Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) or will no longer need through clinical trials, some scientists say

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since the beginning of next year, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) or no longer needed by China’s drug safety and efficacy of human clinical trials. According to the state food and drug supervision and administration bureau, national food drug administration) related draft released in October this year, as long as the pharmaceutical industry according to the classical square production preparation, can revoke the high cost and long process of clinical trials. The state administration of traditional Chinese medicine and the national food drug administration will work together to produce a copy of the approved ancient classic square directory.

the Chinese government has always been strong promotion of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), as a substitute for expensive western medicine. Welcomed the policy of traditional Chinese medicine, according to Chinese medicine manufacturer’s new drug approval and listing process will be greatly simplified. Labor at the university of Hong Kong director of the institute of Chinese medicine said, although will no longer need through the clinical trials of traditional Chinese medicine, but the national food drug administration will still require pharmaceutical drugs through animal or cell preclinical pharmacological test and drug toxicity research, can be approved.

1 safety

however, some scientists think the safe hidden trouble of Chinese traditional medicine is still a big problem, and reduce the clinical test requirements may give more patients at risk. On September 23, national food drug administration recalled two kinds of TCM injections, reason is that after about ten patients in the use of adverse reactions of fever and chills.

less than a month later, on October 18, Singapore and Taiwan researchers in Science Translational Medicine (Science Translational Medicine) published research, put forward that there was a link between the aristolochic acid and liver cancer and aristolochic acid is the common ingredient in traditional Chinese Medicine. First author Steven Rozen is duke – Singapore’s national university school of medicine researchers – a cancer genomics, he thinks that aristolochic acid can cause variation, but admits it is difficult to determine how much it will lead to cancer.

aristolochic acid was considered associated with urinary tract tumors, and can lead to fatal kidney failure. Rozen said that although the United States food and drug administration has caused a kidney disease of aristolochic acid may be issued a warning, but it is still widely used. He called for a review of the regulation of aristolochic acid.

labor line know someone taking traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) containing aristolochic acid every day. He said that if the dosage & other; Less and used for treatment of disease & throughout; , it should not cause damage, but it can’t be regarded as supplements for a long time. He said scientists need to do more research to determine how to safely use the potential toxicity of drugs. But overall, the labor line isn’t worried about the safe hidden trouble of Chinese traditional medicine, because & other; Unlike the development of the western medicine, the Chinese herbal medicine formula for thousands of years throughout the &; .

however, Harbin surgeon at children’s hospital son, the famous traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) opponents Li Qingchen says, recently told the drug recall is not fully shows that the current security measures. He thinks the doctor should inform the public the side effects of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), but the majority of doctors are reluctant to publicly opposed to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). & other; There are few dare to public criticism of traditional Chinese medicine doctor. Throughout the &; He said. Li Qingchen thinks the government’s support for traditional Chinese medicine will be more conducive to scientists for their criticism, & other; Because it will rise to the political level, open forum are limited. Throughout the &;

2 hear criticism

in response to the government support for traditional Chinese medicine industry, China’s censors total in the first time to delete question the effectiveness of the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) on the network. On October 23, a medical news website post called on the public alert to the dangers of aristolochic acid, however, this article on WeChat soon be deleted. The article three days prior to the date of the deleted the reading quantity of more than 700000 times.

the discussion of Chinese medicine in China has been in a state of silence. Last year, for example, Beijing think-tank & ndash; & ndash; The state council development research center & ndash; & ndash; Extract the ban on Asian black bear bile (another common Chinese native medicine ingredient). A think-tank report questioned the effectiveness of the medicine, and recommend the use of synthetic alternatives. Support the development of the China association of traditional Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine, however, said the report was biased, and demanded an apology, a think-tank. Since then, the report from the state council development research center of the web site has been removed.

in addition to lowering the regulation of traditional Chinese medicine, the Chinese government has also eased industry of traditional Chinese medicine and traditional Chinese. Since July 2017, students no longer need to attend based on western medicine of traditional Chinese medicine of national medical examination. They can attend the apprenticeship training, pass the test of skill. And the opening of a Chinese medicine clinics are no longer needs to be approved by the state food drug administration need to register then. & have spent

the Chinese government’s ultimate goal is to 2020, let all the Chinese health care institutions to provide basic services of traditional Chinese medicine. According to the roadmap, promulgated by the state council in February 2016, China plans to per million population the number of traditional Chinese medicine increased from less than 3 to 4 people. China will also hope that by 2020, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) accounted for the proportion of medicine sales increased from 26% to 30%. Nature | doi: 10.1038/Nature. 2017.23038

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