This year’s flu comparable SARS? CDC experts: pathogens, disease-causing force differ greatly

according to the state development planning commission issued of information, according to the monitoring data show that the recent north and the south in our country have entered the winter flu epidemic peak season, the sentinel hospital report this influenza-like cases scale levels higher than the same period in the past three years, the flu virus detection positive rate has reached peak in the previous years, and still is on the rise.

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

this wave of winter flu epidemic has triggered a wave of public opinion. Recently, some media even said & other; This year’s influenza b comparable SARS” .

, a CDC experts on January 6 afternoon surging news ( reporter interview, stressed that that is not available, bo person eyeball outside were more likely to cause social panic.

he emphasized, from the viral pathogens, the propagation force and pathogenicity, influenza b virus was different with the SARS virus. Among them, the flu is a common seasonal flu virus infection, although the cross infection transmission speed, but the fatality rate is low, can also through the vaccine to prevent, the SARS virus can direct violation viscera cause death.

virus is different, the propagation force healing force difference

seasonal influenza viruses are divided into a and B, in which a (divided into 3 type a type 1 a (H1N1) and a (H3N2), hepatitis B is divided into B/Yamagata (BY)) and B/Victoria (BV). According to the national health development planning commission information, according to the three type of other influenza viruses and popular in our country, including the H1N1 and H3N2 and b BY department, give priority to with hepatitis b BY department.

in Shanghai, is now at the flu strain change stage, from the past to swine flu H3N2 virus type strains for advantage, gradually turning to hepatitis b virus strains for advantage, the next influenza b virus is the dominant trend will continue for a period of time.

& other; The main popular b influenza and SARS pathogen, the propagation force and lethal force is different. Throughout the &; A CDC experts say that SARS is caused BY the SARS virus, and the current influenza mainly hepatitis b caused BY virus, two kinds of different pathogens.

second, two kinds of the spread of the virus and pathogenic forces vary greatly. Experts say the SARS virus pathogenic strong, infection rates are around 10%, after will direct violation organs lead to death, and influenza b virus transmission speed, but the fatality rate is low, far from achieving the severity of the SARS virus caused to human body.

& other; B virus infection after the onset of symptoms, severity, and even lighter than swine flu and the common symptoms such as fever, upper respiratory tract infection, the virus caused body damage, mostly concentrated in the resistance to poor elderly and young children, can appear the symptom such as pneumonia. Throughout the &; The experts say, the third difference is that the prevention and control situation is completely different, & other; If the situation to top 10, prevention and control of SARS prevention and control of the situation is 10, hib is only about 2. Throughout the &;

influenza vaccination and prevention and control of hand washing is the most effective

the CDC experts stressed that at present, the most effective way to prevention and control of influenza viruses are vaccinated and wash your hands. He also pointed out that the flu vaccine is the present domestic & other; Sanlian miao & throughout; The vaccine does not contain the hepatitis b BY the most popular in the system.

why does not contain this type? , experts say, this is mainly based on the world health organization recommends, but as long as the injection of triple seedlings, to be able to prevent protection of influenza b play a role.

as to why it’s important to wash your hands, experts say, there are two kinds of influenza transmission way, it is or they are transmitted through the air, the droplets spread in the range of 2 to 3 meters, to curb the droplet transmission, both patients and healthy people, all have to wear a mask; Second, the flu will spread through contact, & other; Ordinary people are often sneeze accustomed to use hands to cover your mouth and nose, reoccupy hand to contact with other objects, shake hands or remove virus, are vulnerable to the spread of the virus, so the hand washing is also a effective way to curb the spread of the virus. Throughout the &;

the experts say the symptoms of the flu and the common cold, fever, main symptom is high fever, aching muscles, throat swelling and so on, is not a single runny nose, cough, flu patients pay particular attention to wear masks and hand washing. For normal people, the flu epidemic periods there must be less go to public places, if go to, also had better to wear masks and wash your hands.

there are also some comprehensive measures. Expert proposal, shopping malls, amusement parks and other public places should be equipped with disinfection equipment, disinfection, regularly in the flu epidemic in particular to strengthen disinfection frequency, the average person also must strengthen the physical exercise, often open the window, more exercise and a balanced diet.

for the widely circulated & other; Prevent flu to keep throat mucosa moist & throughout; , experts say, keep throat mucosa moist and prevent flu completely no matter, all over the country some CDC departments and experts are on the idea that the rumours, & other; Suffering from the flu or not depends on whether infected with the influenza virus, and throat wetting degree or not doesn’t matter, rewetting throat, as long as the prevention and control measures were in place, the influenza virus can through the nostrils, such as respiratory tract into the body. Throughout the &;

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