The world’s oldest man, died in Spain at the age of 113

according to foreign media reports, local time, 29 night, the world’s oldest man Francisco & bull; Nunes & bull; Oliveira has died in Spain, at the age of 113.

according to the report, oliveira was born on December 13, 1904. He had participated in the 1921-1926 – French – Morocco war in Spain.

profile picture: 112 – year – old Francisco.

oliveira cake to drink yogurt for breakfast every day, and he even when very old blood sugar and blood pressure is normal, nothing serious.

ollie vera’s daughter and he live together the rest of my life, he had a 97 – year – old brother and a 92 – year – old sister. A better claim to be & quot; My grandfather in the world. & quot;

it is reported, oliveira, life for a lifetime of bean benitez village announced a mourning.

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