The world cancer day: cancer experts are calling for increased investment in new drug research and development

Beijing Feb. 4 (xinhua) (reporter Tian Xiaohang, Chen Cong) on February 4 is the 19th & other; Throughout the world cancer day &; . In the face of the serious situation of cancer prevention and control in our country, health experts are calling for increased investment in new cancer drug research and development, further improve the accessibility of cancer drugs in China.

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

according to the China association of enterprises with foreign investment in drug research and development industry committee recently released” to cope with the challenges of cancer drug innovation “report, the United States recent 5-year survival rate of cancer patients is 41% higher than that of 1975, a 83% survival rate to extend thanks to new therapies, including innovation in medicine. , however, our country in 2010-2014 global cancer drug accessibility rankings are far less developed countries such as America and Britain, only six of 49 new drug on the market in our country.

& other; More than 30 years without effective chemotherapy drugs or targeted drugs to treat esophageal cancer, gastric cancer targeted drugs have only one. Throughout the &; Shen Lin, vice President of the Peking University cancer hospital said in a report conference, due to the cancer disease is different with western countries, Chinese easy esophageal and gastric cancer itself is a world difficult problem, the new drug clinical trials fail, resulting in a decline in r&d spending will, thus forming a vicious circle.

because of the health industry development is rapid, intense competition forced many enterprise synchronization to carry out a lot of research, thus the degree of refinement, research and development of failure probability is increased. Shen Lin thinks, it is also a cancer drugs listed one of the reasons for the slow.

in the past two years in our country has begun to take measures to improve cancer drug accessibility. In 2017, incorporated in the medical insurance directory of drugs in the 36 kinds of negotiations, 15 is the tumor treatment of western medicine; Administration of state food and drug supervision and administration will be the prevention and treatment of malignant tumor has obvious clinical advantage for drug registration into the priority review scope of examination and approval. As the drug registration review to speed up the reform deepening and innovation, cutting-edge innovation in our country more and more cancer treatment drug research and development, the listing will with the international synchronization.

novartis tumor (China) medical Zhao Yan, vice President, said innovative drug research and development is a systems engineering, needs the interdisciplinary between scientists and drug companies to strengthen cooperation. Shen Lin think, increase the intensity of cancer drug research and development, improve the cancer drug accessibility, needs the government, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and medical staff work together.

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