regulation, can present situation is not so. Studies have found, the national top 500 food industry county, single set food drug regulators accounted for only 48%.

at present, our country many agricultural products (6.310, & have spent 0.04, & have spent – 0.63%) and food production is the highest in the world, but the industry as a whole & other; Big and not strong & throughout; , balance, is an obvious characteristics of the full development. Same drug industry, the national pharmaceutical production enterprise nearly 5000, solved the problems of underserved, industry growing, is from a big generic drug innovation power shift.

& other; The national more than 1300 food and drug production and business operation main body, only 180000 drug regulators, regulatory resources and present structural mismatch supervision task. Throughout the &; Hu Yinglian said, & other; Go new era, the food and drug safety management of road with Chinese characteristics, can try to consider health, big market regulation the new model of parallel, namely, drugs, medical devices, special food (including infant formula food, health food, special medical food) in high-risk breeds on big health category, general food safety work for large areas of market regulation. Can be considered in the department of health, there are special drugs, medical devices, special food center, and in the case of conditions allow appropriate administrative rank and registered in regulation on examination and approval, supervision and inspection, audit case, emergency treatment of closed loop, rather than the current link regulation. Throughout the &; Hu Yinglian said.

Hu Yinglian thinks, medicines, medical equipment examination and approval and production can be classified national vertical management, high-risk food varieties, especially special food regulation, major cases dealing with professional strong also should from the national level a tube to the end. Face at the same time, China’s food and drug industry development, the market order, quality and safety, such as multitasking, need comprehensive, strong support of local government at all levels.

& other; In the long run, the food and drug safety should also be considered as the basic public services to provide universal. Food and drug safety must establish strategic, fundamental and long-term financing guarantee mechanism, ensure the apanage responsibility into effect. Throughout the &; Hu Yinglian said.

Hu Yinglian, said some places have been based on “& other much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; promote the equal basic public services planning, draw lessons from public health approach, according to the sampling batch per one thousand people, number of professional inspectors, regulatory team equipped with standardized rate indicators, such as scientific estimates the population of permanent residents per capita regulation required regulatory resources, funds and avoid uneven area.

new institutions to exercise their supervisory duties unity

environmental protection & other with previous years The super-ministries & throughout; The expansion of different concepts, a new round of future environmental & other; The super-ministries & throughout; Introduced a new concept.

18, the third plenary session of the central committee of the communist party of China party secretary xi jinping is “the central committee of the communist party of China on comprehensively deepen reform certain major issue decision” when it was pointed out that to the plenum for ShanShuiLinTian lake is a community of life & hellip; & hellip; Use control and ecological restoration must follow the natural rules, if the plant trees planting trees, the field of water conservancy, protect water conservancy is simple protection field, it is easy to attend, resulting in ecological systematic damage.

xi jinping pointed out that the territory by a department responsible for all the land space use control duties, for protection and repair of ShanShuiLinTian lake is very necessary.

at present, our country’s environmental protection function is divided into three aspects: pollution prevention functions scattered in the sea, the harbour superintendency administration, fishery and fishery supervision, environmental protection, public security, army, such as traffic, railway, civil aviation sector; Resources protection functions dispersed in mineral, forestry, agriculture, water conservancy department; Comprehensive control management functions dispersed in the national development and reform commission, finance, trade and economic (ministry), land and other departments.

cross functions, dispersion force that causes the law enforcement main body and monitoring, environmental bull law enforcement problems. & other; Transverse function scattered, lack of effective coordination; Longitudinal deregulation, lack of constraint. Throughout the &; State council development research center, deputy director of the institute resources and environment policy chang jiwen in June 2015 for the first financial journalist said.

Shanghai jiaotong university, director of the institute of environmental resource law wang xi, also has said, in law, the laws and regulations of the different & other; Fight throughout the &; Phenomenon.

he said, for example, the 2002 revision of the law of the People’s Republic of China water act according to article 12, & other; The water conservancy administrative department under the state council is responsible for unified management and supervision of the national water resources & throughout; .

in our country environment administration institution, in fact have formed three & other; Ruling over & throughout; Department: one is “environmental law” article 7 authorized environmental protection department, to exercise unified supervision over and administration of environmental protection work; 2 it is established in 1998 the ministry of land and resources, director of the national natural resources such as land, mineral resources, waters and unify the supervision and management work; Three is the water conservancy administrative department, responsible for the unity of the water resources management and supervision work throughout the country.

& other; The long ruling over system led to everyone is ruling over department, who also defy who. Throughout the &; Wang xi said.

& other; We hope that environmental protection is the decision-making body of a super department, at the same time can also continuously strengthening its supervision, law enforcement ability. But all this depends on the construction of the legal environment of the whole society. Throughout the &; Peking University environmental science and engineering college professor shi-qiu zhang said.

19 report clear, strengthen the overall design of the ecological civilization construction and organizational leadership, set up the state-owned asset management, natural resources and natural ecological regulators, improve the ecological environment management system, unified the exercise of national responsibility, all natural resources assets owners exercise unified all land space use control and the protection and restoration of ecological functions, urban and rural areas all kinds of pollution discharge exercise unified supervision and administrative law enforcement responsibility.

published in the December 2017 journal of China’s institutional reform and management, public sector, director-general of the department of second yellow road, in recent years, our country to strengthen regional environmental governance has made some attempt, he summed up as & other; As a whole, integration, responsibility, work & throughout; Four key words.

& other; Given the environmental protection department under the state council to coordinate responsibilities, but due to the lack of adequate authority and the necessary means, as a whole is not enough, poor coordination. Throughout the &; Road, huang said that must by elements of comprehensive, integrated and comprehensive functions, the organic integration of decentralized ecological protection function, to achieve the full proof of pollution prevention in the area of all control, to achieve the whole ecological environment protect and repair system.

according to & other; Mountain, water, forest, farm, lake & throughout; Unified management idea, the Chinese academy of sciences put forward a plan of the sustainable development strategy is: comb scattered in various departments of natural resources property right management function, the concentration and form a natural resources assets supervision and administration commission; Scattered in the land, agriculture, water conservancy, environmental protection, forestry department of natural resources protection and ecological protection function together, forming a natural resources and ecological protection, natural resources and ecological protection regulation as a whole; Live scattered in the sea, water conservancy, building departments such as the pollution prevention function of focus to the environmental protection department.

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