They also can transplant? Parsing human “removable nipple” behind the five questions

addition to the client by Beijing on November 21 (reporter Zhang Ni), & other; The world’s first removable nipple surgery on the body successfully & throughout; The news caused attention to public opinion. & other; Removable nipple & throughout; The past to see the scene in the science fiction, but now has been moved to the reality.

& other; Removable nipple surgery & throughout; What is a & other; Operation & throughout; ? It is expected to be successful in living surgery? & other; Removable nipple & throughout; Later, & other; You & throughout; Or & other; You & throughout; ? Is this a series of high-profile questions, news reporter recently interviewed authoritative industry experts.

& other; Removable nipple surgery & throughout; What is & other; Operation & throughout; ?

according to media reports, the Italian neuroscientists sergio & middot; Mr. Wei luo has announced the world first & other; The human head transplant & throughout; Have already successfully in a body, and & other; Operation & throughout; Place is China, Harbin medical university professor Ren Xiaoping involved in guiding the & other; Operation & throughout; .

according to introducing, this case & other; Operation & throughout; Lasted a total of 18 hours, connect the cut spinal cord, nerve, tissue and blood vessels. Ren Xiaoping named & other; Variant head body revascularization & throughout; .

after Canada wei luo also had revealed the detailed operation steps: first, the new body will come from a normal brain dead donor. Surgery, the donor and the recipient’s head to be cooled to the temperature needed for surgery, to slow down the body’s metabolism.

later, the doctor will be the organization of the anatomic neck, with an extremely tiny tube connecting the main blood vessels. , which is the most important one annulus, neat cut spinal cord, cranial swaps, using a special adhesive connects the brain, spinal cord and the new body.

according to the design, removable nipple, patients will be in a coma for a month, rehabilitation is required for a year.

live surgery is expected to be successful?

two years ago, Mr. Wei luo has announced that it will be two years to complete the first human head transplant, ready to accept surgery is the man who is a natural patients with spinal muscle atrophy sex & ndash; & ndash; In the Russian computer engineer navarre & middot; Grove.

but changed his mind in the first half of this year’s more, now says he won’t do removable nipple. This also means that he may not be the first person to accept the surgery.

so, the in the human body & other Operation & throughout; Complete, does that mean living surgery is expected to future success?

the Ren Xiaoping, said in an interview with the media on the & other; Operation & throughout; For future experiments provides surgery throughout the operation principle, the choice of surgical approach, surgical anatomy, and various repair methods and technology of the organization.

& other; The success rate of living to do before I can know, clinical will also continue to improve after the former design scheme. Throughout the &; Ren Xiaoping said.

xuanwu hospital, capital medical university, deputy director of functional neurosurgery yong-sheng hu had previously emphasized, & other; Surgery should be refers to the operation of the in vivo, the body is actually dissection or anatomical study. Throughout the &;

he said that the current medical technology can achieve the reconstruction of the blood vessels, nerves, muscles, bones, but the key problem is how from the final of the spinal cord can perfectly accomplish nerve regeneration and functional reconstruction, there is no international breakthrough progress, & other; Now talk about what living head transplant, actually don’t have much practical significance. Throughout the &;

success criteria for living surgery, neurosurgery, chairman of China physicians association, branch of the standing committee, Beijing university people’s hospital, director of neurosurgery doctor as well in an interview with news agency reporter liu stressed that judge the success of surgery, to see whether the postoperative body whether can realize the coordination of the brain control, unified and effective life activities, to achieve effective survival.

implementation & other; Removable nipple surgery & throughout; To conquer what difficulties?

& other; & lsquo; Removable nipple & rsquo; Is different from other organ transplantation, not just the transplantation after the blood vessels are connected, complete blood supply and nerve docking, the key is the overall coordination problems after transplantation. Throughout the &; Such as liu explained to reporters.

he said that the body all the features of the coordination is done by the brain, the body’s organs functioning depends on the brain’s neural control, endocrine and water balance in the body depends on pituitary and adrenal axis control. Implement & other; Removable nipple surgery & throughout; Means that completely cut off at the mercy of the central nervous on the body, some organs will not be able to work independently, endocrine and balance of water and electricity cannot independent mediation.

as liu analysis, hypothesis in vivo & other Removable nipple surgery & throughout; , postoperative body independent activities and the independent operation of the internal organs, needs to wait for nerve regeneration after repair can undertake, before this can only rely on external auxiliary to maintain water balance viscera function and the human body.

& other; But organs if long time lose neurotrophic can appear atrophy and necrosis, by infusion adjustment to maintain water balance in the body for a long time there are a lot of difficulty. Throughout the &; As liu said.

in his view, at present, there is no scientific research prove that in the case of loss of neurotrophic organs, can how long to keep shrinking. In addition, although will regrow, but it is the time and degree of regeneration is currently unable to estimate.

in addition to these unknown problems, as well as other organ transplantation, & other; Removable nipple surgery & throughout; Must also match, at the same time also face such as the body’s immune system to establish a series of problems.

removable nipple, & other; You & throughout; Or & other; You & throughout; ?

if, & other; Removable nipple surgery & throughout; Really can achieve, then the public care is another problem, will head to another person’s body, and finally the person who turned out to be?

this, liu as well explained, because human activities from the conscious control in the brain, so & other; Removable nipple & throughout; Himself in the head, the receiver is retained, or his own consciousness, and through their own consciousness to control other people’s body, so it is also facing a series of ethical questions.

yong-sheng hu is concerned with, even if the future head transplant completely feasible in science and technology level, followed by the ethical issues of how to solve? Head transplant & other; You & throughout; Exactly is who?

he thinks, for head transplant must keep a clear head, avoid impetuous grandiose, scientific exploration meaningful, no excessive publicity benefit.

& other; Removable nipple & throughout; Behind the social, ethical issues involved?

& other; Removable nipple surgery & throughout; The medical profession in the world has been controversial, even caused the personage inside course of study of criticism.

the Swedish karolinska institute professor Paul & middot; Madge ariely said that he believes the Italian doctor Canada wei luo is a & other; Throughout the criminal &; . Because this kind of surgery have no scientific background.

and the American medical association, chairman of neurosurgery hunt & middot; Also, ba jie said, & other; I don’t want anyone to do the surgery, I don’t allow anyone to me to do this kind of surgery, because there are a lot of things will is worse than death. Throughout the &;

after Ren Xiaoping also outspoken, removable nipple means the transplantation of the whole body, it inevitably involves ethical issues.

at the same time, the outside world has also put forward, in addition to the dispute on the level of medicine, ethics, the new research could lead to social problems.

, for example, in the law and how to define the implementation of the removable nipple surgery? If breaking the law, who bear the responsibility? Laws on how to define a new individual?

& other; & lsquo; Removable nipple surgery & rsquo; Distance is a kind of exploration at present, the future really has a long way to go. General surgery directly used in the preclinical, takes a lot of animal experimentation prove feasible can, if you & lsquo; Removable nipple surgery & rsquo; Directly applied to clinical, there must be a series of ethical issues. Throughout the &; As liu said.

the medical humanities research institute of Peking University professor wang had also stressed, because the medicine comes to a man’s life, so there is not enough evidence to prove its safety on the premise of this experiment, actually there is a big risk, and is irresponsible for the dative case. The

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