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written by Beijing health management association specialist” cancer check-up specification expert consensus “formal introduction, made clear in the domestic malignant tumor incidence before six of seven kinds of common and high incidence of cancer and related physical specification. This is the first cancer checkup related regulatory documents.

at present, the domestic malignant tumor mortality was significantly higher than that of developed countries. Since the 1980 s, the world health organization (who) clearly put forward since the early detection, early treatment strategies of cancer, cancer of secondary prevention & ndash; & ndash; Screening and early detection treated early has been acknowledged as the most effective way to cancer prevention and control. As a way to opportunistic screening & ndash; & ndash; Cancer check-up, is an important way of promoting the secondary prevention of cancer, at present our country many medical institutions has cancer checkup should be brought into the physical examination project.

at the national cancer center and the Chinese academy of medical sciences cancer hospital, under the guidance of Beijing health management association of tumor and medical experts to write the “cancer check-up specification expert consensus”, in order to better define cancer high-risk population, physical examination project specifications prevent cancer, early detection of high-risk population, increase cancer early detection rate. & other; Consensus & throughout; In China and received six before the incidence of malignant tumor of lung cancer, liver cancer, gastric cancer, esophageal cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer and cervical cancer seven kinds of common and high incidence of cancer, according to the national cancer registry data, the 7 kinds of malignant tumors account for more than 60% of all new cancer cases, and have more mature means of cancer checkup.

& other; Consensus & throughout; For people at high risk of developing cancer, to conform to the standard age people at high risk of cancer, should adopt effective cancer screening. Such as age, standard of lung cancer high-risk population for cancer prevention check-up low-dose spiral CT examination should be adopted.

& other; Consensus & throughout; Cancer check-up need to for a long time, different cancer high-risk population physical interval is different, according to the severity of the examination found that the problem, determine the late inspection interval. As the time interval of hepatitis b patients with liver cancer check-up for half a year, in a high-risk population endoscopic check colorectal cancer negatie can review five to 10 years.

& other; Consensus & throughout; Also a medical technology solutions to prevent cancer, and cancer high-risk population intervention and management and so on request specification. For people at high risk of developing cancer, for example, smoking cessation, changing dietary habits, increase physical activity and other lifestyle Suggestions for improvement, control slow disease specific management measures such as weight, blood glucose, and infection treatment and vaccination. (reporter liu huan correspondent Bai Ying)

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