Tianjin haihe river hospital pediatric TingZhen behind: how to decode the “medical waste”

& other; Eye of gold silver surgery, don’t do pediatric & throughout; . Over the years, seems to be some doctors don’t want to choose the department of pediatrics. Shortage of pediatricians are indisputable facts, especially after thorough two child policy in our country, pediatricians shortage problem more & other; Tight & throughout; . In the winter of 2017, a raging flu to highlight the plight of pediatricians shortage again. If the calendar flipped to the winter of 2016, also because of the flu, hospitals and even in some provinces for children with too much TingZhen limited clinical problems, and this is precisely the doctor-patient imbalance between supply and demand as a result of the long-term accumulation.

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Beijing children’s hospital nurse for a young patient infusion infusion center. Xinhua hair

the child is the center of gravity of the every family, and hope. In promoting health, in the construction of China’s need to cultivate by comprehensive ShiCe pediatricians and create a good environment for the practice of, so as to attract the best talent in pediatric industry.

on January 7th, the focusing of a notice of haihe river in tianjin hospital public attention: as a pediatrician overworked, all fell ill, so the hospital of pediatrics announced TingZhen.

4 days later, the hospital issued announcement said again: in tianjin who with the help of coordination, planning commission, from the children’s hospital of tianjin two chief physician was invited to support our work, pediatric outpatient service back to normal begin on January 11, afternoon. At the same time, the haihe river hospital for TingZhen during the social from all walks of life to give the hospital doctor expressed his sincere thanks to the understanding and blessings.

as the end of 2017, the outbreak of the flu outbreak subsided, the & other; Pediatric TingZhen & throughout; Events are out of public view, but to bring the thinking of people never end.

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tianjin haihe river hospital experts for children with diagnosis and treatment. Xinhua hair

TingZhen highlight & other; The medical waste & throughout; Pas

tianjin haihe river hospital & other; Pediatric TingZhen & throughout; This happenstance, clay pot hot again & other; Children’s medical care & throughout; The topic.

needless to say, & other; Pediatricians drought & throughout; Has long been the focus of social attention. The causes of this situation is clear: one is the cultivation of pediatricians have gap, flawed pediatricians professional environment.

medical colleges in our country since 1999, pediatric professional stopped, instead of clinical medicine specialty, pediatrics only exist as a course in clinical medical specialty. Although in 2016 began to work together to restore pediatric national health development planning commission and the ministry of education undergraduate admissions, but for 18 years of pediatric pediatrician gap is difficult to make up for in a short time.

medical fraternity often use & other; The high risk, high load, low treatment & throughout; To describe the practice of pediatric doctor environment. In fact, this is also the pediatrician the root cause of the loss. At present, all over the country are working to strengthen the construction of the pediatric make working pediatricians happy to had stayed on the job, need to continuously ShiCe.

as we have learned, at present in the general hospital, the pediatric generally in a vulnerable position. In the specialized subject hospital, high load frequency of working rhythm is that pediatricians secretly. The force fierceness of flu outbreak, for example, besides hib, also incorporates several subtypes of influenza a virus infection, some patients with respiratory syncytial virus, adenovirus, mycoplasma infection such as superposition, respiratory syndrome in pediatric fever cases than in previous years have dramatically increased. In December 2017, tianjin pediatric outpatient visits always rose 41%; Emergency total visits rose 68%; The new hospital children rose 27%. And at the same time, the whole city pediatric outpatient visits the doctor daily number increased by 42%, and number of pediatric emergency doctor visits daily increased by 36%. Overload consultation for many pediatricians squealed: & other; Our work rhythm is the early and middle shift, even didn’t even have time to go to the toilet for dinner. Throughout the &;

in addition to the work of the high strength, more let pediatricians kink is had to endure the accusation, often unpredictable risk. Parents in & other; Line 8 hours & throughout; In the process of accumulation of be agitated mood often in & other; The doctor 3 minutes & throughout; When burst, complaining, accusing, abuse, and even physical confrontation, the professional risk become pediatricians mind lingering shadow, and pediatricians are declining in recent years one of the main reasons.

solving problems need to & other; Combination & throughout;

nationally, pediatrician lack is a common phenomenon. According to the Chinese medical association branch and pediatricians, chairman of China physicians association, and the branch of pediatrics in November 2016, jointly issued the “status of pediatrics resource China white paper” measure, to realize the pediatrician 0.69 per thousand of children goal, at present, China’s pediatrician gap of nearly 90000 people. Relatively, after comprehensive ShiCe in recent years, tianjin is effective in relieving pediatricians lack.

