Three girls always wear earplugs to listen to English with noise-induced deafness sleepless nights

report from our correspondent (reporter wu leaves the correspondent in) for on March 3, & other; Ear-care day & throughout; , on the same day a message maxed network: & other; Wearing headphones for 1 hour to listen to music, hearing significantly lower, even listen to 2 hours, hearing loss may not resume & throughout; . Zhongnan hospital of wuhan university hearing experts expressed, the information is true, patients with similar clinical are not uncommon.

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

last week, small, 21, came to wuhan university zhongnan hospital, the doctor of vice director of otolaryngology song for help & ndash; & ndash; She ringing in half a month, every night the more serious, even can’t sleep all night long. Song for the hearing tests found that girls high frequency hearing loss is serious, a diagnosis of noise-induced deafness.

originally, is reading junior at small to prepare & other; The ielts & throughout; , the half-year often wear earplugs to listen to English, every time 1 & ndash; 2 hours, often listened fell asleep in the evening. Small high frequency hearing loss is caused by the behavior.

song, no matter the headset is broadcast in English, music or radio, and for the ear itself is a kind of noise. Under normal circumstances has about 15000 hair cells, each ear noise, aging, infections, and other factors all can lead to hair cells irreversible damage, leading to different degrees of hearing loss.

he is introduced, the human ear can hear the frequency range of the 20 hz & ndash; Between 20000 hz and 20000 hz for high frequency. Needed to be aware of is that because people talk only about 500 Hertz, acoustic frequency so that high frequency hearing loss in patients with difficult to detect. And high frequency hearing loss in the event, will slowly to the low frequency extension, gradually affect the language communication.

how to correctly use headphones? Song reminds, the first is to minimize the use of earplugs, using external equipment, such as must use headphones headset should be used; Avoid long time use headphones, listen to show the volume don’t adjust too big; Once appear, such as tinnitus signal should be timely.

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