Tobacco control agencies may control expression package urged join “smoke-free” micro letter

after the CPC launched eight rules expression package, today (December 4) China CDC tobacco control office, the Chinese association on tobacco control, the Beijing municipal association on tobacco control, shenzhen association on tobacco control, the guangzhou association on tobacco control production of tobacco control package, tobacco control expression is adopted WeChat dialogue interface as the background, aims to urge WeChat remove representative & other; Leisure & throughout; Smoking expression, avoid misleading the public, advocating health civilized way of life, join & other; Smoke-free & throughout; Come in.

tobacco control expression packages

China centers for disease control and prevention director of the CDC tobacco control office introduced: & other; Smoking can lead to malignant tumors and other chronic diseases, smoking more than 300 million in China, about China’s 740 million non-smokers suffer from the dangers of secondhand smoke exposure, smoking can relieve pressure, and idle state, do not have any to do the smoking this highly addictive and the behavior of the lower the quality of life and & other; Leisure & throughout; On the equal sign, weaken the guiding role of public education. The number of Chinese die from smoking each year more than 1 million, more than tuberculosis, AIDS and malaria deaths combined; Now smokers in the future there will be a half early death due to smoking. According to the medical journal the lancet in October 2015, according to a study, if China’s tobacco epidemic trend without stop, in 2030, the number of death due to smoking in China will reach 2 million people. Throughout the &;

tobacco control expression packages

Zhang Jianshu President of Beijing tobacco control association, said: & other; Expressions can close and the distance between the friends. We hope that the public and social media platforms use tobacco package, the no smoking, not indoor smoking in public places health way of life. From September to November tencent weibo removal smoking expression QQ client cancel smoking expression, more and more social media platforms joined & lsquo; Smokeless category & rsquo; , we hope to have the most users of social media platforms WeChat & other at an early date Smoking & throughout; And become a vital force transfer health civilized way of life. Throughout the &;

tobacco control expression packages

cummins p. cardiac-specific troponin President of China tobacco control association, said: & other; December three years ago, the general office of the central committee of the communist party of China, issued by the general office of the state council “about the leading cadre to take the lead in public places, smoking related matters notice, central ban new rules for the cause of China’s tobacco control brings a whole new situation. In third anniversary LiangBan notice issued, various social media platforms down & other; Smoking expression & throughout; , but we worked on the folkway of led. Throughout the &;

remove smoking expression, use of tobacco control package, popular science of tobacco, the social media platform to purify the social media environment, help to Internet users especially youth Internet users to provide a positive, healthy and positive energy to discuss the space. Each enterprises and institutions, shall bear the corresponding social responsibility, by osmosis, popular practice of healthy and civilized way of life, the health promoting the realization of China’s 2030 plan for have a positive role in promoting.

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