Touched! The most beautiful teacher kneeling, 4 years one thousand times to take care of the sick students

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moved! Kneeling, the most beautiful teacher four years one thousand times to take care of the sick students

in yulin in shaanxi province 17 primary school, 47, yan-fen zhang teacher is kneeling Wang Yichao pull leg massage for students. Wang Yichao, 10 years old, grade four, with a rare congenital nutrition intermittent deficiencies, the condition and & other; Gradually frozen person & throughout; Similar, not only cannot walk, and need someone to pull the leg massage for him every day, he go to the toilet back to take care of. Because they cannot stand, Wang Yichao entrance in recent 4 years, teacher zhang in the recess time knelt down to pull the leg massage for him thousands of times, hundreds of times to carry him go to the toilet, zhang teacher’s behavior has moved all the teachers and students, everyone called & other; The most beauty teachers & throughout; .

25 years old from teaching teacher zhang is a teacher, in her teaching career, helped more than 10 students. Learned that Wang Yichao seriously ill, unable to walk, the parents are migrant workers, in order to livelihoods, restless, teacher zhang to come for Wang Yichao grandma said: & other; That’s ok, after Wang Yichao to school classmate, hand over to me. Throughout the &;


a promise, put a child of seven more than 30 jins, ten years back to more than 70 catties. Wang Yichao nine years ago, during the period of school, teacher zhang is take him back to the toilet, toilet looked at him, and then back to the classroom. Earlier this year, attentive teacher zhang found that watched their children go to the toilet he will be sorry. Later, teacher zhang just want to have an idea, let male student in the class to the man’s room to find out, no one she tied Wang Yichao back in good, by the male student, toilet, after hearing male classmate hello, teacher zhang put him back to the classroom.

the toilet is usually once a day, and pull the leg massage almost once a lesson, Wang Yichao cannot move, teacher zhang for his finish pull leg leg press after stretching, always kneeling massage for him, instead of the old, the body will be comfortable.


Wang Yichao as the growth of the age is more and more heavy weight, getting older, and teacher zhang strength is weak. Now back Wang Yichao, sometimes needs the help of several students. Teacher zhang regrets to: & other; Also don’t know when, I’m afraid that I will not move back the child! Throughout the &;

school bell rang, yan-fen zhang teacher will accompany Wang Yichao, waiting for his grandmother. Four years of care, teacher zhang and Wang Yichao family members are very familiar with, two people chatted Wang Yichao performance situation of the school, communicate with massage skill, strength and the number of legs. With the help of the teacher zhang, grandma back up Wang Yichao home.


4 years, teacher zhang to take care of the sick to the best of Wang Yichao, bring the child warm from the body and mind. (CCTV reporter Tan Haimei white dragon fly)

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