according to the relevant person in charge of tianjin health development planning commission, currently working in tianjin pediatricians, 1669 people, the gap of about 600 people or so. Since 2016, tianjin to cultivate and introduce the way of combining the & other; Drew, and to retain, can improve & throughout; Three aspects, such as work and play & other; Combination & throughout; , through a pediatric medical service incentive mechanism, a pediatrician grant funding system, perfecting the pediatrician cultivating and training method, stability and optimize the pediatrician. Specific measures include: implement pediatricians directional training, encourage students in medical colleges in pediatric professional direction; According to the actual situation, unit of choose and employ persons to implement pediatricians secondary enroll; Establish & other; Muddleheaded, & throughout; Mechanism, and encourage guide related professional doctor in pediatric professional; Implementation of remedial work, attract more staff to join the team to pediatrics; By fiscal investment at the same level, unit of choose and employ persons to new pediatrician expenses during the period of school study special subsidy; Implementation of the graduate education of coequal educational level in the pediatrician, to improve their professional technology level and service ability; Encouraging pediatricians special training, promotion of integrated management of childhood illness such as appropriate technology, including children, the scene first aid, emergency and severe cases of diagnosis and treatment of common diseases with ability to deal with and referral, pediatricians and improve the technical level; Encourage and support the pediatric talent to attract high-end tianjin business unit of choose and employ persons; Improve the pediatrician relevant treatment.

tianjin who planning department also made clear the requirement of various medical institutions at all levels, in discipline construction, personnel training, and funding arrangements, etc., priority in pediatric professional support. In pediatric beds set up in accordance with the requirements and staffing, on the basis of tianjin will improve performance management measures, and medical institutions to establish beneficial to the practice of performance appraisal system is pediatrician, at the same time, medical institutions internal salary distribution system should be improved and the leaning to the distribution of pediatricians measures, to improve the treatment level of pediatricians.

tianjin health development planning commission, deputy director of the medical administration medical tube place WenXiaoQing said, through comprehensive ShiCe, tianjin increased the last two years about 300 pediatrician. According to this trend, in 2020, tianjin will implement the number per thousand children pediatric practitioners reached the target of 0.69.

& other; Hierarchical diagnosis & throughout; Is the fundamental

although relatively in, tianjin wasn’t too badly pediatrician is scarce, but thought-provoking, why will happen & other; Pediatric TingZhen & throughout; The event?

in fact, pediatric medical quality resource distribution is not balanced and the patient’s wrong idea of go to a doctor, is one of the most fundamental reason. Ill children, regardless of the ailment of a serious illness, most parents first choice is to go to a hospital for sick children, to find one of the most famous doctor. Even in community hospitals can also make a diagnosis and give treatment, also want to & other; Further & throughout; . So, people often see the situation is: big hospitals are overwhelmed, community hospital on weekends. The doctor used to further increased the difficulty of the medical resources balance. In the past for a period of time, some comprehensive one of the reasons for the pediatric hospital, children is most patients choose specialized subject hospital make a diagnosis and give treatment, often appear & other; The doctor, such as patients not door & throughout; The embarrassing situation. Even the TingZhen tianjin haihe river hospital, if not the flu too violent, and pediatricians specific configuration is relatively small, I’m afraid that won’t cause so much attention of the whole society.

the face flu, tianjin health development planning commission quick response and adhere to the city’s & other; A chess game & throughout; , timely publish to the society of pediatrics medical institutions of medical service information, the role of the pediatric medical institutions of various levels, 45% of children with nearby choose to redistribute to the grassroots medical institutions, alleviate the pressure big hospital. At the same time, the city’s hospitals allocate health resources actively, by adjusting the ward and this shift, increasing the doctor visits, emergency back-up team establishment, prolong the outpatient service, strengthen the self-help registered with your service, and increasing security personnel to maintain order and other measures to alleviate the pressure of the doctor actively, shorten patients waiting time. In the children’s hospital of tianjin, for example, by many measures, children with clinic waiting time from 10 hours to shorten the longest so far about 2 hours.

& other; To really solve the problem of children’s medical care, the key is to deepen the reform of medical system, the rational allocation of medical resources through scientific mechanism, to realize reasonable divergence was hospitalized. Throughout the &; Jian-guo wang, director of the tianjin health development planning commission, said in 2017, the implementation of grassroots medical institutions in tianjin general practitioner pediatric skills training project, the first batch of 210 grassroots general practitioners have the basic norms of children basic medical service ability. Believe that with all the policies and measures of the medical system reform constantly issued and implemented, people go to a doctor idea has become increasingly rational, children to see a doctor difficult problems will be gradually solved, & other; Pediatric TingZhen & throughout; Events will no longer reproduce.

(our correspondent jian-qiang Chen)

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